Is it possible to change fate

Is it possible to change fate?

Is it possible to change fate?

  1. Slightly - you can.
    But cool - you can not.
    Fate is the god you bring from your previous lives.
  2. Can. But for this you need to turn to an experienced astrologer. From will prompt, that it is necessary to do.
  3. every second changes your destiny! any thought can be a solution and it will affect ....
  4. In fact, everything is predetermined or not?
    This was thought about by generations after generations living on the earth, trying to understand whether it is possible to change destiny.

    By the date of birth, a person can see a lot, especially when there are warning signs.
    So, somehow it is possible and necessary.
    But how?
    There are the so-called Akashic Chronicles, which are thousands of years old, and in them it is written that the Earth's information field,
    which envelops the earth, stores all information about the living, formerly living and those who will come to live in the future on the ground.
    There is no past, present, future - there is no time factor.
    There are simply ready-made casts of events, defined for each person.
    Only the molds of the events themselves, but there are no clearly arranged in advance.
    That's what a man does,
    such an event and lined up.
    It turns out, there are vital preparations of fate.
    And you can determine, calculate by date of birth - a character,
    signs of fate, what kind of relationship will be with that or with another person.
    and possible events, to a greater extent, identified not as events themselves,
    but as the possibility of such a course of events.
    Which can happen to such a person.

    And exactly how a person will act in his life, what type of relationship he will choose for himself - so fate will be built.
    Specialists are palmists,
    Reading the signs of fate along the lines of the palm, they constantly say that
    signs often change on lines, and can simply disappear if a person is warned of danger or
    I tried to protect myself somehow, -
    and soon, and disappears and a sign of danger in the palm of your hand!
    Interesting information confirming that much in life can be changed.
    And there is much to avoid.
    Astrologers in difficult circumstances often advise to "knock down a degree" - go as far as possible from the place where everything went wrong,
    this, how to bring down the "bad settings" of fate.
    There are cases when you just need to leave as far as possible from such and such a place. ;
    And very much everything was then equalized by these people.
    For example, one elderly man who was diagnosed with a very sad diagnosis was already dying,
    he had to know with whom it was better to leave the dog, to whom to give the dog. He had no children,
    his wife died two years before he fell ill himself.

    But in his birth date there was an indication that he must live very far from his birthplace.
    I advised him to do so.
    He went to far away lands in some remote village. Two years later I wrote a letter.
    He said that he was alive, he was healthy, all the signs of his illness were gone, the disease had receded and the doctors there now believe that,
    that there was a mistake in the diagnosis.

    In fact, doctors once did their job correctly, it's just another area of ​​knowledge.
    But such movements in life help precisely when there is a warning sign,
    do this way.
    It turns out, in general, a lot depends on the person himself.
    What will it choose for itself, which way of development and communication, how will it begin to live?
    Because in destiny there are two ways of development of events - it is possible to pass on the top edge of development of events -
    filled with spiritual work,
    but it is possible by the very bottom - purely material.
    From this, too much depends on the fate of each person, too, the circumstances change.
    In general, I think, we must strive to change our destiny for the better.
    Because it is possible.

  5. The fate of the word court. The fate of man from the Lord. You choose, because what a person sows, then reap. Everyone will be satisfied with his ways.

    Many people do not have the protection of the One True God and the knowledge of His Name.
    There is a Lord in heaven. And He absolutely does not like the one who deals with horoscopes, magic, fortune-telling and similar things.
    Moreover: these deeds are disgusting to Him and disgusting. A person deprives himself of the part of being with God, if he is involved in these matters.
    Addressing these murky sources does not make a person happy, but rather destroys true happiness.
    People seek to legitimize any of their actions, and to hear words that would
    caressed the hearing (flattery). But the true test of truth is the Word of God.
    With God it's good, quiet and safe. Happy is he who chose His protection.

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  • Is it possible to change fate Is it possible to change fate Is it possible to change fate Is it possible to change fate Is it possible to change fate Is it possible to change fate Is it possible to change fate Is it possible to change fate Is it possible to change fate Is it possible to change fate