How to equip the nursery

How to equip the nursery?

For preschool girls

Room for the little ones with a bed and large lettersThe appearance of a child in the family is a big event. To him begin to prepare in advance.

The room is designed in the appropriate style, special children's furniture and other trifles are purchased, which are simply necessary for the care of the baby.

But here the first years of a child’s life are left behind, critical 3 years come.

During this period, experts recommend to allocate a separate room for the baby, where he can play, learn, and begin his first steps of independent living.

If you choose the design of a child's room for a girl or a boy, then first of all you should be engaged in the selection of colors.

For little princesses, pink and purple hues and their shades are most often chosen. For a boy, parents prefer to decorate a room in blue and blue.

However, remember that there is a wide variety of colors that are perfect for a child of any gender.

The main thing here is to give preference to pastel tones.The room for the baby of three years should be comfortable and not too bright.

Wallpaper for the nursery is also worth choosing with small patterns and without major accents. This is explained by the fact that too bright colors will have an exciting effect on the girl's psyche, which will prevent you from putting your child on time.

Too big pictures can scare a girl or a boy and cause fear.

Also the children's room for the girl should be zoned. Let the baby know that there is a special place for games, a zone for sleeping and relaxing, a place for clothes and things.

It is desirable that each zone had a separate lighting. An essential element should be a nightlight, which should be located near the crib.

Furniture should be selected according to the height and age of the baby. At the age of 3, you will already need a table at which the girl will draw, sculpt from clay, decorate and do other useful things.

Bright children's room with mykimausy on the wallAt this age, the ceiling in the room for a girl or a boy should be chosen neutral.

Best of all, if you paint it white or order a hinged canvas.

Admire the ceiling at this age, the child will not.But the bright colors will make the room more visually.

For the playing area, you can choose self-adhesive stickers or pictures on the whole wall.They can depict the landscape, animals or favorite cartoon characters.

On the floor you can put a laminate of light colors. This material is the perfect flooring solution for a child's room.

A more expensive option could be a carpet of natural fibers. If this does not suit you, then stop on a small rug.

It can be put in the play area, where the baby will spend a lot of time on the floor.

To arrange a children's room for a girl or boy, choose only environmentally friendly finishing materials that can not harm the child.

When designing a room for a child, it is very important to create a functional and beautiful design, which, first of all, should please the child himself.

For schoolgirl

Room with a big castle in the wall and toysChoosing the design of a children's room for a girl of six years and older, one should already take into account her wishes and preferences.

At this age, the baby herself can indicate the colors that she likes, and in which she would like to see the design of her room.

At the same time, one should not forget about functionality. After all, now in the life of a girl there is a school, which means that furniture and other things should be chosen on the basis of this.

So, the children will definitely not be able to do without a desk and small lockers, where the little schoolgirl will be able to fold notebooks, pens, textbooks and other accessories.

Here you should also zone the room. The bed must be placed in the far corner so that the baby can rest.

But the table is better placed at the window. This will give additional light to artificial lighting. Choosing design and furniture for the play area, be guided by the interests of the girl.

If garages and racing tracks are suitable for the boy, which should be placed compactly in the room, then the girl will most likely be delighted with the dollhouse, a table for tea drinking and the like.

Be sure to provide furniture that will be able to settle girlfriends. They will surely come to play with your daughter.

If you decide to choose a design and wallpaper for the children's room, in which the girl lives from 10 years and older, then you should do this with her.

Color room with a large bed and a princess on the wallIndeed, at this age begins active productionhormones, and the nature of your cute princess will begin to deteriorate.

She wants to show their independence and independence. You should not interfere with her in this, and if possible help.

So, choosing a design, offer her several ready-made options so that she chooses the one that she likes best.

When a girl nominates her own conditions, consider the possibility of fulfilling at least some of them. However, you should not go completely on her occasion, try to reach a compromise solution.

Choose furniture so that it is not only beautiful, but also comfortable. On the chair, the girl should be comfortable to sit on the bed - to sleep comfortably, and the shelves in the closet should be suitable for height.

Try not to conflict, but to find a solution acceptable to both parties. Do not forget about safety and convenience.

If necessary, explain to the girl why it will not come out to realize one or another of her ideas.

And then the process of choosing the design of the interior of the children's room will be a pleasant pastime, not a family disaster.

For a teenager

Decorated room with a bed, table, large closet and postersAt age 14 and older, the girl is completely immersed in her hobbies, so they can greatly influence the design and design of her room.

It is not surprising that at this age she will want to change something in her territory.And the task of parents is to help her in this.

First of all, the room of a teenager should imply a large space.

Your daughter may be addicted to music or dancing, but even if she sits for the Internet all day long, she still needs a lot of space.

Especially for parties and meetings with friends who probably want to come to visit her.

With the expectation of this should be selected and furniture. It must be functional, safe and withstand any additional stress.

In order not to force the room, choose furniture that is mobile and compact. For example, a folding sofa or a small bed would be a great solution.

It is better to coordinate the final choice with the daughter so that no one will be offended later.

Choosing a style, you can dwell on modern hi-tech and minimalism, and a classic will do. But if your daughter has artistic talent, then she will most likely want to think out and furnish everything herself.

Do not prohibit her. Maybe she is a future interior designer?

If the room in which your child lives is small, then you should not put a large closet in it.It is better to take it to the corridor to save more free space.

For the most necessary, you can install racks, shelves, small lockers. Be sure to consider where the friends who came to visit her will be located.

For them, you can provide folding chairs, colored large pillows or small ottomans. In the room for the boy, they are unlikely to look harmonious, but for the girl they will fit perfectly.

Without what the children's room for a teenager will not do?

Children's room with a sofa, a bed and a table in pink and white colorsWhat furniture should be put there:

  • folding sofa or bed for sleeping;
  • small closet or shelves for things;
  • a mirror (at least half the height, and better at full height);
  • desk for computer and writing;
  • soft padded stools, pillows;
  • lamps on the wall and table lamp;
  • sound system and TV for entertainment.

Choose a room design for a girl or a boy so that the interests of the child and your abilities are taken into account.

Having learned to find compromise solutions and supporting the ideas of the child, you will be able to earn trust. And this is the key to a good relationship in the future.

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  • How to equip the nursery

    How to equip the nursery

    How to equip the nursery

    How to equip the nursery

    How to equip the nursery

    How to equip the nursery

    How to equip the nursery

    How to equip the nursery

    How to equip the nursery

    How to equip the nursery

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