False scientific facts

False scientific facts

Most diamonds are not formed from compacted coal. They are “born” at a depth of about 150 km, and coal deposits are located, as a rule, at a depth of about three kilometers.


Bats are not blind. Yes, they are oriented in space with the help of echolocation, but at the same time they see it quite well.


Blondes and redheads will not disappear over time. Recessive genes responsible for hair color can be passed on from generation to generation and through non-blond and non-red.


Hair and nails do not continue to grow after death. This impression arises from the fact that the skin of the deceased person shrinks.


By the color of snot it is impossible to determine whether a bacterial disease or viral. The color of this substance can vary from transparent yellow to deep green in patients with various diseases.


Clean water is not a very good conductor of electricity. The reason why a person can get an electric shock through water is the content of minerals, dirt and other particles that conduct electricity.


It is impossible to catch a wart from frogs and toads, but it’s very possible to say hello to a hand with a person who has warts. Warts in humans occur from papillomavirus, which happens only in humans.


Ostriches do not hide their heads in the sand, even when frightened. If they feel in danger, they tend to fall to the ground and pretend to be dead.


From lack of oxygen, the blood does not turn blue - on the contrary, it gets a darker red color. The veins just appear blue, shining through the skin.


From sugar, children do not become hyperactive. In the course of several studies, it turned out that the activity of children was the same when soda was consumed with and without sugar.


Flicking the knuckles of your fingers can irritate your co-workers, but you won't get arthritis. The real causes of osteoarthritis are age, injury, overweight, and genetic predisposition.


If the product is natural, it does not mean that there are no pesticides in it. However, the level of pesticides in organic, which is not in organic food is too small to worry about (at least the US Department of Agriculture says this).


Stress does not play a big role in the development of chronic hypertension. Severe stress can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure, but in general it is not the main cause of hypertension. A significant role is played by genetics, smoking and unhealthy diets.


Lightning can strike the same place twice. In some tall buildings, it hits up to 100 times a year.


Lemmings do not commit mass suicides. However, during periods of migration, they do sometimes fall off the cliffs, if the terrain is unfamiliar to them.


Man is not born with all the convolutions, which has in adulthood. There is evidence that, at least in several parts of the brain and in adulthood, the process of formation of nervous tissue continues.


Many people call the dinosaur pictured in this picture a brontosaurus - even Michael Crichton in the “Jurassic Park”. In fact, it is apatosaurus. The myth about the brontosaurus was born 130 years ago, during the so-called “Bone Wars”, when two paleontologists used any means to compete in the search for minerals.


One gene is not the same as one protein.Many genes form many different proteins, depending on how the matrix ribonucleic acid (mRNA) of a gene is located in a cell. Some genes do not form proteins at all.


Goldfish have a pretty good memory. They may remember certain things for several months.


Most likely, HIV was transmitted to humans not through sexual contact between humans and monkeys, but because the monkeys were hunted for their meat, which means contact with the blood of animals.


Dogs and cats do not distinguish shades of gray. But they perceive different shades of blue and green. The field of view of dogs is wider than that of humans, but they cannot see as far ahead as we are.


The fact that people supposedly use "only 10 percent" of the brain is not true. We use the whole brain - just different areas in different periods.


Only a small percentage of people suffering from Tourette syndrome involuntarily shout swear words. In fact, this disease can manifest itself in different ways - involuntary body movements or various kinds of tics. Impulsive utterance of vulgar or obscene words is called coprolalia.


Even at the dawn of the Middle Ages, almost all scientists knew that the Earth was round, not flat. The myth of the dark people of the Middle Ages, who were convinced that the Earth was a flat pancake, was launched in the 1940s by members of the Historical Association (the leading association of historians in Britain).


Sharks have cancer. William Lane, who sold shark cartilage as an “effective anti-cancer agent,” dismissed the rumor that these fish are not susceptible to oncology.


The Great Wall of China is not the only man-made structure that can be seen from space. Depending on the distance from the Earth, you can either see the Great Wall of China and other large structures, or not see any structures at all. From the moon, for example, only the lights of the earth are visible.


No “photographic memory” exists - only a very good memory. But even people with exceptional memory can not reproduce the visual details that can compare with the photo.


Radiation in the microwave can not cause cancer - it just warms the food. In fact, only certain types of radiation can cause cancer, but everything depends on the dose.For example, a surplus of sunlight can actually cause skin cancer, but if you do not overdo it with a tan, it will only help the body in developing the vitamin D it needs.


Shaving the hair, you will not make them thicker, just for a while they will seem coarser - this is because the ends of the hair do not taper like those of regrown hair, but end in a blunt cut.

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