Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback

Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback

In the West, a phenomenon such as militarythe company is private, quite actively used to solve military and peaceful tasks. Nowadays it is quite obvious that it is time for the CIS countries to think about the introduction of such a legal institution into their practice, as well as to create a regulatory framework through which this important and necessary sphere can be regulated.

It so happened that no military companyprivate can not appear on the territory of the Russian Federation, since all issues of such activities represent an exclusive monopoly and prerogative of our state. However, in fact, many countries in the world annually try to build and develop an international market for providing private services in this environment. Here, we are talking not only about how much a private military company can help in solving any combat tasks, but also about the social aspect of creating regulatory and legal acts in this area.

Why is this necessary?

military private company

First of all, thanks to the appearance of suchorganizations could be eliminated the problem of employment, which is quite common among the former officers of the Russian army, since they have nowhere to go after leaving for the reserve. Such a situation could be solved by any private military company, but because of the reforms carried out by the Ministry of Defense, many professional military men who have devoted the most part of their lives to serving in the armed forces are forced to search for work that may not be associated with their an immediate profession. All this leads to a decrease in the overall level of their income and, consequently, to more frequent attempts at illegal enrichment.

On the other hand, private military companies couldwould help to solve the problem with the departure of a large number of specialists abroad, who have never been able to find employment after retiring, as other countries often feel the need and express an interest in attracting the knowledge and professional skills of such experts. Thus, our countries are losing specialists and money, and these finances are far from being small.

The financial side

The income that any privatemilitary company (PMC) is another weighty argument in favor of the fact that it would be worth adopting the law on their introduction. The country's budget should receive more and more new sources that could replenish the revenue part, while the legal existence of various private structures can bring in serious revenues. In addition, very few people know that we already have such organizations, but they are registered outside the legal field of Russia. This suggests that their revenues do not in any way affect the state, in contrast to how, for example, the same US private military companies work.

What prospects?

private military company

Not so long ago, on the part of the Ministry of Defense,an initiative has been made that it is necessary to create reserve armies in the Russian Federation, and this can already be called the first step to the emergence of such organizations. There are quite a number of interesting areas, such as specialized services, provided by private military companies. The salary of each specialist here depends on the tasks that he performs: strategic planning, combat operations, data collection, as well as logistical or operational support. That is why the adoption of the law is best done in the shortest possible time, and it would be incorrect to delay this.

What are they doing?

American private military companies

In our time there is a huge amountorganizations, and if to speak about the CIS countries, then among all the private military company "Slavic Corps", which is officially registered in the territory of Hong Kong, stands out, but at the same time in fact includes former employees of various armies and special forces of the countries of the former Union. The scope of activities of such organizations may include the following duties:

  • Provision of armed protection of legal andindividuals, the security of events on which a large number of people are accumulating, and the development and further implementation of various measures in the field of information security. Such services, for example, according to certain information, are handled by a private military company in Molkino.
  • Professional protection of objects, reconnaissance, escorting of columns, consultations, military consulting or humanitarian demining activities.
  • Maintaining the maintenance and operation of specialized combat complexes.
  • Ensuring safety during transportation or maintenance of prisoners.
  • Advising and training of security personnel or local servicemen.
  • Armed defense with fullsupport of various civilian vessels from pirates, conducting a full-fledged safety check for gas and oil offshore platforms, protecting piers, ships and platforms underwater.

This is only a short list of whatprivate military security companies. It should be noted that if everything is clear with security functions and tasks aimed at escorting cargo and securing the protection of various objects, for many the term "military" is unclear. Not all of those who want to learn how to get into a private military company understand correctly how such organizations provide military services.

Legal Status

private military companies salary

In modern world practice has already formeda rather large list of private military companies that have become sufficiently large and widespread not only in a certain state, but practically all over the planet. In Russia, despite the fact that there are no official documents on the organization of such structures, they have already managed to gain a foothold in practice, and a large number of companies that can position themselves in this way can be found in the country.

From a legal point of view, Russian private militarycompanies can be viewed as a public-private partnership (PPP), since they do not yet exist at the legislative level, but certain projects have already been drawn up. At the same time, within the framework of PPP, there is a prospect of the emergence of a law that will not only ensure the fixation of this mechanism at the federal level, but will further promote its development throughout Russia.

Unfortunately, at the moment, not onlybut even at the federal level there have not yet been formed really working legal mechanisms that would allow such organizations to be consolidated, and a clear example of this is the head of a private military company, Eugene Wagner, who created his own structure, whose activities are largely unresolved. Quite often this situation leads to a lot of difficulties, the main one of which is the inclusion of participants in such organizations as mercenaries, which in fact has no connection with reality.

What are the differences?

private military company Slavic corps

The lack of understanding of this often creates a twofold reaction in society on what Wagner's private military company and similar structures are doing.

