Effective breathing exercises with COPD

Effective breathing exercises with COPD

COPD stands for "chronicobstructive pulmonary disease. " The disease is characterized by progress, independent development, the appearance of inflammation and structural changes in the tissue that makes up human lungs. There is bronchial obstruction in the distal bronchi. The risk group is men over 40. In recent years COPD has often become the cause of disability.

hollow treatment of respiratory gymnastics

What to do?

If a violation was diagnosed,remember that its development leads to puffiness, spasms. Infectious diseases are provoked, inflammatory processes occur regularly. Since problems can cause disturbances in the metabolism of gases, the concentration of oxygen in the blood decreases, causing the pressure to increase. Up to 30% of cases lead to death.

To avoid such unfavorable developmentsituation, when making a diagnosis immediately you need to start eliminating the disease. Because the pathology has been studied quite well, the medicine is known for COPD symptoms and medication treatment. Respiratory gymnastics is another reliable method of restoring health to yourself. With timely and correctly selected therapy, you can count on a positive prognosis.

respiratory gymnastics in case of a sickness

We breathe properly!

In a normal state a person breathes shortsighs, straining the respiratory system. Effective therapeutic respiratory gymnastics in COPD is based on the fact that the quality of breathing is restored, since the patient begins to breathe weakly, with long exhalations.

Several methodologies were invented,allowing the muscles of the respiratory system to be coordinated. Regular practice of exercises allows you to return the muscles tone and restore the correctness of each phase of breathing. Practiced breathing exercises with COPD, developed in the last century Strelnikova, in demand the workings of eastern monks. In addition, several methods were invented in the west in the past and the current century.

COPD: symptoms and treatment, respiratory gymnastics - where to start?

The simplest exercise, which is recommendedbegin to master the method, is an exhalation with resistance. Despite its simplicity, it is important, as it allows to improve the mechanics of the muscular system of the lungs, which leads to a return to the norm of gas exchange. It is recommended to practice the exercise as preventive and curative at any stage of the disease.

To complete the exercise, you will need:

  • a clear glass filled with water;
  • small tube (hose, cocktail tube).

The technology is as follows:

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Without hurrying, release air from the lungs strictly through the tube.
  3. Repeat a quarter of an hour.
  4. Daily complex to do five times.

effective respiratory gymnastics with a double

Diaphragmatic breathing

Increasingly, patients are trying to practice in the case ofCOPD treatment with folk remedies. Breathing exercises in this case - the best option. Remember that the disease is characterized by an abundance of sputum, which can not be cough. At the same time, reducing the respiratory system without expectoration causes the person to suffocate. To correct the situation, it makes sense to try dynamic practice. The essence of it in the elongation of exhalation, the tension of the diaphragm.

The technique is as follows:

  1. Lie with your belly up.
  2. On the three accounts for a long time, strongly wilt the air, using a belly press.
  3. On the fourth count, inhale, if possible, sticking out your stomach.
  4. Strong, powerful cough, shortening the muscle press.

breathing exercises with the Tibetan monks

Alternative option

Another practice that the respiratorygymnastics in COPD, can lead to a result similar to that described above. It is carried out from the initial position of one that is convenient: you can sit, lie down or stand. You can practice it on the go or running.

Lying on his back, pulling his knees to his chest and clasping his legs with his hands, inhaling as deeply as possible, with effort, then cough. You can do the same thing sitting in the chair.


Effective respiratory gymnastics in COPD necessarily includes an exercise that is commonly called "Embrace." The technique is as follows:

  1. Hands raise, raise to the level of the shoulders and bred fingers, with the back of the hand turn up.
  2. The arms are crossed in front of the chest, moving sharply and powerfully, and at the same time the brushes beat the shoulder blades.
  3. Actively exhale.

Blow on the shoulder blades

With COPD, respiratory gymnastics treatment also includes such an exercise:

  1. Hands raise, plant.
  2. Rise to the socks.
  3. They bend their back.
  4. Again they stand on full feet.
  5. Lean forward, rounding the spine.
  6. Cross their arms in front of the chest, for this briefly and strongly swinging them.
  7. Brushes beat the shoulder blades.
  8. Exhale loudly, strongly.
  9. Hands are bred in the sides.
  10. Cross in front of the chest.
  11. Strike on the shoulder blades three times.
  12. Continue to exhale.
  13. Return to the initial position.
  14. Inhale the stomach.

Firewood cutting

When COPD breathing exercises Strelnikova recommends this exercise:

  1. Rise to the socks.
  2. They bend their back.
  3. Fingers bind, hands lift up, lead behind the back.
  4. On the first count, they fall to the full stop, bend forward, hands moving forward, down, back. It mimics the kick with an ax.
  5. Make a strong and loud exhalation.
  6. The second account is returned to the initial position.

respiratory gymnastics with a double

From the mountain on skis

Respiratory exercises in COPD include the following practice:

  1. Initial position: legs are placed approximately on the width of the track.
  2. Rise to socks.
  3. Bend forward, but not much.
  4. Pull forward hands.
  5. Compress the brush, imagining that they hold ski poles.
  6. On the first count, they fall to the full stop and crouch with a slight inclination of the spindles.
  7. Belly touches the hips.
  8. Take back your hands, relaxing the brush.
  9. Exhale.
  10. On the second and third count, they move their legs spring-like.
  11. Finish the exhalation.
  12. Return to the initial position.
  13. Make a diaphragmatic breath.

