How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily

How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily

Maslenitsa is a favorite holiday for all peoplewires of a long and cold winter. Even in times of paganism, the people cheerfully celebrated the meeting of spring. Orthodoxy has slightly changed the meaning of the holiday, timed it to the beginning of Lent. How to draw a Maslenitsa easily, but it's beautiful? Be sure to consider the plot of the picture and do not forget about the brightest images of this day!

How to draw a stuffed pancake week?

The main symbol of the spring festival is a scarecrow made of straw, which is burned at the stake at the end of the festivities. Most often, the scarecrow is portrayed as a woman with a round head in smart clothes.

In order to draw the Carnival Pencil(by the way, this is not only a holiday, but also a scarecrow itself), take a blank sheet of paper, an eraser and a pencil. Start the sketch from the outline of the post. It should have a crossbeam for the hands of a scarecrow. Immediately sketch the oval of the head. Outline the general outline of clothing and a headdress of a scarecrow (preferably, if it's a handkerchief). Clothing stuffed should be worn, do not need to draw it new and attractive. Draw in detail the outfit of a scarecrow, very well, if you use folk motifs at the same time. Add to the alongside a few patches and holes on the skirt of Maslenitsa. Now it's time to show that the scarecrow is made of straw. Draw its foundation: head, arms and to draw a carnival pencil step by step

How to draw pancakes?

The question is, how to draw a carnival pencilin stages, worries many people, and especially parents whose children received such a task in school. No one can imagine this day without pancakes, but how to draw them with a pencil? Pancakes are a traditional dish of Russian cuisine, and they are eaten during the Shrovetide week for a reason!how to draw carnival pencilThe fact is that they are a symbol of the sun,warmth and home comfort. If you want the pancake stack you painted to look natural, then pay attention to the play of light and shadow. How to draw carnival and pancakes correctly? First, draw a rectangle on the sheet. Now schedule the top pancake. It should not be perfectly round and even. Then proceed to draw the pancakes in the pile, they should not be flat and straight. Each pancake is individual. Lastly, detail the picture with a drop of honey or jam and draw shadows.

How to draw a carnival pencil in stages: we draw a fire

At the end of the festivities, the stuffed Shrovetide is sure toburned, so the figure should be a fire. You can picture a burning scarecrow or a stand-alone bonfire as another symbol of the holiday. How to draw a Shrovetide in stages? Fire a novice artist will be more convenient to draw gradually. Mark the main flames in wavy draw a carnival in pencilDo not forget about the play of light and shadow - one sideA fire must be darker than the second. Hold the pencil under a slight slope and apply them a dense strokes. Then add the main flames to the main ones. Each of them on top of the circle sharpened pencil. If you want, draw firewood under the fire.

How to draw the sun?

In the Shrovetide picture the sun occupies an important place. Draw it not as usual, but using folk motifs. The sun can take the form of flame tongues or resemble pancakes. Often the sun on Shrove Tuesday is depicted as a spiral or several circles alternately inscribed into each other.How to draw a carnival in stagesDo not forget to paint your sun with rays. They should resemble splashes of oil for frying pancakes or flames. If you want to colorize your drawing, then use for the sun a variety of shades of red, yellow and orange.

How to portray folk festivals?

Do you know how to draw a pancake with a pencil? Do not despair, in fact it is not so difficult! It is not necessary to think through a complicated picture in the compositional and plot plan, it will be enough to have a simple plot with the obligatory symbols of the winter wires. For the basis of the picture, take a simple winter landscape. Put a scarecrow in the center of the picture, let a bonfire burn nearby, and in the sky - a shroud of sunshine. Draw on your picture several joyful people who carry pancakes and poles with flying ribbons.

how to draw carnival

You can also depict active games, such astug of war, climbing the post for the gift and so on. If you want to depict a still-life, put a plate of pancakes and a samovar in the center. On the side draw cups, small rolls, sweets and so on.

How to draw a carnival with children?

The youngest children also like carnival andpancakes, but they are not yet able to draw a full-fledged drawing. How can they help? A patient parent can create a very beautiful drawing with her child. How can this be organized?

  • The parent draws a large yellow pancake on a piece of paper, and the child decorates it with berries with the help of fingers and scarlet paint. A more adult child can use a brush.
  • The parent draws a yellow sun on the paper, and the child complements it with bright and cheerful rays that warm the earth.
  • Older children can be invited to present their impressions of the past holiday and folk festivals on paper on their own.

This article describes in detail howto draw the Carnival. You can do it with a pencil, or you can take a paint. Color drawing will best convey the joyful and warm atmosphere of this day. Use warm colors, but slightly dilute them with cool shades, because contrast is also necessary.

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  • How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily How to draw Shrovetide quickly and easily