Olga Bgan - actress of the USSR

Olga Bgan - actress of the USSR

Olga Bgan is a famous actress of the USSR. This woman conquered many hearts with her beautiful game, admired her and could not admire both men and women. Olga's biography is rather ambiguous and interesting, so anyone who remembers her gorgeous game will be interested to know all the details of the life of the actress.

Acting career of Olga Bgan

November 25, 1936 in Kishenev was born Olga Pavlovna Bgan. A woman grew up in a family where her parents were imbued with communism, so they raised Olga quite strictly.

In 1955, Olga starred in the movie "Behind the Showcase of a Department Store." In it, she played a small role, but it was from this insignificant episode that the career of the actress began.

Colleagues said that Olga Bgan was prettya closed and unsociable woman, but none of them could say why the actress behaved this way and why she did not want to share her feelings and joys with anyone.

From 1958 to 1976, the actress worked at the Moscow Stanislavsky Drama Theater, and from 1976 to 1978 she began working at the Moscow Literary and Dramatic Theater of the WTO.

One of the most striking works of Olga Bgan becamethe main role in the play "Little Prince" by Catherine Elanskaya. After that, the actress became famous, popular and in demand. The director began to pay attention to the woman, and invitations to the world of cinema did not take long to wait.

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Role in the film "Man was born"

In 1956, Olga Pavlova Bgan received the mainrole in the film "Man was born." She played a provincial girl who came to a huge city. But everything went wrong, as she hoped: the heroine did not pass the competition to the institute, but this was not the last horrible event in her life. The main heroine of the film "Man was born" was thrown by her beloved man with a small child in his arms. Olga Bgan played this role just fine, and many viewers are imbued with compassion for Yulia Smirnova. It is worth noting that the famous actress Lyudmila Gurchenko was trying to play this role, but she was lucky enough to play in the film "Man was born" to Olga. Gurchenko voiced the main character of the film, so many fans of Bgan did not hear her real voice.

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Personal life of Olga Bgan

Yuri Grebenshchikov was the first husband of the actress. The couple together experienced a lot: happy moments, quarrels, grief, reconciliation, etc. But this marriage still disintegrated. The second husband of Olga was Alexei Simonov, but this marriage was also not destined to last a long time. Soon the couple broke up.

It is often rumored that the first husband of Olga Bgan was very distressed about divorce. However, it should be noted that he still married another woman, and they had a child.

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Why did Olga Bgan die?

The cause of the death of the actress is stillunknown. At the time when the woman died, it was not customary to talk about suicide, so the official version was that she died because of a heart attack.

Actress Bgan Olga during her life was very fond of a drink, and many still think that she died of alcohol. But there is one more version.

After the divorce from her second husband, Olga's life beganturn into hell. She was no longer offered roles in either films or performances. The desperate woman took up the bottle and began to flood her grief. It seemed that there were no more hopes for a brighter future and a happy life. Olga Bgan, like all previous days of her life, was left alone on New Year's Eve in 1978. The woman was so desperate and lost the meaning of life, that she mixed a handful of "Relanium", which caused her death. This was learned by members of the Society of Necropolists, as they received a letter from a woman on their website, which told about the real reason for the death of the actress. This version has no evidence and facts, but many believe that this is really true.

Bgan Olga Pavlovna died at the age of 42,and without realizing what a real happy life is. She died alone and did not find out what the sincere love of her husband, the laughter of happy children and calm old age. In the memory of all the fans, Olga will always remain a beautiful, young and mysterious woman.

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On the acting game of Olga Bgan

Probably, everyone who watched "Man was born"Olga Bgan will be remembered forever as a bright person. Often you can hear that her game is great, that the actress played easily and at ease. Undoubtedly, this woman had a huge talent, which she ruined with the help of alcohol.

Probably, because of a hard fate, Olga could feel her heroine and play her so that absolutely everyone believed and sympathized with her.

Many fans of the actress say: "The film" Man was born "does not forget."

Bgan Olga Pavlovna was a wonderful actress andjust a wonderful person. The woman did not evoke anger and hatred from anyone, but on the contrary, everyone who knew and communicated with her, argue that Bgan was a wonderful person.

It is a pity, when so ridiculously from life leavetalented people. Olga was fond of alcohol, and it was he who blamed the fact that her life became a torment for her. Probably, she just needed women's happiness and love.

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