Methods and methods of managing people

How to manage a person's psychology? Methods and methods of managing people

The famous billionaire John Rockefeller said thatlearn how to manage people is as simple as, for example, buy sugar in the nearest supermarket. Only here such skill at the price is much more expensive than everything that is on light.

In case you are determined to find out howManage the psychology of man, the words of Rockefeller must be imprinted in your memory for the rest of your life. After all, each of us knows that personal growth is possible only in close contact with society. Human psychology is such a thing, which is laid in every individual from the earliest years.

how to manage a person's psychology

Learning to control other people

In order to have power over man andunderstand his psychology, it is not enough to know only his character and how he behaves. The first thing that needs to be done is to learn how to use the acquired knowledge and apply it to a specific person based on the characteristics of the person and his character.

In this article, we will talk about how to manage the psychology of man and how to apply the received knowledge correctly in practice.

Learn the peculiarities of the psyche

In order for a person to go beyond hisconsciousness, psychologists all over the world use methods of human management. In most cases, this is hypnosis. This method has a direct effect on the psyche. After a person enters a constricted state of consciousness, it is easy enough to inspire something, and one can also control his thoughts and behavior.

Of course, the pursuit of selfish endsthrough hypnosis is also prosecuted by law. It is for this reason that professional psychologists use hypnosis only with very great need. For example, if a person is very worried by something, through this method the psychologist will be able to "pull out" the problem from the depth of consciousness.

Managing human psychology first of allbased on the knowledge of this very psychology, as well as on the personality characteristics of the individual. This knowledge will help one person to change the behavior of another with benefit for themselves. In order to know the personal qualities of the person you are interested in, observe his every action and listen to everything he says. After you understand that you have studied it well enough, use the methods of managing people suggested in this article.

management of human psychology

Method one: demand more

This method implies that you mustask a person for much more than you really need. Well, or, for example, ask him to do something unusual for you. Of course, he is unlikely to agree. After a short amount of time you can ask him to do for you what you really need. The psychology of the impact on the person in this case is such that he simply can not refuse you. The thing is that he is ashamed to refuse for the second time, and the second request in comparison with the first one will seem much simpler to him.

Method two: address the interlocutor exclusively by name

This advice gives a world-famous psychologistDale Carnegie. In his opinion, referring to a person by name, you thereby confirm its significance. It is a name for the perception of a person that is pleasant. After all, if a person has it, then it exists or existed once.

Naturally, if you confirm the significanceinterlocutor, in return, get the disposition and respect. Here it is worth saying that this rule must be applied to ranks, ranks, titles and social roles. For example, if you call the same person long enough your best friend, he will sooner or later subconsciously begin to believe that there is friendship between you.

human psychology

Method three: flattery

As we have already said, the management of psychologyman - a thing is quite difficult, even if at first glance it seems that it is quite easy to arrange an interlocutor to yourself. This also applies to this method. Sometimes it seems to us that in order to arrange for a person, you just have to tell him compliments and all sorts of pleasant words. The most important thing here is not to overdo it. After all, if a person realizes that you are talking to him through false compliments, a storm of indignation will arise in his soul. And then about any sympathy and disposition can not be and speeches. The main thing is to understand that this method can be applied far not to everyone and not in any situation.

Managing the person in this way is that you seem to confirm all the hidden thoughts and feelings of your interlocutor.

psychology of human exposure

Method four: reflection

The whole essence of it is that in somethe moment to imitate the person you are interested in. After all, each individual is prone to friendship with someone who is more or less like him. The most interesting thing is that after such a reception the "experimental" will for a certain period of time communicate on a positive note with other people who did not take part in your conversation. Here the psychology of management is based on the same principles as in the case of treatment by name.

Method five: use the weariness of the interlocutor

Of course, if you ask a person about somethingAt the moment when he is tired and wants to rest, he is unlikely to agree to your request. In this case, you need to emphasize all its importance. Believe me, the next day your opponent will certainly fulfill what you asked him for yesterday. The thing is that when we refuse something, we feel discomfort.

 games management of people

Method Six: an uncomplicated request

In order to understand how to manage psychologyFirst of all, as we have already said, it is necessary to learn about him as much as possible. Approach the person of your interest and ask for something quite simple. After a short period of time, ask the same person for something more difficult. This method implies the gradual addiction of a person to the increasing complexity.

Most importantly - do not ask for everything and immediately. Between your requests must pass a lot of time, otherwise you will simply be considered a fugitive.

methods of managing people

Method seven: listen more, talk less

Even if at some point in the conversation youbegin to understand that they completely disagree with the opinion of their interlocutor, do not immediately attack him with your arguments and thoughts. Learn to listen first. After he has finished his speech, tell him that you really appreciate his position, but you have a personal opinion on this matter. After that, your interlocutor will understand that he means something to you, and will try to listen to you, even if he does not adhere to your point of view.

Method eight: we rephrase words

Through this technique, you can easily and simplyestablish contact with almost any person. This method implies that during the conversation you should from time to time pronounce the phrases of your interlocutor, only in other words. This approach will help a person understand himself, and also make sure that you are a real friend and a sympathetic companion.

In conclusion, let us say that it is better than all howManage the psychology of man, they know strong-willed and charismatic personalities. It is they who manage to arrange the interlocutor to themselves and make it so that he will fulfill their request. Such people in the majority do not know refusal.

ways to manage people


Now you have an idea of ​​the managementman and his actions. In this case, the whole secret lies in the psyche of the individual. Separately it is necessary to say that for training your skills you can use the online games "Managing People" as a practice. And as you understand, in order to locate a person to yourself, you do not need to apply such a complex method as hypnosis. Moreover, through the application of these techniques for managing people, one can completely eliminate the feeling of discomfort and "use" that are necessarily present after hypnosis.

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