Lets open a dream book: games of chance and sports

Let's open a dream book: games of chance and sports

What is a game? Judging by the well-known expression, this is our whole life. We start playing earlier than walking. Then, when we grow up, there are new, more and more adult games. And they never leave us. Some like gambling, other sports games, the third "cut into shooting" in front of the computer screen. But these entertainments haunt us not only when we are awake. During sleep, many also can not play enough. To find out what these dreams mean, one must look into the dream book. Games there take up a lot of space.

Famous psychiatrist and psychologist Sigismund Freud inhis dream book paid attention to these studies. Judging by its interpretation, all the games: in maps, on musical instruments, mobile and table, participation in theatrical productions - have one explanation. That is, if a person does such acts, then he or his relatives seek self-gratification.

But it is not all that bad. Such an interpretation of gaming dreams is only in Freud. There is, for example, a modern dream book. Games there are interpreted quite differently. If you believe this dream book, then gambling in a dream will not lead to anything good. If you participate in such gambling during sleep, it means that you will communicate with vulgar and deceitful people. And if you have been deceived, it foretells the beginning of some risky business for you, which, moreover, will fail through your own fault. It is possible in a dream just to play the game. A dream interpreter in this case predicts entertainment for you. And if this dream is dreaming of a pregnant woman, it means that her future child will not be very calm and will bring her a lot of trouble. A young woman who played during sleep, most likely, will be disappointed in her beloved. And the one who sees how children play, perhaps, will lay on his shoulders the responsibility for relatives or close people.

Some interpretations of dreams are commensurate with the realthe meanings of concrete things. These include card games. Take at least an isoteric dream book. To play cards, on it, means - to make debts with which it will be difficult to pay off. And if you take the interpretation of such a dream from the dream book of Schiller-Shkolnik, then card games will lead to troubles, losses and quarrels with friends. A modern dream card dream game dreams as a possible deception. In general, everything is like in real life.

Sport also takes a lot of place in our dreams. Various sports games have their own original interpretation. For example, a game of badminton will bring to life an acquaintance with a person who will become a source of great trouble. There is still such a sport as baseball. To play it during sleep is to get a warning that you should not start a new business, because all your efforts will be useless and will not bring a positive result. And for women, the game of baseball portends a failure on the love front. All her efforts to seduce a man he likes will be wasted.

A good sign is a game of basketball. If you play it in a dream, then in real life you will have fun and a holiday. And competitions in biathlon mean that your attitude to life's problems is too calm. This can lead to a lot of trouble. It may also be a dream that you lost such competitions. It speaks of your insecurity. You often try to be safe, and this only brings harm.

Billiards is a theme that is also covered by the dream book. Games in it or even watching them are a warning. Seen a dream with a game of billiards waiting for quarrels, big troubles or even clarifying the relationship with the enemy stronger than he. And if you dream only a pool table or balls that are not in the game, then take a look at the people around you. There are a lot of intrigues and gossip around you. There are many more different kinds of sports and other types of games that people often see. They all mean something, especially for those who believe in such interpretations.

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  • Lets open a dream book: games of chance and sports Lets open a dream book: games of chance and sports Lets open a dream book: games of chance and sports Lets open a dream book: games of chance and sports Lets open a dream book: games of chance and sports Lets open a dream book: games of chance and sports Lets open a dream book: games of chance and sports Lets open a dream book: games of chance and sports