How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction

How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction

Connecting to a free satellitetelevision has become possible, thanks to the availability of open channels. But to connect to them, you need not only to purchase special equipment, but also be able to install and configure it. How much is the installation of a satellite system more profitable than a simple antenna for receiving an analog signal?

Equipment selection

To connect to open channels on thesatellites, you must first purchase equipment and install it. The set includes: a plate, a receiver head (converter), a cable, a receiver. The advantage of connecting open channels is that it does not need to purchase equipment from one particular vendor.

For example, to receive channels "Tricolor TV", even free, you need to buy a set of equipment from one company. At the same time, it costs much more, and the number of channels is much smaller.

open channels

When choosing, pay attention to the availability ofwarranty, serviceability of equipment, its capacity and size, as well as compatibility with the TV set in the house. Also, you need to find out which cables to connect to it.

For a stable reception, a dish with a diameter0,8-0,9 m and more. The larger the plate, the larger the signal reception area, and hence the power of the received signal. To increase the number of received open channels, you can install two plates by connecting them to one receiver using a tee.

Installing the dish

The installation of a plate is one of the most importantstages of work. On how correctly the plate will be installed, depends on which open channels the receiver will receive, the strength and purity of the signal. Incorrect installation will result in that there will be no reception.

how to open a channel

The plate must be installed on the openspace. It's best to put it on the roof. In the absence of such an opportunity, it is placed from the most open side of the house. Neither trees nor buildings should be closer than 3-4 meters from it. How to attach the device to the wall of the house using a special bracket? The plate is attached to it at a special angle, both in vertical and horizontal position.

The angle depends on which satellitesignals are received. And the possibility of connecting to it depends in turn on the location of the building and the presence or absence of sources of interference near it. Usually, when the dish is positioned vertically, the angle is 18 to 27 degrees. When horizontal, the angle of rotation depends on which side the antenna is installed: east, west, south or north, and the position of the satellite.

Receiver head installation

Head receiver - converter, also attached tobracket. It is placed in front of the plate in the direction of it. When installing the converter it is important to observe the polarity, that is, the rotation angle of the head. To receive satellite pay providers, such as "Tricolor TV" or NTV +, this parameter does not matter. However, for signals from a satellite that provides access to open channels, polarity is very important.

Selecting the receiver

To receive open channels from the satellite,any, even the cheapest receiver. The main thing is that it supports the format of the transmitted video - at least MPEG-2 or MPEG-4. It is undesirable to take "nameless" models from China, since they do not always have the support of Russian satellites and menus in Russian. Setting the parameters is quite complicated, especially if you connect two antennas to the device at once for different satellites. I'll have to adjust a lot of values ​​before the list of open channels is configured.

Open channels on satellites

How to choose a satellite?

First of all, you need to choose the right onesatellite. You can do it on the site On this resource there is a drop-down list with the names of the satellites. Not all of the presented options can be approached, since from some sources the signal is under an unreachable transmission angle.

If the satellite is not suitable for the selected terrain,The built-in application on the site automatically displays a message about it. The names of the satellites are better to be rewritten separately in the list, in order to be able to choose the most suitable when tuning the receiver.

what open channels

When choosing, it should be borne in mind that foreign broadcasters broadcast each in their own language. Therefore, in order not to speak on the TV in an incomprehensible dialect, it is necessary to choose Russian models of satellites.

Satellite Setup on the Receiver

One of the most difficult stages is tuning the receiver. Each receiver has its own characteristics, but the settings on almost all models look like this:

  1. First you need to go to the settings menu, and specifyfrom which satellite the signal will be received. The device already has a list of supported devices in the software. It remains only to choose the most suitable.
  2. After the satellite is selected, it is necessary to adjust the coordinates, degree of longitude (see on the site and the hemisphere (eastern), the range of KU.
  3. Adjust the frequency of the signal reception. The frequency depends on the model of the satellite. For example, for the Ku_ABC2 satellite, the reception frequency is 11559, the polarity is vertical. The reception frequencies can be several, but you only need to select one.

After the introduction of the above parameters,The receiver should show information that the satellite is found. For details on which menu items to perform this or that setting, refer to the instructions that come with it. Menu in different models of the receiver differ from each other, but the settings for the settings are almost the same in all. It is necessary to adjust the satellite, coordinates, polarity and frequencies of the open channels.

list of open channels

Channel Search Settings

After setting the reception of signals from the satellite, you need to load the list of open channels. Next, configure the search. To begin with, the following parameters are specified in the search settings:

  • search mode - "Blind" or "Auto";
  • type of connection - "Free channels";
  • type of service - "Central Television".

And click on the "Search" button. The receiver must scan all frequencies of TV channels transmitted from the satellite. The time that the search process will take depends on the strength of the signal and the number of channels. Search lasts from a few seconds to five minutes. In cloudy cloudy weather, the signal level drops, and the number of channels found may be less than it could be on a clear clear day. When you configure this factor you need to consider.

frequency of open channels

How many channels are available?

Naturally, after connecting and configuringthe question arises as to how many open channels are available? The number of available TV channels depends on the diameter of the dish and their number, as well as the chosen satellite. Most often this is 10-15 TV channels plus 5-6 radio stations, but sometimes more.

If we assume that satellites broadcast not onlyAll-Russian, but also regional TV channels. Also, during the search, duplicate TV channels can be downloaded, since the signal can be targeted to residents from other regions located in adjacent time zones.

And then another question arises. If the channels are so small, why spend money on buying a receiver, a plate and a converter, albeit inexpensive, when it is cheaper and easier to use an analog signal rather than digital? The digital signal, that is satellite, is much more stable and stronger. The image quality is higher. The plate is firmly attached to the bracket and it is not afraid of neither the wind nor the thunder.

And you can install it at any height,the main thing is that other objects do not cover it, creating interference. In addition, the number of digital television channels received is much larger and their number and diversity can be expanded by connecting other satellites or installing a larger dish.

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  • How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction How to configure open channels: step-by-step instruction