Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information

Р-22 route "Caspian": route, advantages, useful information

R-22 highway "Caspian" connects Moscow withAstrakhan, being the shortest way from the capital to the Volga delta. Thousands of fishermen, hunters and tourists who want to get to Volgograd and Astrakhan, choose this road. Preliminary training and useful information about the federal highway P-22 will help make the journey on the highway as safe, fast and comfortable as possible.

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The peculiarity of the route "Caspian" is thatCrosses several areas, but at the same time lies almost completely away from cities. This is convenient for drivers, since large populated areas inhibit movement, they increase the probability of an accident.

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R-22 highway "Caspian" originates in the southMoscow, at the intersection of Lipetsk street and the Moscow Ring Road in the same place where the federal highway "Don" begins (it is M-4). In the Kashira region, the R-22 highway branches off from the “Don” and rushes south-east to the Caspian Sea through the following regions and cities:

  • Moscow, with a small arrival in the Kursk region;
  • Ryazan, through the city of Mikhailov, near the cities of Skopin and Ryazhsky;
  • Tambov, near the cities of Michurinsky and Tambov;
  • Voronezh, near the town of Borisoglebsk;
  • Volgogradsky, through the cities of Novikolayevsky, Novoanninsky, near the settlement of Mikhailovka, Ilovlya and the arrival in Volgograd
  • Astrakhan, with the intersection of a small section of Kalmykia;
  • The route ends in Astrakhan.

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Description of the route P-22: what quality?

The length of the route "Caspian" is 1 383kilometers Almost on all sites the highway has a two-lane traffic, the width of the road is 8 meters. There are several plots with four lanes, but they are too short and do not particularly affect the overall impression of the road.

Cement concrete or asphalt concrete pavement. For several years, the Caspian has been actively repaired, so there are practically no areas with frankly poor coverage. The overall quality of the road can be estimated on a strong four. And although the repair is great, because thanks to it the condition of the R-22 is constantly improving, but at the same time, the repair works inevitably bring inconvenience to drivers.

Road traffic is intensive, especiallyhigh traffic in summer and early autumn, when trucks fill the road, carrying agricultural products from southern regions to central Russia and returning back. Trucks seriously complicate traffic, long lines of cars line up behind them, impatient motorists go for dangerous overtakings, and as a result, the number of accidents grows. Although in general, the reviews describing the P-22 track are more often positive. Usually, drivers believe that the advantages of this road far outweigh its disadvantages.


This is the shortest way from the capital to Astrakhan andVolgograd. Although some drivers prefer to get to the Caspian on a wider and faster Don highway, making an impressive detour and sometimes gaining time due to a higher average speed. But this is a debatable question and largely depends on the case.

On the highway "Caspian" there are very few settlements with their obligatory speed limits, but at the same time there are enough cafes, hotels and gas stations along the road.

R-22 highway "Caspian" is completely free, in contrast to the same M-4.

Beautiful landscapes. The route crosses Russia more than a thousand kilometers to the south-east, with the climate zones and landscape gradually changing outside the window. Near Moscow, the road winds between wooded fields, they are replaced by light forest, then comes the Volga steppe, and the route ends in a semi-desert. On the way, you can visit the beautiful Russian city of Tambov or the glorious Volgograd.

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  • Repair on some sites.
  • The track is narrow and has only two lanes.
  • Tripod cameras are periodically installed on the sides, especially in the repair areas where temporary signs are installed.
  • Many trucks that slow down and make it difficult to overtake.

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Roadside hotels

Even for an experienced driver, it is problematic to driveR-22 “Caspian” without stopping for the night, but for an inexperienced person who is not used to driving in the dark or over long distances, this is completely impossible. Therefore, along the entire road directly on the highway or settlements next to it you can find roadside hotels.

  • 210 kilometers Motel "Comfort". Located directly on the highway: 700-2 000 rubles per person, four- and double rooms, a cafe, parking.
  • 284 kilometers Zhemchuzhina Hotel, Zheltukhinsky Village: 800–2 500 rubles, guarded parking, cafe, near a gas station.
  • 409 kilometers Motel "Half way": from 800 rubles, ordinary and VIP rooms, parking, cafes, banquet hall, billiards.
  • 465 kilometers Motel "California": 1 500-2 000 rubles, parking, cafe.
  • 465 kilometers Motel "Forest Fairy Tale", located on the highway: 1 500-3 000 rubles, parking, cafe, internet, sauna, banquet hall.
  • 615 kilometers Hotel "Povorino", Povorino, 2 km from the highway: 900–2 800 rubles, parking.
  • 887 kilometers Motel "Limo", Ilovlya village: 1 600-2 200 rubles, separate houses for 2-3 places, parking.
  • 888 kilometers Motel "Ark", built next to the highway: 1 200-2 500 rubles, parking, 24-hour cafe, sauna.
  • 939 kilometers Motel "Seven Winds": from 350 rubles, cafe, parking.
  • 947 kilometers Motel "Captain Jack". From this hotel to Volgograd - 13 km. Room rates - 1 600-3 500 rubles, cafe, sauna.
  • 948 kilometers Hotel "Sputnik": 1 500–2 800 rubles, restaurant, parking.
  • 1143 kilometers Camping "Volga", the village of Black Yar. Room rates from 400 rubles, sauna, cafe, parking.

Helpful information

Service stations on the R-22 highway "Caspian" can be found not onlyin Astrakhan, Volgograd or Tambov, but smaller settlements as well: Znamenka (486 km), Ilovlya (887 km), Enotaevka (1255 km), Narimanov (1347 km).

On the highway "Caspian" drivers need to be extremelyattentive in some areas even during the day. For example, because of limited visibility at 1245, 1300 and 1379 kilometers, and because of steep ascents and descents - at 448 and 1378 kilometers.

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  • Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information Р-22 route Caspian: route, advantages, useful information