On the one hand, if a person isemployee of a private organization and thus dies in the process of fulfilling his official duties, he is not a soldier of the national army, who was engaged in the execution of the order of direct command. On the other hand, it can be called a mercenary, who risks his own life for a certain financial sum.

But you need to understand correctly that the mercenaryis absolutely any person who has been recruited to participate in a conflict, while private military companies in the US and other countries are full-fledged organizations that perform a much wider range of tasks.

In the majority of cases with suchorganizations form contracts for cooperation on a long-term basis, and the professional here only acts as an adviser or consultant on any technical and military matters. Private organizations have official registration, statutes, as well as a special business structure, and at the same time are elements of transnational corporations, due to which the range of their services extends not only to the military industry.

The bill currently being drafted maycompletely destroy various false interpretations and all kinds of speculation and at the same time help to determine the basic principles of what distinguishes between mercenaries and PMCs in the provision of military services. And, most importantly, it will provide an opportunity to determine the legal basis for the work of private military organizations operating in the territory of other states, in full compliance with generally accepted norms and various international conventions.

How much do they need?

Many know that the use of privatemilitary structures on the part of Western countries, including the United States, is unprecedented, and the total number of employees, as well as the amount of money spent on attracting these organizations, is incredibly large. Also, in addition to Western countries, China actively develops private structures, so we can safely say that if it is profitable and so necessary to others, it may well be profitable for us.

Politico-social aspect

how to get into a private military company

The total number of conflictsdifferent countries of the world over the past ten years, has risen several times, and this can be fully traced in news reports over the past few years. Quite often the regular army does not have the capacity to provide worthy resistance, to stabilize the process or to maintain a certain regime. Among other things, resorting to the use of armed forces, the authorities should realize that there is a risk that this can be perceived negatively enough in society, since many are actually violently reacting to the losses of even one soldier. It was precisely such problems that arose in the process of conducting military operations in the territory of Chechnya and Afghanistan.

Due to the fact that PMC employees are involved inthe process of military operations with the support of regular troops, the overall statistics of injuries and losses is significantly reduced, and there is the potential for carrying out various operations that require a higher level of confidentiality. Their application will give the state the possibility of solving foreign policy tasks, while avoiding international and public undesirable resonance.

New tools

It is necessary to understand correctly the fact that receptions andthe main methods of operation of modern PMCs are not limited to the country. Thus, for example, it provides for the possibility of hiring and further training of specialists in the country where various operations are planned, so that they can perform specific tasks assigned by management. The positive effect in this case is achieved due to the fact that the problem of possible negative perception by foreign residents is completely eliminated, and at the same time a full-fledged team of local professionals is created, capable of quickly navigating in the situation that has arisen, in fact, at home . All this significantly increases the likelihood that in the near future local authorities will be able to take the situation under their control.

In addition, employees of private organizations,staying outside the limitations of international law, can use their own unique methods and forms of work, without limiting, as the scope of competence and regulation of their work is completely determined by the contract drawn up with the company. To some extent, this makes it possible to remove from them any responsibility for various moral and legal costs on the part of the employer and, at the same time, allows achieving the highest possible combat effectiveness. Due to the appearance of such an official institution, not only the approach used in the application of military force in peacetime, but also the very concept of foreign policy, will change on the territory of Russia.

It is necessary to understand correctly that the possibilitythe use of such a wide arsenal of problem-solving is a clear advantage in the conditions of modern global competition, and the presence of various PMCs in the battlefields will significantly expand the interests of the influence of the Russian Federation, and will provide it with a mass of new allies, which will eventually increase the overall status of the state.

Another possibility of using privatemilitary companies can be an active promotion of domestic equipment to various international markets. Why? In those states that have decided to acquire our military equipment, employees of private organizations can provide its full-fledged service, protection of specialists who provide equipment modernization, provision of consulting support, training of personnel and many other tasks.


Russian private military companies

The use of PMCs is also economically feasibleadvantageous in the process of conducting confidential and short-term military operations, since its resources and capabilities will be used only on a specific request. The state does not need to spend a large amount of finances in order to maintain qualifications and purchase uniforms for soldiers in peacetime if high-level professionals are at its disposal. Unlike standard regular troops, whose deployment requires the deployment of a sufficiently powerful military infrastructure, the costs necessary for hiring a private military company are much lower, and due to the piece-work nature of payment, payment can be carried out only for the specific performance of all kinds of military operations.

The peculiarity of their application is, firstly,the queue is that the state does not need to be an immediate employer. PMCs may well exist separately from government orders and deal with the tasks set by international organizations or commercial entities. Thus, due to the market of military services, a good replenishment of the budget will be provided, provided all the relevant conditions for its formation and operation in the territory of the Russian Federation are available.

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  • Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback Military private company: review, list, features of work, salary and feedback