How to prepare a room for a newborn

How to prepare a room for a newborn?

When creating a room for a newborn, you need to take into account many things. About all the subtleties of interior design for a nursery and equipment for a newborn baby's sleeping room later in this article.

What should I look for when creating an interior?

Rooms for newborns must belight colors. It is preferable to choose soft pastel shades, and as accents, you can add any bright details: bright pictures and applications on the walls, cushions for the chair or bright rattles over the crib. Many designers recommend using at least 3 color accents in the child's bedroom.

Do not forget about the functionality of the room. It should be comfortable for both the kid and the parents. Try to avoid unnecessary details, so that the space in the room should not be cluttered, because you'll have to clean it up almost daily.

Choosing furniture in a room for a newborn

Do not immediately overload the baby's room, infuture you will gradually complement the interior of the nursery. In the meantime, choose only what your child needs in a tender infant age. The mandatory components will be:

  • Cot
  • Baby changing table
  • Cabinet or chest of drawers for clothes and baby diapers
  • An armchair, a sofa or a chair on which the mother can feed the baby

When choosing a crib for a child, consider that sheshould be comfortable for the child, made of high-quality natural materials that do not cause allergies and which can be washed. The best choice will be models made of wood (not DSP!).

The changing table is an important itemfurniture for newborns, it should be spacious and comfortable. Optimum, if it will have several built-in lockers for storing diapers, napkins, creams, massage oils, etc.

Pay attention to a few tips given by specialists:

- The bed for the newborn should be placed away from the window and drafts.

- On windows it is recommended to hang tight curtains, which will easily move along the cornice.

- Choose a comfortable furniture, better to grow.

- Try to avoid wool and plush in the room, tk. they collect dust well.

What should be in the crib for the newborn?

The mandatory components of the crib for newborns are:

  • Mattress
  • Waterproof mattress pad
  • A sheet on an elastic band
  • A blanket

A mattress for a newborn should be as rigid as possible. the spine of the child is absolutely even, without bends. It is very important that he is in the right position.

Optimum will give preference to springlessmodels of mattresses based on coconut coir, pressed flax or their synthetic analogs - bicocos, strutto. These fillers are elastic enough, hypoallergenic and will not harm children's health.

An important acquisition will be a children's waterproofmattress cover. It will protect the child's sleeping place from dust, moisture and contaminants. In addition, it is simple enough to wash, and the child's sleeping place will again become clean.

Why choose a sheet on an elastic band, and notnormal model? Such sheets do not crumple and do not move, they do not have to be constantly corrected, and the sleeping surface of the baby's crib will always be smooth and comfortable.

The blanket for the newborn will need two - for the warm and cold season. But with which to start shopping, it is necessary to determine depending on the time of the year in which the child will be born:

  • If it's April-August, the best option would be single-layer models of baize or fleece.
  • If the baby is expected in the cold, then a warm blanket of fluff, cotton or wool will do.

All other items: pillows, canopies, bows on the bed, all kinds of toys, etc. - Optional. They are purchased at the request of parents or on the advice of specialists.

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