Make-up under a blue dress: basic details

Make-up under a blue dress: basic details

The dress of heavenly color is in any collectionfamous fashion designers, and it is relevant at any time of the year. Blue, azure attire gives a feeling of lightness, airiness. But many girls, choosing a color palette, create an image of snow queens. But this is an unoriginal and one-sided view of style selection. With the skillful selection of shades of cosmetics can create a more gentle and romantic images. Correctly selected makeup under a blue dress will create an organic image.

Basic principles

It's important to follow the basic rules of applying makeup to the blue outfit, because if you ignore them, it's unlikely to make an image ideal.

  1. Ideally suited technique is "ice-cream ice". This make-up under the blue dress can be made both in the traditional black and white version, and in brown-beige tones. A warm gamma advantageously emphasizes the contrast between the color of the attire and the makeup of the eyes.
  2. The blue tint pale the skin, so it is important to take into account this feature. Do not forget about the gentle pink blush and tonal basis, which will be darker than the natural shade of the skin for 1-2 tones.
  3. When choosing a lipstick, you should pay attention to pale shades of pink or orange.make-up under a blue dress

The main mistakes in makeup

In makeup under a blue dress, there are common mistakes that many girls allow.

  1. Heavy make-up - lipstick applied to severallayers and covered with extra glitter, extended eyelashes, solid shadows applied to the entire surface of the century. Makeup under a blue dress should be light and airy.
  2. Dark colors. Black shadows and brown lipstick are suitable only for Halloween. If you are going to another event, you should choose gentle shades.
  3. Use only a warm color scheme. Golden shadows, beige rouge, orange lipstick - an unfortunate decision. Despite the fact that this palette approaches the heavenly side, its excessive use can spoil the image.

The combination of blue shadows and dresses: yes or no

Despite the fact that the use in make-up anddress the same range is not recommended, there are exceptions to the rules. Is it possible to perform makeup under a blue dress in the same color scheme? Makeup artists answer that, choosing shadows, you need to focus on the shade of the attire.

Do not paint with shades of blue-blue paletteowners of blue, blue and gray eyes. Because you will look like one spot, and your eyes will look watery. Also, you can not use only blue shadows: they need to be combined with other colors. Best of all golden or under a blue dress photo

How to paint blonde girls

Makeup under a blue dress for blondes shouldbe executed in a gentle and romantic style. Do not try to create a bold and extravagant image. After all, the sky-blue dress emphasizes the fragility of fair-haired girls.

For blondes you can choose light and darkshades of pearl and matte. On the lips it is necessary to apply gloss or lipstick of pink or beige color. If a blond girl has very light skin, it is recommended to apply terracotta, coffee shades. Tone should be selected a little darker than the natural shade of the skin of the face.make-up under a blue dress for blondes

Blondes make-up artists advise to allocate somethingone - eyes or lips. Arrows are drawn only if the dress is saturated color. Instead of a brown carcass, you can apply a blue one - this will be an excellent option for an evening outfit.

How to be beautiful to dark-haired girls

Makeup under a blue dress for brunettes shouldbe bright and saturated. The shadow palette can be from violet to indigo. The same applies to eyeliner, the palette of which can range from soft blue to dark brown and black. If a girl has brown eyes, then it should be applied to the inner corner of the eye with a white tint. To give the view more depth, it is necessary to use several shades of shadows.

Brunettes need to make a correction of complexion. Swarthy girls will use blush, suitable for the color of the skin. Shades of lipstick can be selected more saturated than soft pink. But it's worth to be careful if the girl in the eye makeup uses several shades of shadows.make-up under a blue dress for brunettes

When applying makeup, it is worth considering the color of the eyes. Brown-eyed girls fit gray and brown tones, in which you can add a little cornflower blue. Possessors of green eyes can choose a gray-brown palette, blue, dark lilac, silver shades. To give the image of romance, experts advise to apply peach, beige shades.

Girls with blue eyes should be excludedblue shadows made from make-up under heavenly attire. A warm color scheme will do. Owners of gray eyes are suitable silvery, light blue, light brown shades. You can make the color black. Lipstick can choose a cherry or pink hue.

You can see the makeup options forblue dress pictured. The sky blue dress is very beautiful, elegant and mysterious. Correctly matched makeup will create an image of a real romantic and elegant girl.

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  • Make-up under a blue dress: basic details Make-up under a blue dress: basic details Make-up under a blue dress: basic details Make-up under a blue dress: basic details Make-up under a blue dress: basic details Make-up under a blue dress: basic details Make-up under a blue dress: basic details Make-up under a blue dress: basic details Make-up under a blue dress: basic details Make-up under a blue dress: basic details