Brass Swim

When COPD, respiratory gymnastics treatment necessarily includes the following practice in the exercise complex.

  1. Rise to socks.
  2. Raise both hands up.
  3. Fold the brush as if they were going to make a stroke.
  4. On the first count, they fall to the full stop.
  5. Hands are bred in different directions.
  6. On the second count, they lower their arms to hang along the trunk.
  7. Exhale with effort.
  8. On the third count climb to the socks, returning to the starting position.
  9. Take a deep breath in your belly. Exercise is complete.

Regularity is the key to success

All described breathing exercises with COPDcan be useful only if it is practiced regularly and under the supervision of a specialist doctor. As doctors say, it is necessary to allocate up to a quarter of an hour for each set of exercises, repeating them at least four times a day.

hollow treatment of folk remedies breathing exercises

To master each of the described posi- tions ideally,you can see a thematic video, and it's better to visit a doctor. Help can be provided by specialists in physiotherapy. With regular practice, this gymnastics effectively reduces the amount of medication necessary for the patient and leads to the cure of the patient.

Exhale Strelnikova

Respiratory exercises with COPD are effective infirst of all due to active and noisy inspiration, made through the nose with a short movement. Since the nasal breathing is gradually lost during the disease, such medical practice turns out to be really relevant.

It is recommended to practice gymnasticsStrelnikova at any age: children and adults. As a therapy, exercises are done in the morning, in the evening before meals, an hour or one and a half after eating. As a preventive measure, gymnastics is recommended once a day, in the morning. It replaces the usual charging. You can practice it in the evening, because the features of the exercises are such that fatigue goes away, it's easier to fall asleep.

hollow breathing exercises strelnikova

Smell of burning

Respiratory exercises in COPD begin withactive and noisy inspiration. You can imagine that there was a smell of fire. How noisy and active under the influence of stress you would start sniffing? That's what you need to do with exercises.

As a rule, they are mistaken when they are executed inmethod of inspiration. They try to suck in air for a long time to get more oxygen. In fact, you do not need to do this: the inspiration should be like a stab, very short, but very powerful. If possible, strive for naturalness. Try to think about inspiration and not be distracted by extraneous thoughts.

Sensation of anxiety is the most effective methodorganization of the right breath. Do not argue, but build up emotions. Sniff the air violently, even rudely. Do not be shy, otherwise there will be no positive result.

Exhalation follows inspiration

Exhalation should be after each inhalation. Do not try to stop this process and do not stop the air from leaving. But make sure that the air leaves the body, not through the nose, but through the mouth. You do not need to help yourself, you should concentrate on feeling anxious and even panicking. At the same time, keep under control such fact: the breath should correspond to your movements.

Exhalation is given to the body, even to the patient, enoughsimply, so the air arbitrarily leaves without problems. Gymnastics is aimed at training just the inspiration as a process in which the muscles of the respiratory system are most actively involved. When exercising, make sure that the mouth remains ajar during the practice.

Try to be imbued with the movements. Do not remain indifferent, take a great interest in the process and treat it with enthusiasm, artistically. You can imagine yourself a savage on an uninhabited island, return to childhood. In this case, the movements will be exactly the ones that are most useful to the human body: a voluminous and short breath, deep in itself, without additional efforts.

therapeutic breathing exercises with a double

Recommendations coming from the East

Respiratory exercises with COPD Tibetan monksis called "tai chi". However, in fact this is a complex of exercises involving not only the respiratory system, but the body as a whole. It is due to such an integrated approach and the activation of the whole organism, as well as the establishment of a connection with the world energy, and it is possible to completely recover.

At the beginning of the exercises, you need to concentrate and start breathing properly. This will be the basis for all exercises. Success lies in the ability to control thoughts and consciousness. Initial posture:

  1. The legs are set shoulder width apart.
  2. The hand is located on the abdomen from below, from the navel down at a distance of five centimeters.
  3. Press the pressure on your stomach.
  4. Do slow and deep breaths and exhale. At the same time keep your lips relaxed.

It is very important to feel that breathing is likepasses through the body, through each of its particles, the organ, covering the entire body. Even marigolds on the fingers - and those involved in the process of breathing. Try to feel it. As the training progresses, it becomes clear how tight the muscles are all the time. You can feel how this tension goes.

If you succeed, this is the first step to success. Having managed to relax and concentrate, one can proceed to further tai chi techniques, gradually complicating the complex.

hollow symptoms and breathing exercises

Summarizing the results

If the diagnosis was "chronicobstructive pulmonary disease, "this is not a reason to bury oneself alive. Yes, in the absence of treatment, the prognosis is disappointing, but nowadays everyone has the unique power of modern medicine, both classical and unofficial. Try to combine different methods.

hollow symptoms and medication treatment breathing exercises

Do not neglect the advice of doctors,prescribe effective medicines for COPD, but do not forget about physical therapy. It has proved to be useful and effective since the last century. By our days, it was possible to improve the methods invented earlier. This was done first by Soviet, then by Russian scientists, and also by European and American doctors. A lot of thematic books have been published, which will be useful to those who want to become a real doc in this matter. And, finally, remember: Eastern medicine, which cured people for centuries from the most serious diseases, is ready to help you too.

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