How to draw a hero

How to draw a hero?

Often in schools in literature classes as acreative task teachers ask schoolchildren to draw the houses of the heroes of works. Such a hero can become a hero, because tales of heroes and bylinas are included in the school curriculum. How to draw a hero so that he turned out beautiful and similar to the present? On the Internet you will find many instructions for drawing a hero. You can use the services of sites. One of these instructions we offer you today.

How to draw a hero? Step by step we will consider this issue. First decide which hero to draw. For example, Ilya Muromets, like all his hero friends, is required to draw only with his constant companion. To begin it is necessary with a designation of contours of the hero and a horse.

  • You can look at the picture depicting the hero. On the sheet, put the points along which you connect the contours. You need to draw a little man from the sticks, adding him an oval head.
  • Now you can make all shapes bulky. To do this, you need to step back a little from the frame of sticks and dots (per centimeter) and draw an external silhouette. Now the figures have to get a clearer outline.
  • It is necessary to finish the horse with a magnificent mane and tail. To do this, in the figure of the horse in the right places draw wavy lines. On hoofs also draw a "fringe". On the hero's head, draw a semicircle, from above make a small triangle to make a hat. Now it is necessary to draw clothes on the figure of the hero, and on his feet - boots.
  • How to draw a hero? With a pencil, we'll try to make this drawing correct. In order for the hero to be exactly like the present one, he needs to draw a sword slightly above his boots. Just draw a sword blade, then a pen.
  • Now it is required to draw a horse harness, and to the hero - protective armor.
  • It is necessary to draw a horse's eyes and nose shape. The hero can be painted with a terrible expression on his face. Beard, nose and eyes are the face of the hero.

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