Chebbi-chic decor ideas

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Chebbi-chic decor ideas

Recently, people have attached much more importance to the interior decoration of their home. Thanks to this, many styles have emerged that can characterize the décor of the premises: Provence, modern, high-tech. Among others, it is worth highlighting such an interesting direction as shebbi-chic.

Do-it-yourself shabby chic style - creative history

Shabby-chic as a way of design design appeared relatively recently - in the mid 80s of the twentieth century. Those who hear about his history for the first time will be extremely surprised with such a late date - because the style is characterized by a multitude of old items, antiques, and things that were clearly in use before.

Sample Hall Design

This is a logical explanation. The alleged inventor of the trendy English woman Rachel Ashwell started repairing her apartment - she was looking for all the materials, furniture and things at flea markets, sales and second-hand goods, after which she manually painted them and made an aged look artificially, giving them unique charm.

The very phrase "chebbi-chic" is translated as "shabby chic."And indeed, the items that form the basis of the decor, as a rule, look a bit shabby - the inexpressive furniture upholstery colors that look like faded, delicate pastel colors of the walls and ceiling, slightly worn, artificially scratched tables and chairs.

Design example

All this is complemented by many lovely pictures in small carved frames, delicate lace napkins, shiny satin ribbons, brooches and darkened jewels. Voila - your interior is delighted with friends and acquaintances.

Do-it-yourself Chebbi chic: examples of work

When you design an apartment in the style of chebbi-chic, a lot of different techniques of creativity and handicraft are used, which vary depending on what item you want to make or process, what appearance you want to give it.


One of the main techniques of needlework is considered decoupage - pasting products with specially selected images. In this case, things are pre-painted, scratched, covered with special varnishes for craquelure, creating the effect of patina, bronze, rust, gilding, etc.

Jewelry box with your own hands

Similarly, most often make out the walls, window frames and the ceiling of the apartment, furniture: dressers,chairs and tables, handles of sofas and chairs, as well as jewelry boxes, wooden mirrors with handles, combs.


Knits in stylechebbi chicOnly welcome! Prepare patterned openwork napkins for the surface of the table, stools and bedside tables, and on the chairs, throw lace blankets creamy or milky.

DIY knitting

Weightless curtains with slits will be an excellent decoration of glass cabinet doors. In addition, they can be used as curtains or curtains, if the product is almost transparent.


This type of creativity is very convenient in the sense that you not only get a carved picture on a wooden product, but at the same time give it an aged look - it seems that the image was cut out many years ago and it has already turned dark from time to time.

DIY burning

Most often, the furniture is decorated with carved initials of the owner of the house, family coat of arms or ornate floral patterns.


The first mentions of this type of creativity date back to the end of the XVI century. Initially, it was not even art - the golden youth of that time introduced the maintenance of artistic albums with poems in calligraphic handwriting, newspaper clippings and love letters, enclosed with dried flowers and ribbons.

DIY panel

With the advent of the photo, photo albums began to be arranged in a similar way - by making signatures, decorating them with embroidery, lace, tickets with memorable events, pictures and stickers. You can use scrapbooking as a collective work for finishing frames, caskets, cards, paintings and other decorating elements of the chebbi-chic style.

Shebbi-chic decoupage - DIY box

In fact, the technique of decoupage is very simple - even a beginning needlewoman can handle it. For example, in just one hour you can get a new pretty wooden box that can be used as a breadbasket, box or box for knitting yarn balls.

Needle box

Prepare acrylic paints of black, emerald and white colors, decoupage glue, decoupage card - special paper with patterns, water-based lacquer with color, flat wooden planks are slightly smaller in size than the sides of the box and the workpiece itself.

Materials for decoupage

  • Mix the available paints in a grass gray tint and paint the products without a primer.

Painting boxes

  • While the fresh layer has not dried completely yet, go over it with a damp sponge and sandpaper, creating an interesting effect on the surface.

