How should the Hosts file look on Windows

How should the Hosts file look on Windows?

System folder of any operating systemis for the average user a "dark forest". If you are not sure that the problem with the computer lies in it, then do not touch anything there at all and give the opportunity to deal with the problems to professionals. Today we will talk about the threats that one small and inconspicuous text file carries in itself. What should the Hosts file look like? How to distinguish it from a virus?


First, let's see what it issuch beast - Hosts? This file is responsible for blocking Internet pages and redirecting ip-addresses. If you register the web address of an Internet resource, then the user of the computer can not access the blocked site or be redirected to another link specified in the file.

how the hosts file should look like

In fact, this file is used by mostsystem administrators in order to disconnect social networks for employees at work, as well as to organize parental control and block unwanted sites for children. So if you can not get to any resource from a working computer, be sure to check the contents of the file first, which we'll talk about a little further. So how does the Hosts file look like?


The main thing is what determines the truth of the file and itsbelonging to the system, not to the viruses, is its contents. Or rather, the text written in it. How should the Hosts file look on Windows 7 and other OSes from the inside?

To open the file we are studying, usethe Notepad program. Before you will appear English-language instruction on the use of this tool. It consists of 20 lines beginning with the "#" symbol. Here is the sample content:

  • The first line contains the rights to OS. 1993 -... - Year of existence of Microsoft. The second number will be the release date of your OS version. You can verify the authenticity of the file by right-clicking on "My Computer - Properties". There you can find the version and date of release of the OS. They must match the file.
  • Then there are 10 lines explaining what this file is for.
  • And, finally, examples of how to register a lock.

what should the hosts file look like in windows 7


The location of the file also plays an important role. How will the file we are considering perform its function if it is not in the correct folder?

So, what the Hosts file should look like and where it should be located. Depending on the OS version, it can be in different folders, but it will always be initially Windows system:

  • For Win98 and ME, the Hosts file is located at the root of C: WINDOWS.
  • In WinXP and later versions, Hosts is inthe following directory: C: WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC. It is here that the working version of the file is located, if you are backing up the system or it initially contains several switched versions and patches. Then you can find the second, similar copy of the file, but it will also be in the system folder.

The size

What does the correct Hosts file look like? Its size is also initially defined. If you opened and saw only what was described in the previous paragraph, then the file size will be 824 bytes. Either it will be empty if instructions are removed from there.

how correctly the hosts file looks

Any rejection suggests that the file wasspelled out something other than comments. On the one hand, it can be brought by the system administrators sites. On the other hand, if it is a home computer and you are absolutely sure that nobody has "chemized" with it, it's worth considering whether this file is a virus.

The main thing - remember that no antivirus isworks with the Hosts file. More precisely, the protection programs block the possibility of changing the file by programs from an unknown producer. Thus, no one without your knowledge can enter there any information, block access to your favorite sites or, worse, redirect to a copy of the portal you need, where you can inadvertently enter your personal data, which will later reach the attackers. But if this happens, then quickly check the computer for viruses.


Now you know what the Hosts file should look like. Still it is necessary to understand, how it should not look.

  • This file is not hidden, that is, by going intothe system folder in which it is located, you can always see it. If he tries to disguise himself, this is at least a sign of viral activity.
  • If you find it in a folder other than the one mentioned above, delete it, and it reappears, it should also alert you.

What does the correct hosts file look like?

Among other things, in the question of howthe file Hosts can look like, can help the registry. The fact is that the path to the file is written in a very specific directory, and so you can determine whether the file you found is true or false (virus).

  1. To view the Hosts location in the registry, run the command prompt and type regedit.
  2. Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesTcpipParameters
  3. Clicking on the options folder, translate the viewright. In the list of parameters, we are interested in DataBasePath. It is in it that the path to the true Hosts file is registered. Any deviation from this path means that the file you found is a malicious program.

That's all. We have analyzed all the characteristics and determined what the Hosts file should look like in fact.

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