Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews

Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews

What attracts tourists in Tula? This city is not at all so smart and bright, it is not designed to impress. Here everything is special, the present, the ancient, made for ages. On each street, in each building is felt a special comfort. This is no wonder, from the fourteenth century the city was engaged in crafts. Here they drew splendid samovars and beautiful weapons. To get acquainted with the work of great masters, here also tourists come. Go to the museum of weapons business, bow to the glorious, military feat, buy the famous carrot, visit the estate of Leo Tolstoy, this is exactly where visitors come. And in order to spend the night, the hotel "Podvorye" is perfect. Tula is a very interesting city, you can get acquainted with the history of our country and simply enjoy the ancient streets.hotel courtyard tula

general description

With what do you associate the name? First of all, with a cozy, peasant farm, where in the mornings guests are greeted with fresh rolls and warm milk. Despite the fact that the hotel Podvorye (Tula) is located in the city center, it is always surprisingly quiet here. Guests are greeted by friendly staff who are ready to help with the execution of any request.

To date, this is one of the best optionsfor tourists in the city. The Podvorye Hotel (Tula) offers cozy apartments with a private bathroom. For guests there is free parking, which is very convenient for car enthusiasts. Classic rooms make the hotel completely versatile. Free Wi-Fi is available. Hotel Podvorye (Tula) is waiting for its guests at any time of the day or night. There is a 24-hour reception on site, where the administrator will be happy to answer all your questions.Zhukovsky Street

Where is the

Even before entering the city, it is importantbook a room where you stay for the night. If your choice is the hotel Podvorye (Tula), the address will best be noted on the map of the city so that you can easily find your bearings. It was located in the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin, the main historical object, which all tourists are eager to visit. But how else, because this is an outstanding monument of Russian architecture of the XVI century. Exact address: Zhukovsky Street, 9.

There is no personal transfer from the hotel, but, in principle, hehere even is not needed. It is enough to have a map or a navigator at hand. If this is not the case, then stop any taxi driver and ask where Zhukovsky's street is. You will be told how to walk or take a bus. From the railway station there are shuttle buses № 12/15, as well as 16/10. Or you can take the services of bus number 13 and get to the stop "Pirogov street." Next will have to walk a little. By the way, do not forget to book a room before the trip. It is important that you find a place for a small, but very popular hotel Podvorye (Tula). Phone 7 (4872) 38-57-58, the administrator receives calls around the ​​center

Economy class rooms

Very often budget tourists choose for themselveshotels on the outskirts of the city, because the prices are so much lower. However, if you choose "Compound", then it is not necessary to seek a compromise. Firstly, it is the center of the city. Secondly, the hotel offers its guests inexpensive, but very cozy rooms and friendly service. What more can you ask for? The category "economy" is a single or double room with an area of ​​13 m2. There is nothing superfluous, only one or twoone-and-a-half beds, bedside tables and chairs. The bathroom has a shower, a washbasin and a toilet. The cost of daily rent is from 1700 rubles, but breakfast is not included in it. But in walking distance are wonderful restaurants, among which you can choose the most suitable for yourself.

Judging by the reviews, the rooms are also equipped witha small kitchen with a stove, a kettle and a minimum set of dishes. Therefore, you can quite manage for several days with your own cooking and save on the hotel in tula

Standard Rooms

They are designed for two guests. This is the best choice, which most regular tourists seek to use. In general, Podvorye is the best offer on all parameters. This is the center of the city, but the street is so quiet that it creates a complete illusion of village rest. It's very interesting to walk around in the evening. The houses on the street are low and most of them are wooden. But it's worth turning into the Soviet one, and you're already in the realm of concrete, high-rise buildings and an endless stream of cars.

So, let's go back to our number. It is equipped with a double bed, bedside tables, a kitchenette, a fridge and a TV. In the bathroom the same necessary kit, shower, toilet, sink and hair dryer. The room looks ascetic, but at the same time very modern. It is spacious, bright, there is a large work desk. And, of course, pleases its own kitchen. There is also a wardrobe with hangers, so that it is not difficult to place clothes. The cost of rent is from 2200 rubles per day.hotel courtyard tula phone

Additional service

If you need a good hotel in Tula cheap,then be sure to pay attention to the "Compound". This is a universal option for a couple or a businessman. The only negative that the guests note is the lack of a safe in the room. It is for this reason that many refuse to clean rooms, worrying about the safety of their belongings while they are away. But it should be noted that when settling there is always perfect purity, so a few days you can do without interference from outside.

There is no meal in the hotel, however, for an additionalYou can be offered a breakfast. Prepare it in one of the nearest cafes and deliver it to your room. No buffet, just a choice of several dishes: scrambled eggs, porridge, casserole. The cost of 200 rubles per person.hotel backyard tula reviews

Comfort category

In fact, this is an improved standard. The area of ​​the rooms is similar, but there are additional options. In particular, there is air conditioning and climate control system, in the kitchen there is a hood that will allow you to cook with great amenities. In the bathroom you will find a complete set of personal care products, a set of towels and a hairdryer.

For businessmen

If you are collecting colleagues fornegotiations, seminar or training, then a hotel in Tula is inexpensive. For these purposes, the hotel "Podvorye" is ideally suited. It is located so conveniently that you can get from anywhere in the city. The area is very quiet, nothing will distract you from solving immediate problems.

The hotel offers businessmen all the conditions forconducting business meetings. The cozy conference room is equipped with the latest technology. A modern air-conditioning system will give you comfortable conditions throughout your stay. Guests are invited to use a demo board, a projector and a screen, laptops are provided as needed. The high-speed Internet is constantly operating.hotel podvorye tula address

Reviews of tourists

You can not make a complete picture without knowing the opinionthose who have already been here. Which for them the hotel "Podvorie" (Tula) seemed. Reviews are very good, already on the basis of this I want to recommend it to all guests of the city. Among the advantages are especially the price and location, spacious and modern rooms. Ideal for businessmen as a venue for conferences and seminars. But for ordinary tourists, too, is of interest. If you showed interest in history and want to visit the old estate "Yasnaya Polyana", or just wander around the neighborhood, then be sure to pay attention to "Podvorie". Whether you want to walk around the city center or go outside it, it does not really matter, everything is close by.

Separately, warm reviews sound in the addressadministration. At the entrance you are greeted by courteous staff who are ready to help, prompt and accompany where necessary. The hotel itself is new, clean, well-groomed and very light, here you want to come back again and again.

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  • Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews Hotel Podvorye (Tula, Zhukovsky street, 9): description, reviews