As they call her husbands sister

as they call her husband's sister?

as they call her husband's sister?

  1. Svojak.
  2. ....
  3. devir seem ...
  4. brother-in-law probably.
  5. two sisters got married. Who are the parents of their husbands to each other?
  6. I call the son-in-law, and the deviar is the wife's brother
  7. The brother-in-law.
  8. brother-in-law, exactly
  9. What is the name of the sister's husband and the wife's brother? Who is the daughter-in-law and brother-in-law? All names of relatives E-mail
    From the first minute of his life a person acquires a kin. Mom, Dad, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather all his own, familiar, dear. In this, everyone is guided freely, no explanations are needed here. Time passes, a person grows up and, finding his soul mate, marries or gets married acquires another kin. How to understand new relatives? Look in our dictionary. Father-in-law, mother-in-law's parents.

    Father-in-law, wife's parents-in-law.

    Swat, the parents of one of the spouses in relation to the parents of the other spouse.

    The brother-in-law is the husband of the daughter, the husband of the sister, the husband of the sister-in-law.

    The daughter-in-law (daughter-in-law) is a married woman to her husband's relatives: father, mother, brothers and sisters, spouses of brothers and sisters.

    The brother's brother is brother's brother.

    Soul sister is her husband.

    Shurin is the wife's brother.

    The sister-in-law of the wife is his sister-in-law.

    Wife-brothers are husbands of sisters.

    A cousin, sister, son, daughter of his uncle and aunt.

    Nephews are the children of brothers and sisters.

    Cousins ​​nephews are children of cousins.

    Grandchildren are the grandchildren of a brother or sister.

    Uncle, aunt brother, sister of father or mother in relation to children, nephews, also uncle is husband of aunt, and aunt's wife is uncle.

    A cousin uncle (aunt) is a cousin of the father or mother.

    A cousin's grandfather (uncle) is his father's or mother's uncle.

    A stepdaughter, stepchildren of non-native children in relation to one of the spouses.

    Stepfather, stepmother non-native parents.

    Primak is an adopted son-in-law who lives in his wife's family (it used to be a rarity, usually a young wife came to her husband's house).

    They can become twin brothers as brothers, mostly cousins, and friends who have been able to help each other out in difficult times. To become forever twin-brothers, it was necessary to perform a special ritual with an oath of cross exchanges and a triple kiss. Sometimes the twin-brothers were even more close to each other all their lives than blood relatives.

    Kum, kuma godfather and godmother to each other.

  10. looking what kind of husband, if good, then a brother and a good person, if bad, then goat
  11. Goat. She does not want to do anything, and she does everything with a little child for him as the tsar.
  12. I call brother-in-law
  13. Son-in-law, like her husband's daughter. The brother-in-law is my husband's brother. Shurin is the brother of his wife.
  14. Deborah like! I do not remember exactly!

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  • As they call her husbands sister As they call her husbands sister As they call her husbands sister As they call her husbands sister As they call her husbands sister As they call her husbands sister As they call her husbands sister As they call her husbands sister As they call her husbands sister As they call her husbands sister