How to do a relaxing massage

How to do a relaxing massage?

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How to do a relaxing massage?

Modern man leads a sedentary imagelife. From constant sitting at home, in the office at the computer, often in an uncomfortable position, the muscles are in constant tension, which, in turn, leads to pain in the lower back and back. Cope with this problem can. There are many methods, like doing a relaxing massage, with which you can achieve wonderful results.

How to do a relaxing massage

  • Any massage should start with a choicesurface. If you are going to do massage at home, then the bed is quite suitable. However, it is better to give preference to the kitchen table, since a flat and firm surface will allow the body to find support, and it will not spring and fall. Be sure to consider this factor, since an incorrectly selected surface with a massage will only disturb you.
  • Before you do a general relaxing massage,create a comfortable environment in the room. This is easy to achieve with the help of various aromatic candles or sticks. A pleasant smell will enhance the relaxing effect and leave a lot of pleasant impressions. Take care of the lighting as well. Maximize the light, thus creating a relaxation and tranquility effect.
  • Be sure to observe the temperature regime, so that a stripped person is comfortably in the room. His body must breathe, and not goosebumps.
  • It is equally important to find a common language with who you aregoing to do a massage. Take care of its convenience. Your hands should be warm (for that warm them under warm water), and next to the massage place is sure to put a bottle of mineral water, just in case, if a person wants to drink. For massage often use a special flavored oil, better select it together to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.

Massage, relaxing: technique

In massage technology, three main movements are distinguished. These are "Goose", "Hypnosis" and "Wave".

  • Goose walking. This is nothing more than a series of pinching of the body, when the skin is clamped between the thumb and the rest, after which it is delayed. The second hand follows the first, repeating similar movements. However, in order to improve blood circulation, the skin need not just be pulled back but also "pressed" back.
  • Motion wave. This is a full body stroking the open side of the palm. Stroking should be perceptible and repetitive every bend of the body.
  • The movement of hypnosis. It's strokes that make your fingers tight. Performed in circular motions, which begin in the center of the back, smoothly shifting to the sides. The trajectory of movements should resemble a spiral.

How to do a relaxing back massage

Relaxing back massage is not a pleasant procedure. It will relieve muscle tension, stress, improve mood and allow you to relax.

  • Shallow strokes. Several stroking movements are performed from the waist to the shoulders and back, carrying the entire palm on the back. Movement from top to bottom should be soft, and bottom upwards more intense.
  • Deep stroking. The ribs of both hands perform deep stroking. Holding hands in parallel, divide them in different directions, or make movements on a diagonal.
  • Rubbing. This is nothing but a superficial stroking, only more intense, which is directed from the sides to the spine. Pay special attention to the neck and shoulders.
  • Muddling. With your fingertips, grab the skin folds 3-4 cm, massaging, thus, the back.
  • Pressing. Place your thumbs on the left and right of the spine at a distance of 2-3 cm and lightly press down. After 5 seconds, move your fingers slightly lower. Continue to move this way along the spine from top to bottom and from bottom to top.
  • Finish the massage can be superficial strokes.

If you want to learn more about this topic and learn how to do a relaxing massage, you can easily find the video on the Internet.

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