How to treat a dogs hair

How to treat a dog's hair?

Virtually all owners of four-legged friendsfaced with such trouble, as deprive. It is an infectious disease and has the ability to take a long form, if the treatment of the animal is not timely provided. In some cases, it can even take on a chronic form, and so that this does not happen, it is worth knowing how to treat a dog's lichen and in time to take all necessary measures.

Before starting treatment, you need to do the following:

  1. Cut out the wool in the area depriving.
  2. Treat the affected area with clean water.
  3. Lubricate the affected area with iodine.

Only after these actions can you startapplication of antifungal ointments and creams. These drugs are extremely harmful and should not be taken by the animal inside, so make sure that the animal does not lick the diseased areas. On them it is better to impose special bandages to close the affected areas.

Methods of treatment

Currently, there are manydrugs that in a short time will allow you to save the animal from this infection. In the fight against hair loss, antifungal drugs of active action are widely used, they will make it possible to get rid of the pathogen in a short time. Most fungi that cause lichen are sensitive to iodine, so the drugs that contain this substance are the most effective: Dermatol, Griseofulvin and Yuglon.

  • With a light form and only appeared deprive canhelp the usual antiseptic ointment. Affected area should be lubricated twice a day with Zoomycol, Miconazole or Clotrimazole. This treatment can be quite enough for your dog.
  • When an advanced or chronic stage, the animal may need antibiotics. What exactly will suit in a particular case, can be determined only by a qualified specialist (veterinarian).

Important points in treatment

  • During treatment, the animal must be given vitamins, so that the immune system is stronger and the body is able to cope faster and easier with the disease.
  • When treating deprivation, it is important to observe hygiene andWash hands thoroughly with a disinfectant solution after each contact with the infected animal. Remember that lichen is very contagious and can appear not only on the animal, but also on the person. During the treatment period, anyone who comes into contact with a sick animal is advised to take antifungal medications and vitamins for prevention in order to protect themselves from infection.
  • If you notice that your dog is deprived, it is betterall turn to the veterinary clinic. There, a qualified specialist will examine your animal and explain what to do if you deprive the dog of a dog, than to treat this disease.


Secure the animal from depriving it by vaccination. At present, Vakderm, Mentawak and Polivac-TM are used for this purpose.

More information about this infectious disease and various others you can find in the article How to treat a dog.

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