Paint processing

  • Using a brush, apply water-based lacquer to the products without reaching the edge, and immediately wipe off with a richly moistened sponge, achieving a smooth color transition.

Water lacquer on the box

  • Cover the blank with the same varnish from the inside.

Painting the inside of the box

  • Decorate flat planks with decoupage paper on one side, and paint black on the other. Paint the bottom of the drawer with the same color.

Decoration boards

  • Apply water-based lacquer to the planks and immediately wipe off with a water-based sponge, leaving a pleasant caramel color.

Varnish on the plank

  • Firmly glue the blanks to the long sides of the box with decoupage or super glue.

Fastening plates

  • To decorate the product, prepare decorative items: tag, sealing wax, twine and pendant. You can also use other decorations as desired.

Decorative items

  • On the handle of the box, tie a tag on a string.

Tag fastening

  • Tie a few long strings to the other handle of the workpiece. Fix them on the wall with the help of melted sealing wax and press down with a stamp, leaving a beautiful mark. If you can’t reach out with sealing wax, use melted wax of an ordinary candle.

Use sealing wax

  • Cut a patterned stencil out of paper and use it to paint the side walls of the box with white paint.

Painting with stencil

  • In several places, add white splashes, tugging on a brush with a set of paint on the bristles.

Paint splashes

  • Varnish the work in several layers.

Shut down decoupage

Decoupage boxes in stylechebbi chicready! You can use it at your discretion or present it to friends for one of the holidays.

Christmas toys in the style of chebbi-chic scrapbooking

An interesting chebbi-chic master class in the scrapbooking technique will help you to make a hanging toy in the form of an asterisk, which can be used as an element of decor on ordinary days or a Christmas-tree decoration for the New Year.

Christmas tree toy

Use A4 thick paper, corrugated cardboard - the walls of any cardboard box, watercolor paper, twine, white acrylic paint, glitter, artificial snow, thin sprigs of wood, wooden buttons, decorative cotton cord, white putty, burlap will do.

  • Print thick star patterns on thick paper.

Stencils stars

  • Transfer the contours of the blanks with a pencil and cut the blanks out of cardboard.

Stencils for toys

  • Unlike stars, the figure of a deer with the help of a template must be cut out of watercolor paper.

Paper figure deer

  • Splash some stars with water to soften the cardboard.

Moistening cardboard

  • Cut off the top layer in a few places.

Remove top layer

  • Dip your finger in white paint and blot with a napkin to make it almost dry. In several places, stain the stars to give a feeling of priporoshennosti snow.

Star painting

  • Glue the billet stars together.

Assembly basics

  • Using a hole punch or a sewing machine, make a hole in the upper beam of the workpiece, pass a string through it and tie it to leave a loop - with its help, the toy can be hung.

Adding Twine

  • Wrap a star with the same twine.

Winding toys

  • To create the effect of snow drifts, draw white acrylic paint on the edges of the product.

Contour coloring

  • Sprinkle the craftwork with artificial snow before the paint dries.

Artificial snow

After you have made the basis of the toy, you can start creating a central decoration.

  • From the short thin twigs, collect a small bouquet, smear it with white paint and glue in the center with a hot pistol glue.

Thin twigs

  • Prepare the deer with white putty, creating a sloppy texture "under the tree."

Painting a deer

  • Place a bow of twine under the blank and glue the deer on the pistol glue in the center of the composition.

Pin pattern deer

  • Cover the picture of the animal with sparkles, attach buttons.

Glitter for toys

  • From a small square shred of burlap make a bow, tying it in the middle with a long economic cord, the ends of which are also tied on a bow.

Burlap bow

  • Glue the bell to the bottom of the blank, smear it with white paint. Brooch fasten on a toy.

Christmas tree toy

Many workshops showing stylechebbi chicin scrapbooking, presented in the form of video lessons. For example, the following video will tell you how to decorate a photo album in an original way.

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas

    Chebbi-chic decor ideas