Recipe for carrots

Recipe for carrots

It's sometimes nice to pamper your home delicious andan unusual dish. And if this dish is also useful, then the recipe for carrot chops will be just the way. After all, this dish combines the useful properties of components, excellent taste and at the same time they look very appetizing. In addition, with all the positive qualities, they are also dietary food. And carrots for children, it's just an indispensable dish in the diet.

What are they so useful? The whole secret is in carrots. This root is an extraordinary storehouse of nutrients. It has everything. A huge choice of minerals so necessary to the body in the form of their salts. 200-282 mg potassium, 40 manganese, 35-50 calcium, 45 sodium, 21 magnesium, 31-50 phosphorus, 3.8 mg iodine, 0.7 iron.

And vitamins? Just a bouquet of all the essentials! Carotene, vitamin E, B vitamins and virtually the rest of the list.

But one of the most important components, along withminerals and essential oils in carrots when cooking cutlets from it, is certainly fiber. This root has a very delicate soft fiber, which perfectly regulates the process of excretion from the intestines of metabolic products and is easily tolerated even by the youngest children.

So what kind of cooking carrot cutlets to choose? Recipes of this dish, a lot, perhaps, it is unlikely there will be at least one mistress who did not cook them.

But whatever you choose, you should take into account the basic rules for the support of products.

Carrots for cutlets are desirable to take a young, especially if you are preparing a dish for the baby.

Root crops should not be sluggish and not toowatery. You can take both bright orange and yellow carrots. But we must take into account the variety. Since varieties with a more rounded root end contain more sugars and are suitable for salads and sweet dishes, and varieties with a pointed root of the root are less sweet, but contain more fiber and have a denser structure.

Before cooking, carrots must be thoroughly washed, this will rid you of unpleasant grains of sand on your teeth and protect against the possible entry of pathogens.

It is also advisable to rinse the washed root with steep boiling water, this will greatly facilitate its cleaning.

To cook cutlets from carrots use only fresh chopped root crops, not allowing them to lose their valuable juice and fade. If this happens, cutlets will turn out to be dry and tough.

And certainly not an excellent rule for success, there must be a proven recipe for carrot cutlets.

Here is one of the most interesting, in my opinion.

This recipe for carrot cutlets is especially popular with children.

Here are the products you will need: Carrots six medium-sized root crops (for them you can take and sweet varieties), four medium-sized apples, semolina one tablespoon, half a glass of milk, two tablespoons of butter, one egg, breading, sour cream and vegetable oil for frying, sugar and salt over taste.

Carrots are prepared. Prepared carrots do not grate on a grater, put in a pan and stew in hot milk. In the middle of the preparation, add chopped apples, and when the whole mass is extinguished sugar to taste and butter. Fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.

You can serve with both sweet and salted sauce.

Whatever you choose a recipe for carrot chops,if they are prepared with a soul, they will certainly please your loved ones. After all, along with a recipe for chops or any dish, in a plate to your household, you invest your health and well-being. Carrot chops are not only delicious, but also very nutritious for the body as a whole. In a month, even need to eat 10 pieces of such cutlets.

Cook, try and enjoy. Bon Appetit.

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