How to paint with henna hair

How to paint with henna hair?

Henna is a natural colorant and is used forcoloring and strengthening hair. In addition, henna can perform tattoos. In this article, it's about how to color your hair with henna. Before coloring, the hair should be washed and dried.

Breeding henna

To henna powder, stirring, add a very hotwater until a consistency similar to thick sour cream. One pack of henna (25 grams) is enough for coloring the hair of medium length and density. The mixture is recommended to insist 5-10 minutes, placing a bowl with a solution in a container with hot water. It is important to have a hot henna solution.

Hair coloring

How to properly color the hair with henna? To do this, it is necessary to act quickly, since in this process the temperature is an essential factor for successful staining. To apply the composition you will need a brush and a comb. Separate strands along the partitions not more than one and a half centimeters wide for uniform coloring.

The procedure for applying the mixture to the hair: first apply to the roots of the hair throughout the head, and only then to the rest of the hair.

Begin with the top of the head or the occipital parthead, and the area along the line of hair growth at the forehead, temples and behind the ears is better to paint in the last turn, because they are thinner and lighter, which means they are painted more quickly and intensively.

As the hair grows enough to paint only the roots of hair, if there is no need to "refresh" the color.

After applying the solution of henna to the hair, put onhead a plastic cap or a sachet, and on top warm it with a handkerchief or a towel. That the paint has not flowed and has not painted a skin, it is possible to put napkins under edges or territories.

Aging composition on hair

The coloring time depends on the quality of the henna, the structure and the initial color of the hair. Light and thin hair dye faster:

  • 2-3 minutes - a golden hue;
  • 5-6 minutes - light-red color;
  • 15 minutes - bright red color;
  • 40 minutes - fiery red, red.

Dark hair is stained with henna for at least an hour.

How to color henna black hair:

  1. maximize the time of contact of hair with the coloring composition - from one and a half hours or more;
  2. first lighten the hair, and then paint them with henna.

Keep in mind that lightening seriously damages and weakens hair. But the effect of henna, regardless of the time of contact, will always positively affect the health of hair and scalp.

Typically, the time of staining is determined individually directly in practice.


Rinse the stain with warm water. Use the comb to comb the grains. To wash hair with shampoo this time it is not necessary any more. But you can use a balm-rinse.

Colorless Henna

On sale there is a product called "Colorlesshenna. "It is made from the same plant, but does not contain a pigment pigment, but nevertheless preserves the healing effect of henna - the densification of the hair structure.

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