Coagulogram: what is it

Coagulogram: what is it?

A word like a coagulogram for many peopleis unfamiliar. Meanwhile, this is a rather important analysis that shows the coagulation of blood. In this article we will consider what it is - a coagulogram, in which cases this analysis is assigned, and also that it allows us to identify and give the main indicators of the coagulogram.

What is the coagulogram for?

It was noted that a coagulogram is an analysis,which shows the coagulability of the blood. By itself, blood coagulability shows the possibility of protecting the body from bleeding. Blood clotting is possible due to special cells called platelets. These cells rush to the wound during the cut and form a thrombus. However, these cells can behave and are hostile to the body. For example, they can form thrombi unnecessarily. Such diseases are called thromboses. Coagulogram helps to establish how active the platelets in the human body.

Coagulogram indices

Coagulogram, what is this analysis? This analysis includes several indicators, namely:

  • Fibrinogen. It is a protein that increases its concentration during pregnancy. Its norm is 6 grams per liter.
  • Activated partial thromboplastin time(APTTV). This is an indicator that indicates the time that platelets require for reaction and onset of action. The indicator should not be more than 20 seconds.
  • Lupus anticoagulant that showsthe presence of antibodies. These antibodies affect the response time of platelets. Lupus anticoagulant should always be zero. Otherwise, this indicator indicates the presence of an autoimmune disease.
  • Adhesion, aggregation - the ability of thrombocytes to form a thrombus;
  • Prothrombin and antithrombin are proteins that help form and dissolve blood clots.

In what cases is a coagulogram

Reasons to assign this analysis canbe different. For example, if a person discovers that blood clotting is impaired and the action of platelets begins only after five or more minutes. It is known that the blood should stop itself with minor cuts, but in some people this figure may be violated. It is the coagulogram analysis that helps to establish the cause of the bleeding disorder. This may be a lack of vitamin C.

  • Assign tests can also in cases where a person is often found in the blood clots.
  • It is believed that the analysis of coagulation should be done during pregnancy. This is important because the analysis shows the blood curdling not only of the mother, but of the child.

If you want to find out how the coagulogram is being analyzed, read How to take a coagulogram.

What diseases help to identify the analysis

Coagulogram helps to identify not onlya violation of blood clotting, but also many diseases. With the help of coagulogram indicators, doctors can diagnose which caused clotting disorders.

  • For example, APTTV helps to identify rare diseases, including liver disease.
  • Fibrinogen may indicate a leaking cirrhosis, toxicosis or a lack of vitamin B12.
  • And such an indicator, as adhesion, is able to indicate renal failure.
  • Prothrombin can indicate the fact of excessive consumption of drugs, for example, aspirin.

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  • Coagulogram: what is it Coagulogram: what is it Coagulogram: what is it Coagulogram: what is it Coagulogram: what is it Coagulogram: what is it Coagulogram: what is it Coagulogram: what is it Coagulogram: what is it Coagulogram: what is it