Moscow State University, Faculty of Education: address, passing grade, departments

Moscow State University, Faculty of Education: address, passing grade, departments

Moscow State University -an outstanding and famous educational institution of our country. He is recognized as one of the most prestigious universities at the international level. Moscow State University. Lomonosov was founded in the XVIII century. It has a rich history, long-established traditions, a complex structure. The institution consists of many faculties, one of which will be discussed in this article.

Pedagogical faculty of Moscow State University. History, brief description

This unit was formed at the university in 1997, according to the decision of the head of the university, Viktor Sadovnichy.mugh pedagogical facultyBased on the tendency to familiarize the futureteachers with innovations in teaching, the faculty organizes training in three consecutive directions: master's, post-graduate, additional specialty. For those who would like to study in the magistracy, you need a bachelor's degree, that is, the availability of an appropriate diploma. Thirty seats are expected for applicants. Documents for applicants are submitted to the admission committee according to pre-established standards.

Applicants must pass the exam in discipline"Management", and future students who come from abroad, are also tested in the Russian language. Students of the pedagogical faculty of Moscow State University practice at other departments of the university, in elite Moscow general educational institutions or in secondary specialized educational institutions.

Specialties of the faculty

Students who have sufficiently masteredall the academic disciplines and coped with the writing of the diploma, acquire a specialty "teacher" or "teacher of the university," which allows them to work in colleges or universities of our country.

For the education of a teacher canpretend students of any unit of the Moscow State University or even another higher educational institution of the capital. During the training at the FPO (Faculty of Teacher Education) the student can continue the course of studies in his main field. Training in the direction of pedagogical activity is also possible for graduates of master's and post-graduate courses with the subsequent receipt of a diploma of a university teacher. For such students, lectures and seminars are held, as a rule, in the afternoon.

Not so long ago new directions were formed at the FPO, such as "Family education", "Management of educational activities". They will be discussed in more detail in the following sections of the article.

Teaching. Specificity of teacher training

Training is not an easy and special activity. It needs to be learned gradually and in combination with mastering some other specialty. All this is taken into account when teaching students of the Pedagogical Faculty of Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State University.head of departmentThose who are interested in the opportunity to workteacher, introduce the basics of psychological and pedagogical science, with its methods, opportunities for improvement in this professional activity, various educational reforms, etc. The goal of the FPO is the qualitative professional training of future teachers. Mastering the educational program for this specialty involves:

  1. Assimilation of the curriculum by methodology, psychology and other subjects.
  2. The study of pedagogical methods (teaching a specific discipline), as well as the basics of computer literacy, innovations in the field of education.
  3. Mastering the basic elements of the teaching process (theoretical positions, rhetoric, etc.)

Management of educational activities: goals and objectives

The next direction in the training of specialists of the faculty of pedagogical education of the Moscow State University, which we will consider, is the training of heads of various educational institutions.teacher mguEducation in this field involves acquaintance with the basic knowledge, methods, innovations and theoretical aspects of management.

A specialist who has successfully mastered the training plan for training in this area should be ready for the following:

  1. Be able to review and select educational strategies and training plans.
  2. Design and apply in practice new methods of the head in the field of pedagogy.
  3. To predict the ways of transforming the sphere of learning and its various components.
  4. Effectively manage the pedagogical institution, various areas of its work, for example, finance.
  5. Effectively and timely inform about aspects and innovations in their professional sphere.

Management - why is it relevant today?

This direction is aimed at training futuremanagement personnel for educational institutions. The importance of the manager's profession in the labor market is explained by the fact that the need for administrative personnel has increased in educational institutions.

Training of specialists in the field of managementinvolves the development of basic skills, techniques, technologies for the implementation of this activity. A necessary condition is also work on creativity, leadership qualities, self-organization, general erudition. Also, the demand for qualified personnel in the managerial sphere is associated with the acute need for transformations and innovations in the educational institutions of our country. Graduates who have mastered the program can work in various educational institutions, administrative structures, information organizations working on the application of public innovations.

In order to obtain a specialty, you must have a diploma about graduation.

About the peculiarities of teaching

Faculty of Pedagogical Education of Moscow State University waswas created mainly for students of other units of the university, which are aimed at acquiring additional specialization of the teacher of a general or higher educational institution, in addition to its main line of training. This explains the organization of the work of the leadership and teachers of Moscow State University. To educate students in theoretical disciplines, outstanding educators from other departments are invited. In addition to key subjects, students have the right to learn the basics of some additional programs (by methodology, psychology and many other subjects). All of the above contributes to the professional development of future specialists. This system helps them to better adapt in the future, during the period of employment.

A great deal of attention is also paid to coursesprofessional improvement of teachers at Moscow State University. On the basis of the faculty also prepare graduate students who work on developing methods of professional training.

Faculty subdivisions. Teachers

The departments of Moscow State University include:

  1. Subdivision of pedagogical technologies.
  2. Department of History and Philosophy of Education.
  3. Laboratory for the Development of Gender Education.

mugh departmentHead of the Department of History and Philosophy - MemberRussian Academy of Education Vladimir Borisenkov. The following teachers also work here: Associate Professors Yu. Yu. Gulyaev, OA Mashkina, RE Ponomarev, NB Savinkina, OS Sirota, A. Kh. Stepanyan, SI Titkova, LB Shamshin, as well as Professor AV Borovskikh and senior teacher Yu. S. Zege.

In the division of educational technologiesN. Kh. Rozov, head of the department, MA Lukatsky, chief research officer, VA Kuznetsov and OA Mazurenko, associate professors GV Novikov, EA Romanov, professor IG Khangeldiyeva and LV Popov, assistant TA Toreyeva.

Departments of the Moscow State University also invite teachers from other colleges and universities to cooperate with them, as well as professional improvement programs for them.

Practical training

During the acquisition of a specialty, students of the faculty have the opportunity to apply their knowledge, skills and skills during their work in educational institutions or at enterprises.Faculty of Teacher Education

At the same time, they are obliged to take partin educational, scientific and administrative activities, to prepare for writing the final qualifying work. Practical training is aimed at developing students' skills in implementing innovative technologies in the field of management and pedagogy. It is important that graduates can form training plans, methods of teaching subjects, competently develop and conduct a course in their specialty at a university or general educational lenin mountains d 1 page 52Future managers are required in the practiceto master the process, methods and structure of management of educational institutions. Before writing a WRC, such exercises are useful for more effective selection of techniques and necessary materials for writing a diploma.

Information for applicants

For applicants, it is important to know which documentationYou need to have with you for admission to the university. So, the entrant of the faculty of pedagogical education of Moscow State University should have:

  1. A photocopy passport and a document on citizenship.
  2. Diploma or a photocopy.
  3. Two photographs (current year)

Graduate students also provide a document from their place of study or work. All necessary materials for admission can be handed over from 2 pm to 6 pm in 5 (b) of the office of the second building of the university.

For inhabitants of our country in the Moscow State University ten places are allocated, for foreign entrants - twenty. The minimum passing grade for the faculty of pedagogy in the current year is 40.Department of History and PhilosophyEducation is only available on a commercial basis, the cost of an annual training course is about 300 thousand rubles.

Contacts of the Faculty of Education of Moscow State University

The building of this unit is located at: Moscow, Leninskie gory, 1 p. 52. The reception dean is open from 2 pm until 18.15 (Monday-Friday), you can find out the information you are interested in by phone on the official website. The time for the training part is Monday to Friday, from three in the afternoon to six in the evening.

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