Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

Olga Nagornyuk

Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

Bracelets, baubles, which were previously woven from beads, thread and beads, have found their former popularity again today. True, now the material for their manufacture are gum.

The fancy weaving technique invented in the USA, accessible even to the uninitiated, was liked by adolescents who flaunted bright jewelery and sought out on the Internet the schemes for creating wonderful baubles. To help them, we decided to tell you how to weave bracelets of gum. Here are some of the most interesting examples.


About tools and materials


How can we bracelets?


1. You will need gum iris, or Rainbow Loom. It is easy to find them in shops selling toys and in the markets.


2. It would be nice to buy a special machine and hook. Usually they are sold with rubber bands. Replacing the machine can serve as a special device, called a slingshot.

Necessity for invention is cunning: those who do not have a machine or a slingshot use ordinary forks, pencils or just their fingers,which somewhat complicates the work and reduces the number of available weaving methods. But when did the difficulties frighten us?


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Ways to weave bracelets

Everybody is interested in weaving bracelets from gum - from small to large. Family gatherings behind the machine from the Rainbow Loom set unite the family and allow you to get rid of problems and worries, plunging into the world of creativity and fantasy.


We decided to support hand-made lovers and collected the most interesting ways to weave bracelets of gum, designed for novice needlewomen and for those who already have experience in creating such products.


How to weave a bracelet "circular knots"

Necessary tools and materials: hook, white gum - 18 pcs., Blue gum - 37 pcs.


1. Elastic band of the main color (blue), we throw on the hook, turn the figure eight and again we hook on the hook. The elastic is twisted in two turns (it looks like a scarf wrapped around the neck).

2. We put the second gum on the hook and stretch it into the resulting double loop.

We are not throwing the second part of the elastic on the hook yet, but squeezing it with our fingers so that it does not fall off the hook.

3. Step number 1 is repeated with a white rubber band.

4. The long loop of the blue gum we throw on the hook.

White rubber band is between the blue loops.

5. Drop the white loop from the hook.

6. On the hook are 2 blue loops. Pull one through the second.

After that, two white loops again put on the hook.

7. We put on a new white gum, we catch a nose with a hook and extend it only through the blue loops. Clamp all the gum on the hook with your fingers.

8. Again, take the white gum, put on the hook in two turns.

9. Pick up the blue eyelet and throw it on the hook.

10. Grab the white loops and remove them from the hook.

11. Loops 3 and 2 stretch through the first. On the hook remains 2 gum.

12. Return 2 white rubber bands on the hook. Another blue cling and stretch through them. On the hook again, 3 gum blue. Repeat step 11.

You have already noticed: steps 8 through 12 are cyclical. Further weaving of the bracelet suggests their successive repetition.


Video lesson "How to weave a bracelet" Circular knots "


How to weave a bracelet "Fishtail"

To weave this bracelet, you will need 50 rubber bands of two colors and your hands.


1. We put on the gum “eight” on 2 fingers.

2. Then we stretch 2 more rubber bands on the fingers without twisting.

3We remove the rubber band that wears on the figure eight, and she, like a ring, pulls the next two rubber bands.

4. We dress the next elastic band on both fingers, then we reset the following loops.

5. Steps 3 and 4 are repeated until we get the required length.


6. From the last gum do a double loop, for which we catch the clasp.

Master class on the topic “How to weave a bracelet made of fishtail rubber bands”



How to weave a bracelet made of gum "Wide"

To weave this bracelet, you will need rubber bands (determine the number of colors for yourself, you can make it one-color) and the machine. Since only one row of columns is involved in the work, it is better to remove the second and third rows.

1. On the 3rd and 4th columns we put on a rubber band, twisting it with a figure eight.

2. The same is repeated with the next six columns.

3. Having completed this stage, we proceed to the following: we put on 4 more elastic bands in a similar way, but we do it in a checkerboard pattern.

4. Hooking the lower gum hook, throw them over the post.

As a result, we get 1 row of gum.

5. We build the second row, putting rubber bands on the columns in pairs, but no longer twisting.

6. The bottom row of gum again throws through the bars.

7Again, we return to step 5, but do not use the very first column, starting to throw gum from the second.

8. With the bottom of the gum we repeat the procedure described in paragraph 6.

9. The actions specified in paragraphs 5 - 7 are repeated several times. Determine the number yourself, because the length of the bracelet depends on it.

10. Having received a bracelet of the desired length, we remove the elastic bands from the outermost columns and dress them on the penultimate ones. From every second column we remove the gum and transfer it to the next. As a result, even columns are empty, odd - with two rubber bands.

11. Dress locks, connecting them with paired and triple gum on the posts. From the other end of the bracelet we find the extreme loops and insert them into the extreme hooks. You need to connect the remaining segments of the edges.

Video Tutorial "How to weave a bracelet" Wide "



How to weave a bracelet "Feather"

1. Prepare the machine, placing the cut sides of the columns from you.

2. Connect all the columns on the perimeter with rubber bands, throwing them in the usual way.

3. The second column of the central row is joined by elastic bands with extreme angular ones.

4. Repeat the same with other columns, building a semblance of a Christmas tree (in the photo - green and yellow erasers). We continue to the end of the machine.

five.The next row of gum throws from the central columns to the extreme.

6. We proceed to the removal of the bracelet from the machine. Why turn the machine so that the cuts of the columns looked at you.

On the extreme middle column with a double collar, we put on a rubber band of the main color (remember the rubber bands we wore around the perimeter of the machine?).

We hook a gum hook connecting the left corner and the extreme central posts, and throw it on the leftmost post. Do the same with a rubber band connecting the center and the leftmost columns.

We make a similar maneuver with the columns facing the central diagonal.

7. In the same way, we connect with rubber bands the columns designated in figure 1, 2, 3.

8. We move the lower loops from the outermost columns to the adjacent ones (in the figure they are connected by white lines).

9. Repeat steps 6 - 8 to the end of the machine.

10. Thread the elastic with a hook through all the loops, thrown on the extreme middle column.

We loop the hook handle and remove the entire weave from the machine.

We put on the clasps, and the bracelet made of gum is ready.


Master class "How to weave a bracelet made of gum" Feather "



Rainbow Loom Kits - Fun for the Whole Family


Weaving Rainbow Loom gum has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and relieves stress. Of course, the creation of bracelets can not be compared with a trip to the spa or yoga, but the positive effect is definitely there.


Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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The bracelet called wide is called Dragon scales, and all other bracelets are not beautiful
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  • Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum

    Four ways to weave bracelets from gum