Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews

Food "Purina Van" for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews

Any pet is quickly becoming a memberfamilies. A careful owner tries to make the life of his pet as comfortable as possible. He buys clothes, accessories, picks up food. Proper nutrition in this case is very important, because it is the basis of health, mood and well-being. There is a huge choice of feeds, among which special attention deserves feed "Purina Van" for cats.

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The company-manufacturer and its history

The birth of production began in 1895a company called Robinson-Danforth. Later the name of the company is changed to Ralston-Purina. During this period, active production of feed for domestic animals begins. This area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrade began to grow rapidly, and manufacturers decided not to waste time and tried to increase the work. The factories had equipment of the last generation, balanced nutrition, forms and types of products were being developed.

In 1930, a center was opened tostudying the full nutrition of pets. At present, work is continuing to create new types of feed and study their effect on the work of the body. The center cooperates with veterinarians, biologists and scientists, trying to create the best product.

In the late 1990s, twolarge corporations - Nestle and Purina. So there was a large company, which gave all the power to create useful and tasty fodder for cats. To date, Nestle has created several types of feeds: Purina, ProPlan, One, Friskies.

Thanks to constant development and consultationsspecialists the manufacturer has created a wide range of varied nutrition for many breeds of cats and animals with features (eunuchs, elderly, kittens, sick and others). There are two types of feed: dry and soft - in the form of pates.purina one for cats

Types of feed and their use

You can not buy the same type of food fordifferent cats. For each pet, this or that product is suitable. Thus, for castrated animals prone to fattening, nutrition with reduced calorie content is developed, for cats with chronic diseases, only a certain food will also fit. All these requirements are taken into account by the manufacturer. Nestle offers such types of Purina feeds:

  1. PurinaProPlan.The food of this line has its own varieties. You can choose food for both kittens and aging animals.

  2. PurinaOne for cats.Ruler not so long ago appeared on sale, but alreadyreceived a lot of positive feedback not only owners of pets, but also veterinarians. Among the options offered, you can choose a cat food of any age.

  3. Nutrition for the youngest.Such lines of feed as Purina ProPlan and PurinaOne, for cats have specially developed nutrition for kittens. It takes into account the needs of the organism, providing it with everything necessary at the stage of growth and development.

  4. Food in jars. Canned food is easy to find in several rulersproducts. You can choose as an economy-variant (Darling), and expensive food (Gourmet and Proplan). Despite the choice made, do not worry about the quality of the goods. The company strictly observes all the rules of manufacture and carefully monitors the composition of food for animals.

  5. Therapeutic nourishment.Basically, the feed data is labeled under the nameVet Diet Feline. They can be either in the form of dry food, or in the form of canned food. Medical fodders are selected depending on this or that disease. They not only contain the necessary complex of mineral substances that allow to maintain health, but can even reduce the pain syndrome.

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Food Purina One

This product appeared relatively recentlymarket for pet food. It is distinguished by a wide range of various types and tastes. Feed for premium cats of this manufacturer differ in quality and composition. A high level of protein allows the organism to keep the animal active and healthy, and herbal supplements fill the diet with vitamins and minerals.

Very convenient is that the manufacturer delivers its product not only to specialized stores, but also to ordinary mass-markets.

Choice of food "Purina"

For the correct selection of the type of food it is worth considering several factors:

  • Age of the animal.
  • Temperament.
  • Activity.
  • Presence of diseases and features of health.
  • Taste preferences.

Only considering all these factors, you will be able topick up a really effective product, and the food "Purina Van" for cats will help you in this task. The company has created a wide range of products for different cats.

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Food for Purina Van for cats: composition

The manufacturer tries to closely monitor the composition of its products. The Scientific Center tirelessly develops all new variants of filling and combination of products.

Feed for premium cats should containa large amount of animal protein. The food "Purina Van" includes 2 sources of animal protein. The feed is supplemented with grain products and their components: wheat, corn, wheat and corn gluten, sugar beet, minerals, vitamins, fish oil, antioxidants, flavor.

Useful for pets is an additive inthe form of the pulp of sugar beet. It positively affects the functioning of the intestinal system of the body, and beet is a wonderful prebiotic. Other products that support the excellent work of the gastrointestinal tract are the dried chicory root and yeast cultures.

The product is rich in nutrients and minerals. The composition contains such vitamins and microelements as D3, E, A, C, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, iodine.

Only properly selected feed composition will give the animal health, as well as a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

Purina Wan price

The benefits of Purina One

The company Nestle is trying to create quality products for pet food. Among the advantages of this company's feed can be called:

  1. The composition of the feed is balanced and allows maintaining the animal's health, activity and appearance.

  2. A feature of the food is abundantuse of cellulose. It's no secret that cats always carefully lick their wool. Often this becomes a problem for the health of the animal. Wool accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract, after which it creates discomfort, pain and even vomiting. Food "Purina Van" for cats, thanks to its composition, allows you to remove lumps of wool from the body very delicately, without injuring internal organs. The animal will get rid of pain and cramps.

  3. The "Purina Van" cat food supports the animal's fur in a healthy and beautiful condition. Abundant loss of it will remain in the past.

  4. The "Purina Van" food for sterilized cats will ensure their activity and healthy state.

Proper storage and food

To ensure that the Purina One cat food retains itstaste and nutritional properties, it must be stored in a dry, dark place. In this case, the animal should always have access to a sufficient amount of liquid, namely water. The water in the bowl should be fresh, so it's worth it to get into the habit of changing it twice a day.

Feed purine van for the sterilized cats

Comparison with other feed types: Purina ProPlan

This variety of food Nestle refers to a professional line, or a premium line. You can find it only in specialized stores, which somewhat complicates the purchase process.

The food is balanced, so it does not requireinclusion in the diet of additional nutritional elements and vitamins. Food contains the full range of essential nutrients. An additional advantage is that PurinaProPlan is the basis for strengthening and enhancing the immunity of the animal. In the product line, you can find three varieties of this food:

  1. Dry food.
  2. Canned food.
  3. Therapeutic nourishment.

Each species is further divided into subspecies: food for kittens, older cats, elderly animals, castrated, sterilized and others. Due to the large assortment of feed this manufacturer can be selected for any animal. Nestle brand food is one of the most often recommended by veterinarians for pet food.

Commodity prices

"Purina Van", the price of which is absolutely "notbites ", is one of the most popular feeds to date.So, you can buy a package of 1.5 kg for 500 rubles.Packing a smaller volume (0.75) will cost you 300-350 rubles. Small bags, 200 grams in volume , stand around 100 rubles.

"Purina Van": reviews

Pet Food for Nestleis very popular and receives more and more positive feedback. The food "Purina Van" for cats is no exception. Most owners of furry pets notice an improvement in the condition of their pet's coat, which after a certain period of using the food becomes shiny and considerably less shedding. Improves the health of the animal, its activity.

Buyers note the convenience of purchasing foodin ordinary stores, which allows you to combine everyday business with shopping for a pet. Among the shortcomings of the food "Purina" is often mentioned its high cost.

feed purine van for cats composition

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  • Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews Food Purina Van for cats (Purina One): composition, reviews