Memory impairment

Memory impairment

Memory impairment can be triggereddifferent causes of inorganic and organic origin. The condition assumes various degrees of disturbance - beginning with a not very good ability to remember information and ending with amnesia.

To some extent, memory impairment is characteristic of elderly people, as well as suffering from certain disorders in the functioning of the brain.

The state can also arise against the background of excessiveuse of alcohol. Very often in medical practice there are just such cases. At the same time, worsening of memory concerns only current events, and all actions and information received in the past are remembered by a person perfectly. It should be noted that in this state his behavior does not change, and in the higher functions of the brain minor changes are noted. This pathology is called Korsakov's syndrome. The deterioration of memory of this kind is typical for those who suffer from damage or circulatory disorders in the brain, malignancies, malnutrition.

The development of Korsakov's syndrome entails an inability to memorize new information. At the same time, previously obtained information and knowledge are retained, and their total volume does not decrease.

People who have reached the senior and old age andnot having health problems, are subject to other types of memory impairment. This state is associated with the preservation and retrieval of new data. Changes in the age or senile nature are noted in people between the ages of forty and sixty-five. It should be noted that such violations do not develop further and do not have a significant negative impact on the quality of life. People in old age who do not have any diseases, are able to keep in memory all past and current actions. With age, the state of auditory ability to preserve information deteriorates, while visual and motor are usually not subject to change. The causes of memory impairment in such cases are associated with a disorder of concentration and attention that arose as a result of a decrease in the rate of response to stimuli from the outside.

It is often enough a violation of the ability to preserveinformation relates to cerebral pathologies. In many cases, organic disturbances lead to a deterioration in memorization. In a number of cases, there is a negative effect of drugs on the state of the ability to preserve information. As practice shows, older people are more susceptible to such medicines. After receiving funds, there is a violation in the concentration of attention and brain activity. A memory disorder can be triggered by the use of psychotropic drugs by people in a state of depression.

In medical practice cases are notedtransient states. This phenomenon is called failure in memory. At the same time, a person loses all information for a certain time, but after a certain period, she returns to it again.

Memory impairment. Treatment

Therapeutic measures aimed at eliminating the disorder are selected depending on the cause of its occurrence.

The main condition for getting rid of memory deterioration is proper nutrition. The normal work of brain cells is provided by trace elements (zinc, iron, magnesium), vitamins A, E and B.

Improving the memory state is promoted by fattyacid. They are present in nuts, fish, seeds. In addition, carbohydrates, especially complex ones, are of great importance. They are found in potatoes, nuts, cereals, meat, legumes.

As you know, a lack of iron can lead tothe impairment of the functioning of the molecules transmitting the impulses, as a result of which the state of memory deteriorates. To fill this shortage, it is recommended to eat apples. They are also present and antioxidants that promote the increase of acetylcholine.

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