Amazing people who shook the world

Amazing people who shook the world

There are many unusual people in the world - many want to stand out and acquire, often, cheap popularity ... Someone succeeds in trick - they are talked and written about, others - are plunged into oblivion ... But there are really amazing cases that, besides the will of a person, make him famous and popular ...

Sanju Bhagat’s belly was so bloated before that he looked like a woman in the ninth month of pregnancy and could barely breathe. Bhagat, who lives in the Indian city of Nagpur, says that all his life he felt uneasy about this, but one night in June 1999 his problem ceased to be simply cosmetic. An ambulance urgently delivered a 36-year-old farmer to the hospital. The doctors thought that he might have a giant tumor, so they decided to operate on him ...


In the belly of Bhagat, there was a strange half-formed creature that had very developed legs and arms. At first glance, it may seem as if Bhagat had given birth. In fact,the doctor removed from his abdomen the mutated body of his twin brother. Bhagat, as it turned out, had one of the rarest medical cases in the world — the fetus in fetu — germ in the germ ... This is an extremely rare anomaly that occurs when the fetus appears to be would get trapped inside your twin. In this case, Bhagat wore a twin within himself for 36 years ...


Sixty-four-year-old Vietnamese Tai Ngoc has already forgotten what a dream is. His insomnia began after the fever he had suffered in 1973. Since then, the poor fellow completely stopped sleeping.
“I don’t know how insomnia affects health,” he says, “but I’m quite healthy and I can manage the household just as well as others.” As proof, Ngoc mentions that he carries two 50-kilogram bags of fertilizer every few kilometers from home every day.


Well, what does he do at night? Yes, what will have: recounts the sheep, tinkering around the house, guarding the farm. Three sleepless months were spent on earthworks - the farmer dug two large fish ponds. During the medical examination, doctors did not find any ailments in him, except for minor changes in the liver.


Shoychi Yokoi was hiding from the war for 28 years.


In 1941, he was drafted into the Japanese Imperial Army and sent to Guam Island. In 1944, the Americans repulsed Guam from the Japanese, and Yokoi hid from the enemy, so much so that neither his own nor other people found him. From the leaflets, he learned that World War II was over, but he did not leave the shelter. They stumbled upon it on January 24, 1972.


It turned out that for 28 years Shoychi Yokoi was hiding in the jungle, in an underground cave, not knowing what was happening in the world.


“I was very confused when I came back alive,” said the “partisan” after returning to Japan with his rusted rifle.


Mehran Karimi Nasseri is an Iranian refugee. He calls himself Sir Alfred. At home, he was captured, imprisoned, tortured, and eventually driven out of the country. He requested political asylum in several European countries, but to no avail ...


During the expulsion of the Iranian authorities took away his passport. In 1988, he ended up in Paris, where a suitcase with documents was stolen from him at the railway station. Then Nasseri went to London, but was not allowed in and was sent back to Paris. Since then, Nasseri has become a permanent resident of the number one terminal at Paris Airport ...


At first, he lived by passengers and airport staff, then he became known to journalists who wrote articles about him and interviewed. This is what he earns ... He gets up every day at 5 am, always neat, combed, clean. Even in 1998, his lawyer got his lost documents back, but Sir Alfred refused to leave the airport ...


Lal Bihari is a farmer from the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He founded the association of the "living dead" - "Mritak Sangh". For almost 20 years, this man fought against bureaucrats of all stripes, trying to prove that he was alive - but in vain, because according to the documents he was buried long ago.


For the first time Lad faced this problem in 1976, when he tried to take a loan from a bank, where he was delicately explained that the dead were not given loans. It turned out that when Lal was in the hospital, someone in his village started a rumor that he died. Uncle Bihari paid some money to the official to witness the death of his nephew, and the land of the unfortunate passed to the greedy relative.


While Bihari was trying to deal with a misunderstanding, it turned out that he was not alone in his distress: about a hundred of the living could not prove that they had not died.It was then that Bihari created his own association, in which there are already more than 20 thousand people living all over India.


Michel Lotito from Grenoble (France) became famous for eating everything inedible, for which he was nicknamed "Monsieur Eat it all." At his performances, Lotito absorbs metal, glass, rubber and other materials from which bicycles, motorcycles, televisions are made ... And once even a whole Cessna-150 plane was eaten!


Usually, an object is disassembled into parts, cut into pieces, and Lotito swallows them with water ...


He began to “feast on himself” with inedible objects as a child, and from the age of 16 he appeared with his “meals” in public. On the performances, Michel usually eats up a kilogram of all sorts of rubbish after drinking mineral oil, and during the “dinner” drinks a lot of water.


David Ike, a professional football player in the past and a BBC sports commentator, gave a report in 1990 stating that the world is actually governed by ... reptiles ...


He devoted himself to the study of a secret group, which he called "Elite" - a certain collection of reptile humanoids, known in ancient times as the Babylonian Brotherhood ... David Icke believesthat this fraternity includes such famous figures as George Bush or Queen Elizabeth ... Yes, and he dresses in turquoise colors and considers himself a member of a secret society ... He is the author of 15 books explaining his views, a member of the British Green Party, travels around the world with reports. His five-hour speech to students at the University of Toronto in 1999 was greeted with incessant applause ...


David Allen Boden from Kansas - the self-proclaimed Pope Michael I. Elected Pope in 1990 by a group of six Catholics, including himself and his parents ...


He claims that the election of the last six Roman popes was invalid, because they are all modernists ... And if the cardinals cannot choose a real Roman pope, then ordinary Catholics can do it ... It is, as they say, "in execution" and to this day ...


Rama Bahadur Banjan - the newly appeared Buddha ... An amazing boy, allegedly, spent six months without food and water, meditating without ceasing. Now he is sitting under a tree in a lotus position. His eyes are closed, his face expresses no emotion.


In Nepal, they can’t decide whether to rejoice at the emergence of a new deity or laugh at the scam.In the meantime, the authorities are calling on anyone who understands anything in this matter to help solve the mystery of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from Nepal and neighboring India gathered in the jungles of the southern Nepal district of Bar, 160 km from the capital Kathmandu, to see the 15-year-old Rama ...


At night, you can look at a teenager only from a distance of 25 meters. Doctors who observed the boy from afar, assure that the boy breathes like all normal people, but is very weak.


Meanwhile, rumors about the appearance of the Buddha attracted many tourists to the country. The village of Bar has turned into a lively tourist center. The boy’s mother, who, because of her own name, could not help but give birth to a new Buddha, is not left without attention. Her name is Maya Devi, just like the woman who produced the real Buddha.


Mother says that Banjan is the third of her seven children. He was always a quiet boy and kept out of the noisy childish companies. “At first I was worried about him, but now I’m happy,” she says.


Japanese inventor Yoshiro Nakamatsu holds the record for the number of registered patents - there are more than 3 thousand of them. According to himself, among his inventions is an electronic clock and a floppy disk, a license for which he later transferred to IBM.Among his latest "miracle inventions" - the original design called Pyon-Pyon, which can be translated as "jumping-jumping" and an analogue of Viagra, produced in the form of a spray ...


But Yoshiro Nakamatsu is remarkable because for 34 years he has been photographing and analyzing all the food he has eaten ... His goal is to live to be 140 years old ...


And finally, the former Indian electrician Sambu Roy ... A man received a strong electric shock when repairing a high-voltage power line, and although he received severe burns, he survived ... The skin on his head was completely burned, and after a few months she got off, exposing the skull, and then ... part of the skull disappeared ... The doctors treating Samba Roy decided that the patient was doomed.

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  • Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world

    Amazing people who shook the world