Perforated box: purpose, assembly

Perforated box: purpose, assembly

To organize the posting there are manyways. It is not necessary for this to carry out labor-intensive measures, such as, for example, wall slashing. The modern industry of plastic products offers affordable and convenient electrical installation boxes.

Box perforated

Box of plastic with perforatedsurface, as a rule, used as organizers for cables. This is convenient for wiring in control boxes, suspended ceilings, in all places hidden from attention, when there is a need to put in order the routes of electrical wiring or signal wires that are similar in type or appearance. This task is easily achieved due to the fact that the perforated baffle box has special flat holes for branching the wires along its entire length. These holes are at a certain distance from each other, called a step. The pitch is 1 cm, 1.2 cm and 2 cm.

perforated box

The form in which the perforated box is made,has a rectangular configuration and, by analogy with conventional plastic boxes, contains a lid on the latches. However, there are no additional connection elements, such as corners and jumpers. There is only an element of fixing the cable inside the box. There is also a box with a round section without a cover. This is a series of flexible plastic perforated trays.

Although the color gamut of products is quite poor andis limited only to gray and blue tones, the price for a box of this type is higher than the usual continuous one. This is due to the more complex manufacturing process, as well as the fact that the perforated box has several advantages:

  • is made of plastic, the viscosity of which allows it to be bent and subjected to mechanical stresses during the installation phase without the risk of deformation of the mold;
  • a convenient rounded shape of the teeth on the side surface makes it easy to insert wires between them;
  • extra teeth easily break out thanks to a special treatment of the sidewall with a laser;
  • PVC plastic material includes components that contribute to attenuation in case of a fire box.

When the height of the box is equal to or greater than 8 cm,The teeth are complemented by special stops, which allow the wires to be pulled out by two sections. Often a perforated box is made with a base, the width of which is much smaller than the height of the side wall. This should be taken into account when calculating the main line.

perforated box

Installation of a box

Since the perforated gray box is an element that performs the carrier function of the power system and, in fact, secures the cable, that is, some requirements for its installation:

  • the installation is only permissible for threaded fasteners;
  • height of laying the channel relative to the floor is not less than 2 meters;
  • at the intersection of the tray and the pipeline, the distance between them should not be less than 5.0 cm, with a parallel passage of 10.0 cm;
  • distance to the gas pipeline, heating main not less than 25.0 cm.

perforated gray box


Laying of all current-carrying elements and their channelsshould be carried out by professionals with appropriate admission to work. It should be remembered that plastic boxes under the cable can be laid for current-carrying elements, whose voltage does not exceed 1000 V.

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