How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction

How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction

Despite its hopeless obsolescence,the operating system Windows XP is still very popular among users, due to the ease of working with it and quite high stability. In some ratings, it is even ahead of the "seven". Next, we consider the question of how to install Windows XP from a disk and perform the initial setup of the system. It is believed that the installation of this particular modification should not be caused by special difficulties, but in reality it is necessary to pay attention to some important nuances, without understanding which the installation of the system may fail.

Create the Windows XP installation disk

At the first stage we will proceed from the fact thatThe user does not have the original installation disk. Windows XP can be booted as an image from the official Microsoft website or from another (necessarily trusted) source.

At the same time, we should immediately pay attention to thethe contents of the downloaded distribution. Download is recommended only the one in which there are initially the second and third service packs, then to not engage in their manual installation.

how to install windows xp from disk

To record an image on an optical mediumis. To do this, you can use many programs to work with images (for example, UltraISO or Nero Burning ROM). If you want to create a multiboot disc of Windows XP, it's best to use a tiny utility called WindowsSetupFromUSB, but already to burn the distribution to a USB flash drive.

BIOS Preliminary Settings

So, we assume that the installation distrorecorded by. Now you need to make it so that you can boot from it. To do this, you must use the settings of the primary BIOS input / output system. Usually on stationary computers, the input is done by pressing the Del key, but other keys (F1, F12) or their combinations can be used in different notebook models.

antivirus for window xp

For an optical disc to be recognized asboot, you need to find a partition with a name like Boot, Boot Priority, Boot Sequence and the first in the list of boot devices by pressing the PgUp / PgDown key to install the optical drive (CD / DVD-ROM).

Start the installation

After all the preparatoryYou can proceed to solving the problem of how to install Windows XP from the disk directly. After turning on the computer and starting from the removable device, a black screen appears with a prompt for any key to boot from the disk. Keep in mind that you will have only five seconds to make a decision. Otherwise, it will boot from the next device (usually a hard drive), provided that it has a bootloader installed or even damaged by the OS.

installation disk windows xp

Next, the pre-load screen appears.the basic components of the installation and the line below with the proposal to install additional drivers for SCSI and RAID. In most cases, this is not necessary, however, if the computer has several hard disks that are connected to the same RAID array, the installation must be applied. But it will be based on the fact that the user has one hard drive.

Selecting a Partition and Formatting

At the next stage there will be a welcome screen with a choice of actions:

  • immediate installation of the system;
  • restoration of the damaged system through the console;
  • refusal to install.

windows xp errors

Select the first item by pressing the enter key. Next, we agree with the license agreement and press F8 to continue the installation (prompts will appear at each stage of the installation).

After that, the previously installed copies will be scanned, after which it will be necessary to make a choice in favor of installing the new system (Esc).

Now in the question of how to install Windows XPfrom the disk, the most important thing begins. The first step is to determine the system partition and its size. In case of installation on a new hard drive, which did not have logical partitions, an unallocated area (full volume) will be displayed.

multi-boot windows windows xp

It is undesirable to take away all space undersystem partition (this can later play a cruel joke). It is better to break the disc immediately by pressing the C key and specifying the required volume in MB (for the system, you can allocate 40-60 GB, but not less than 20 GB). Immediately pay attention to the moment that for the normal functioning of Windows XP in the system section should always remain free of the order of 10-15% of its size and after the installation of the OS, and after the installation of user programs. After you return to the Partition creation screen, you will be able to start formatting (but more on this later).

tuning windows xp

If the hard drive has already been broken, and it hasthe old system, the user will be shown all available sections. If necessary, all partitions can be deleted (when the section is selected, the D key is pressed). If the structure of the user's disk suits, just select the desired partition in which the system was installed earlier, and proceed to formatting.

In the case of new hard disks, you can immediatelychoose fast formatting in NTFS. If the operation is applied to an existing section, several options will be offered. It is best to perform a full format in NTFS. But to save the data, you can leave the file system unchanged. Most likely, further will be issued a warning that the Windows system directory already exists, with the suggestion of wiping the current copy or selecting a new folder. Here - at will (still the Windows XP folder of the old version, if one previously existed, will be saved).

Now it remains to wait until the files have been copied, after which a reboot will occur and the installation of the system will start in normal graphic mode.

Setting the initial parameters

At the next stages in the question of howinstall Windows XP from the disk, the user's actions are fairly simple. When rebooting, you need to remove the optical media from the drive, otherwise you will receive the pre-launch screen again.

download windows xp

After the start of the installer, the language is selected andregion (usually you do not need to change anything if you have a Russian copy of the system), then, if necessary, the user name and organization name (if desired) are entered, then the product key is entered (without it the installation will not continue). Working keys, by and large, can easily be found on the Internet.

The next step is to write the namecomputer and specify the administrator password (this can be done later). Next, you configure the date and time (usually you do not need to change anything), and in the end you may see a screen with the choice of network card settings. Feel free to choose "Normal settings" and indicate that the computer is not participating in the network (the group and the domain should be chosen at the end of the installation).

Installation Complete

Now only the installation of the system will begin anddevice drivers. When finished, several additional windows may appear. For example, the system will ask for consent for setting the optimal screen resolution. We need to agree with this.

Then the welcome blue screen starts, inwhich most actions can be skipped (for example, defer protection, check Internet connection and register with Microsoft). Finally, it remains to enter the names of the accounts that will be registered in the system. You can enter only your data, after which you will be notified of the completion of the installation.

folders windows xp

Pressing the "Finish" button will result in the"Desktop" with all the familiar picture. At this point, the installation can be considered complete (if the service packs were present in the distribution, they will be installed automatically, otherwise they must be installed independently).

Typical installation errors

Not often, of course, but you can also meet errorsWindows XP, moreover, it is during the installation of the system. The most common phenomenon is BSoD (blue screen). Installation is not possible due to the incorrectly installed SATA controller mode for the hard disk.

how to install windows xp from disk

In this case, it is recommended to change it in the BIOS settings, setting the IDE or Compatibility.

If a message appears that the BIOS firmware does not match, you must disable the ACPI mode during the installation.

It is possible that the disc itself is damaged or scratched. Just record the distribution on another media and try to install the system again.

Initial Configuration of Windows XP

Initially, the system in special settings is usually notneeds. But to reduce the load on computer resources, it is desirable to disable some background services, activated by default and starting with the system.

In the Run console (Win + R), enter the commandaccess the system configuration msconfig, go to the Startup tab and disable everything that is there, leaving only the process ctfmon, which is responsible for displaying the language in the tray and changing keyboard layouts.

Additional software required

Then be sure to install the security software,because in the "ekspishke" protection is almost none. Antivirus for Window XP is quite diverse and there are no problems with the installation. However, proceeding from the fact that this version of the system is usually used on relatively low-power machines, it is not necessary to install heavy-weight packages like software products of Kaspersky Lab. It is better to limit yourself to some light version (Avira, Panda Cloud, etc.).

However, if the antivirus for Window XPsee from the point of view of providing maximum protection, you can use the NOD32 or Smart Security packages from ESET. True, they will have to be activated monthly using special keys that are freely distributed on the Internet.

Finally, it will remain to install the archiver, a set of codecs, a flash player for the browser, an office suite and some other applications that the user may need in the process of work.

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  • How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction How to install Windows XP from a disk: Instruction