I wonder why a man cries

I wonder why a man cries?

For many people crying is a natural thing. Since our birth, we have been able to weep in the voice. So, according to experts, the process of natural selection manifests itself. For a crying child the mother simply can not help but pay attention. The ability to shed tears manifests itself in children aged 4-6 weeks, that is, the person crying learns before laughing. At the same time, we are the only beings capable of making a tear consciously. For animals this is a purely reflex process. Why does a person cry?why does a man cry

Nature has provided us with tear ducts forIn order to quickly and reliably clean the surface of the eye from dirt, noise or pain. Therefore, before figuring out why people are crying for no reason, it is better to clarify whether a speck in the eye has hit them - sometimes this is sufficient reason for stormy tears. But this concerns completely animal instincts - almost all warm-blooded creatures can cry to clear their eyes.

The exact answer to the question why a personcrying, from the point of view of psychophysiological expediency, science can not yet give. Biochemist V. Frey conducted research, during which he revealed the relationship between the "stressfulness" of tears and the amount of protein in their composition. It turned out that the more crying a man was suffering from stress, the more protein was contained in his tear fluid. Why this mechanism was conceived by nature, the scientist found it difficult to answer, but suggested that with tears the body displays some undesirable substances generated by stress.why people cry without a reason

But for certain it is known, why the person cries, withpoint of view of psychology - tears are the most effective way to relieve the increased tension and get rid of traumatic factors. Therefore, by the way, women are more often than not tearful, as creatures with a more flexible and sensitive nervous system. By the way, according to the research of Dutch scientists, the greatest love for the "wet cause" is distinguished by the fair sex of Chile - they cry more often than other women of the globe. They are followed by American women, Turkish women and the Dutch themselves. And of the men, the leaders of the tears are the representatives of the American nation, but the Chinese do not cry at all.

Another assumption about why a personcrying, the Israelis shared. According to the scientists there, tears signal to the environment that the psychological and physical protection of a person is not currently included in full force, which means that it is vulnerable. And what if the person cries? That's right, protect him. In favor of this theory is the fact that when a child is crying from his parents and just adults, a reflex desire to protect and protect him from all the bad works.what to do if a person cries

Well, in general, whatever the reason for the tears,the most important is that they are indispensable helpers of the body to cleanse of excess, whether it is a simple mote in the eye or a whole heap of oppressive problems. So it's not at all shameful to cry, because in this way you simply get rid of the unnecessary in your body - physical or spiritual.

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