Electric circular saw: price, specifications

Electric circular saw: price, specifications

An electric saw circular is also called a parquet, or circular, it appeared in the twenties of the XX century.

Key Features

electric circular saw

Today, this equipment is very commonamong consumers, and if you decide to choose such a tool for yourself, then you should pay special attention to the basic characteristics of the device. Circular acts as one of the most complicated units in technical performance, which is true, even if we do not take into account the moment that it can have a full set of electronic additions. In the process of work, the master will have to ensure his safety, which the producer took care of additionally. As practice shows, parquets can be very traumatic, that's why it is not worthwhile to perform independent repairs of this equipment, it's best to entrust this matter to professionals.

Characteristics of submerged circular

Circular electric saw

If you need an electric sawcircular, then you should pay attention to the fact that there is a submerged version of it on sale. It is intended to be embedded in a part in any place. Thus, you can process the element, not only starting from the edge. In such equipment, there is no automatic lower casing, while the disc is located above the base plate. It goes down only when you press the start button of the device. The depth of the cutter can be adjusted by the master, with the range changing to within a millimeter. Electric circular saw, which has a submerged mechanism, is compared by the principle of working with a shtoborezom. With the help of the submerged mechanism, you can carry out local repair of the roofing, cut out the opening in the countertop or dismantle the floorboards. Without special efforts, the master will be able to execute gutters, grooves and cracks. If you are faced with the task of processing laminated materials or sandwich panels, you will need to cut the top layer with a preliminary pass to a certain depth of the workpiece, thus eliminating the risk of chipping. This is possible if you have the working part of the tool perpendicular to the plane of the part. Among other things, you can work under a certain slope.

Characteristics of the tool by the diameter of the disk

saw a circular electric price

If you choose an electric sawit is especially important to pay attention to this parameter. It is one of the most important features of the saw. The larger the drive, the more powerful the engine should be to spin it to the required speed. The more torque will be needed to maintain speed, excluding jamming. Increasing all of the above listed parameters will require the need to increase the more technological system of stabilization, this will exclude vibrations, beatings and noises. Consequently, the tool will be heavier. But for sawing a large tooling these characteristics are simply necessary, in some cases there is a need for processing more massive workpieces.

Equipment characteristics by cutting depth

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If you need a circular sawelectric, it is not enough to pay attention only to the diameter of the circle, you should have an idea and about what depth of cut will provide the equipment. In the passport you will be able to find these parameters, as for the bevelled or perpendicular cut. You can use conditional separation. Thus, a light class that provides a depth of cut from 40 to 50 millimeters, assumes the possibility of working in situ with sheet materials. The most universal and popular is the middle class, which provides a depth of cut from 50 to 65 millimeters. But a heavy class - it's heavy and professional devices that can get a depth of cut from 65 to 140 millimeters. If you buy a circular electric saw, these parameters will be conditional because a number of manufacturers use their own classification. For example, Makita does not produce aggregates with a shallow depth of cut, the firm has moved a little forward in this direction. Simple users who are going to purchase the device for solving household tasks will have to find a compromise in matters of strength, universality and maneuverability.

Power Specifications

Circular electric stationary saw

Circular electric saw, the price of whichcan be 20 000 rubles, will have a certain capacity. Experts advise buying a device with some margin of this parameter. When comparing two models with the same depth of cut, remember: a more powerful engine will provide high stability of operation, as well as the possibility of uninterrupted operation for a long time. Among other things, the owner of such a device will quickly disclose the most dense material. The power is related to the diameter of the tooling, in this connection, the aggregates can be assigned to one of the three corresponding classes. Less powerful are the mentioned parameter, which does not exceed 800 watts. As for the average power models, they are characterized by a limit of 800 to 1200 watts. Professional models are characterized by 1200 watts and more, they are rarely used to solve problems in everyday life.

Rotational speed of the disk

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Circular saw manual electricTo be selected also depending on speed of rotation of a disk. The faster the shaft moves, the cleaner you can get a cut. In addition, high speed is the opposite of torque. This parameter also indicates temperature, and in fact some plastics can be deformed and melt during the sawing process. If the speed of rotation was a stumbling block, then you need to compare tools with the same diameter of the working element. Experts advise to select a model that provides the possibility of adjusting the frequency of idling.

Mechanical characteristics

Circular electric stationarycost quite expensive, some manufacturers have similar models at a price of 45,000 rubles. In addition to all the above characteristics, it is important to pay special attention also to mechanical aspects. Thus, at the time of a blind jamming of the rig, the engine can quickly fail, and there is a high probability that a kickback will occur. In order to eliminate such trouble, a sliding clutch is used. The motor shaft will continue to work even when the disk is frozen. The system will not work without the need, the master should not worry about this. Today, the Makita brand products are very popular today. Circular electric saw is no exception. The supplier company also took care of protection from accidental activation, which is provided by the presence of a button located near the main handle.


Choose the equipment that will beit is most convenient for operation and repair. To replace the spindle disk, use the lever or button, in some models the element stopper is made in any position, without having to scroll and look for the setting point.

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  • Electric circular saw: price, specifications Electric circular saw: price, specifications Electric circular saw: price, specifications Electric circular saw: price, specifications Electric circular saw: price, specifications Electric circular saw: price, specifications Electric circular saw: price, specifications Electric circular saw: price, specifications Electric circular saw: price, specifications Electric circular saw: price, specifications