French cosmetics La Roche Posay - reviews

French cosmetics La Roche Posay - reviews

One of the most famous beauty brandsis the cosmetics of La Roche Posay. Reviews of it as a "French miracle" are not so rare among the charmers who carefully care for the skin. What is the secret of its popularity? Recommendations on forums and blogs indicate that it successfully competes with other flagships of the world industry: Vichi, Lierac, Clinique, Sisley, Avene, Bioderma Sebium and Payot.La Roche Posay - reviews

The history of the company is covered with legends. One of them says that in the heart of France, on the shore of the unique thermal spring La Rosh-Pose, a tired knight dismounted many centuries ago. He lay down in the cool shade of the trees, and his faithful horse, exhausted by chronic wounds and eczema, dived into the healing water. When the horse came ashore, the owner did not believe his eyes - as if the magic wand of the fairy healed his horse. The skin of the animal became smooth and smooth.

Since then, the fame of these thermal springsspread all over the world. In the XVII century, the court doctor of King Louis, Pierre Milo, first became interested in their miraculous power. And Napoleon subsequently opened a military hospital on the water for the treatment of his soldiers. At the beginning of the last century this place was rapidly developing. Here for the first time the Thermal Center of Dermatology was created. And after 9 years the coryphaeans of the French Medical Academy were given him the status of a balneological resort.

About 40 years ago in this marvelous place wasa pharmaceutical laboratory was established. Scientists-dermatologists have successfully developed cosmetic products for the treatment of problematic and sensitive skin, as well as for quality care and protection of healthy.

Cosmetics La Roche Posay: reviewsThe analysis of thermal water has shown that its compositionrich in unique natural microelements, especially valuable of which the researchers named the antioxidant - selenium. This magic element - a panacea for a variety of ailments: weakened immunity, oncology, problems with the cardiovascular system. Especially beneficial selenium affects the health of the skin.La roche posay EffaclarBased on this healing water, La productsRoche Posay. The experts' comments speak of its softening and anti-inflammatory effect on the dermis, soothing and hypoallergenic effects, as well as an excellent anti-aging effect.

At the turn of the 90-ies of the last centuryspecialists of a large cosmetic concern L'OREAL have noticed unique products created by the laboratory of La Roche Posay. Reviews about this brand admired the high efficiency of this pharmacy cosmetics. Soon the dermatologists of the French research center La Roche-Posay Laboratoire Pharmaceutique became the world's leading experts under the leadership of the giant company L'OREAL.

Today the laboratory is developing the widestrange of beauty care products La Roche Posay. Reviews of hypoallergenic thermal water that removes redness and inflammation of the dermis, which helps the skin in the activation of resources to combat wilting and negative external influence, are well deserved. The antioxidant properties of this "living source" protect us from the natural "gangsters" - free radicals. They allow women to slow down over time, preventing the appearance of age-related skin changes.French therapeutic cosmetics

Each cosmetic product undergoes thoroughquality and safety control. Clinical and physico-chemical studies prove the efficacy of La Roche Posay products. Reviews of the owners of this miraculous cosmetics mark its lightness and delicate structure. All components of these pharmacies are easily applied to the skin. They gently and quickly absorbed into the epidermis, allowing it to "breathe".

Each series of cosmetic brand La Roche Posay is designed to treat certain skin ailments:

  1. Tolerian - soothes sensitive skin. It also has an antimicrobial effect.
  2. Rosaliac - smooths the skin color. It removes redness and saturates micro-capillaries with vitamins.
  3. Hydraphase - normalizes the hydration of dehydrated skin.Healthy skin
  4. Hydranorme / Nutritic - nourishes and saturates dry dermis.
  5. Active - eliminates bags under the eyes, "crow's feet" and superficial wrinkles around the eyes.
  6. Redermic - strengthens the skeleton of the skin with deep wrinkles and loss of turgor.
  7. Substiane - prevents age-related sagging of the contours of the face and the appearance of wrinkles.

La Roche Posay "Effaclar" - an innovative series, created recently for a deep impact on the problem skin. It cleans it with effective micro-peeling.

Symbol of healthy skin and beauty - La cosmeticsRoche Posay - reviews are mostly enthusiastic. Having consulted the "experts" on women's forums, it's worth to visit a dermatologist. This will help to choose the right cosmetic cleverly and avoid the negative reaction of the skin.

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