Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present

Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present

In Voronezh, on the left bank of the locala large pine park. Once it was very popular with locals. Today the park is abandoned. His story and the current state are described in the article.


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Pine park "Dolphin" in Voronezh has a square5.7 hectares. It is divided by a wide road into two parts - northern and southern. The road descends to the Voronezh reservoir. The park is surrounded by a pedestrian path, which in winter turns into a ski track. Between the reservoir and the park there is a beach, the width of which is just over 100 meters.


The history of the park begins in the 40s. the last century. Then an extensive site on the left bank of the Voronezh River was planted with pine trees. In 1959, the area near the pine grove began to be built up by residential buildings, and a factory was built here. Residents of the neighborhood fell in love with a green island, and in the 1970s. The city authorities decided to equip this place.

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The work lasted several years. As a result, the Voronezh reservoir was filled, embankments were built, the beach was cultivated, the Kristall sports complex was built with a stadium and inflatable arena, the house of culture "Electronics", a complex of cascading pools. In the park there were laid paths along which were installed sculptures of heroes of children's fairy tales, benches for rest, children's playgrounds, velodrome and shooting galleries were set up on the territory. Nearby there were attractions, among which the most popular were Raketoplan, Caravan and Swing-boats.

Park "Dolphin" (Voronezh), along with complexes of buildings was put on the balance of the plant "Electronics".

Current state

The decline of the park began in 1992, whenthe plant stopped. PKiO lost financial and labor support, the territory began to come to desolation. Today this green oasis is completely abandoned. It does not work attractions, many benches are broken, the tracks are broken. The shells on the playgrounds were rusted, dismantled or broken. In 2012, the stage was demolished, and now in a pine grove quietly: no concerts and competitions are held, music does not sound, loud laughter is not heard.

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In 2011 the water park was built on the territoryFishka. But in 2014 a 4-year-old boy drowned in it, and the complex was closed.

On the territory of the park there is a summer cafe "Eldorado".

It is worth noting that the pine park "Dolphin" in Voronezh - a secluded place, so in the evening it is not recommended to walk, you can face hooligans.

Reviews, hopes and reality

City dwellers love the Dolphin Park (Voronezh). And this is even despite the fact that no one has been courting the territory for a long time. Here you can meet many vacationers, those who like silence and fresh air. Judging by the responses, the residents still hope that the authorities will bring the park in order, will restore the former condition to him. In 2015, the townspeople appealed to the local authorities with a petition to restore the "Dolphin", but no action was taken. Moreover, the territory is gradually sold to private individuals, trees are cut down, the park is built. What is waiting for in the future this green corner is unknown.

How to get there

Where is the Dolphin Park in the city? Voronezh is a large settlement with many squares, parks and gardens. Each of them has its own flavor, even the abandoned "Dolphin". Here come and come to relax those who are tired of the city noise, dust and bustle. Pines, the smell of pine needles, the proximity of the pond, the silence - all this attracts locals to the park, which is located near the North Bridge, in Zheleznodorozhny district, at Ostuzheva Street 2. You can get to the place by bus (routes №№ 10a, 16b , 26a, 34, 66, 96, 120) or by a fixed-route taxi (Nos. 3c, 18, 47, 88, 313c). Exit at the stop "DK Electronics."

Now you know what the Dolphin Park (Voronezh) is like, how to get there and what to expect from a visit.

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  • Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present Dolphin Park (Voronezh) - past and present