Reviews about the schools of St. Petersburg. Schools of St. Petersburg: description

Reviews about the schools of St. Petersburg. Schools of St. Petersburg: description

If your child is six years old soon,it's time to think about how to choose the most suitable educational institution for him. Reviews about the schools of St. Petersburg will help you make your choice, but remember that first of all the future place of study should please the child himself.

Choosing a school

reviews about schools of saint petersburg

Before reading reviews about schoolsSt. Petersburg, you must first determine the parameters by which their rating is determined. Since now the huge attention is paid to the Uniform State Exam, it is advisable to choose an educational institution in which students successfully pass these tests and have high chances to enter any chosen higher education institution.

There is an official register of schoolsIn terms of final examinations, it is updated approximately every five years, but most often the same educational institutions are in the lead. This list is available in the monitoring organization, which constantly monitors the situation regarding the passing of not only state exams, but also ordinary annual tests.


One of the most popular educational institutionscity ​​on the Neva is the school "Vzmah" (St. Petersburg), reviews of which are mostly positive. The institution began its work in 1989 and for almost thirty years has become the largest educational complex where you can learn a large number of European languages. Also here there is a kindergarten "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi", a psychological and psychotherapeutic center.

Parents of those children who study in thisschool, are satisfied with the quality of the education received, as it is aimed not only at the development of a standard school curriculum, but also on the development of skills that can be useful to the student in the future. We are talking about studying business processes and economics, psychology, information technology, etc. A certain negative is the fact that a child can enter this school only after passing the appropriate testing. However, as parents later admit, testing plays the role of a certain filter, which positively affects the educational process.

Vyborgsky District

schools of saint petersburg reviews about the school

The institution should be chosen based onyour place of residence, so it will be more convenient for you and the baby. If you read the reviews about schools in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg, you will notice that Lomonosov's Gymnasium No. 73 is one of the exemplary educational institutions of the city. The average result of USE in this school in the period from 2009 to 2014 was 66.4 points, this is the highest figure among all institutions of the district.

The school responds very well, because in itvery seriously approach the training of pupils. Junior classes study five days a week, the senior classes - six. Classes are planned to introduce tutors - assistants to the class teacher, who will work with students, but the timing of this innovation is unknown.

Another district institution that usespopular - a medical gymnasium with Orthodox education of children, which was opened in 1990. The institution was once consecrated by Patriarch Alexy II, the overwhelming majority of his graduates enter medical schools.

Vasileostrovsky district

If you are considering the schools of Vasileostrovskydistrict of St. Petersburg, feedback on the physics and mathematics lyceum No. 30 will surely attract your attention. One of the best fizmat school in St. Petersburg accepts students from grades 5 to 10 on the basis of the results of the introductory olympiad in mathematics. Until 2002, there was an elementary school, but with the status of the lyceum, she was transferred to another educational institution.

Children, keen on physics and mathematics, withpleasure go to such school, and parents are satisfied with the result. Both sides positively speak about the quality of the education received here, parents are happy that children are being watched all day long, because there are a lot of popular full-time groups working in extra-curricular time.

Another institution that can recommendthe parents of Vasileostrovsky district - № 4, the school named after. Jacques-Yves Cousteau. She most of all is pleasant to parents because pupils can choose here the individual plan of training in the beginning of 8 classes. The main language here is French, English is studied only in additional classes, which causes mixed reactions in parents and children.

School of Television

reviews of schools in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg

In addition to the standard curriculum, children oftenI want to explore new horizons. In this case, parents will be able to offer them such an institution as the school of television (St. Petersburg), the reviews of which are highly positive. Its branches operate in 18 Russian cities, in total more than 30,000 students have been graduated. It is worth noting that the institution works only on an extrabudgetary basis, so parents will have to fork out.

The cost of schooling is relativelylow, this is one of its main advantages, according to the parents. The main shortcoming of the institution, in their opinion, is that it does not help its graduates to achieve success after receiving the corresponding certificate. However, this does not apply to all. Many graduates of the institution managed to gain a foothold in the media, having received support from the educational institution.

Kalininsky district

private schools of saint petersburg reviews

When you read reviews about schoolsKalininsky district of St. Petersburg, be sure to pay attention to the Lyceum "Physico-technical school" at SPbGAU. It is a lyceum in which students are trained with in-depth study of physics, mathematics, foreign language and programming. Parents and children talk about the lyceum very well, they say, it can get a high-quality education, which in the future will come in handy in life.

It should be remembered when choosing schools in St. Petersburg: feedback about the school can be quite contradictory, but the overall picture is quite realistic. This applies in particular to lyceum No. 470. The average results of passing the USE in the period from 2009 to 2014 are 70.5 points, but parents are not very happy with this and for several years claim that children are being "trained" for the state examination, and in real life, the acquired knowledge of the application is no.

Moscow district

If you plan on choosing the right educationalthe institution, looking through the schools of the Moscow district of St. Petersburg, reviews about the lyceum № 366 and gymnasium № 526 will please you. The first one has been operating since 1947, it studies in depth exact sciences and foreign languages. Students are admitted to the school on the basis of interviews, as well as introductory work. The experience gained allows children to enter the desired higher education institution on a budget, which can not but rejoice their parents.

The gymnasium was founded much later, but almostimmediately received the title of one of the strongest educational institutions of the city. The subjects of the humanities cycle are actively studied here, while the teachers spend a lot of time on providing the children with useful practical skills and skills, which is very appreciated by the parents.

Nevsky district

schools of the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg reviews

Schools of Nevsky district of St. Petersburg, reviews aboutwhich are very contradictory, are very similar to each other. In most of them, according to the parents, only knowledge is given, planned for the program and designed to enable the child to pass exams after 9 and 11 classes. The lyceum No. 344 and school No. 347, which seek to provide the maximum amount of knowledge for children, differ in this respect.

The Lyceum was founded in 1882 and over the yearsexistence has managed to accumulate a large amount of theoretical and practical material that can be passed on to children. Parents often in the reviews emphasize the high professionalism of his teachers. 347th school is perfect for those who love the science of the humanities cycle and foreign languages.

Frunze district

The best assistants who will let you understand,what are the schools of the Frunze district of St. Petersburg, - reviews about them. Parents speak favorably about the 292th school, which specializes in in-depth study of mathematics and physics, as teachers are taught here, combining work in the school and university. According to the parents, this will help prepare children immediately for adulthood, which is very useful.

Humanitarians will be able to reveal their potential inschool number 316, in which they study in depth the subjects of this cycle. Parents are very negative about the huge number of homework, which load the students. However, when it comes to the detailed study of foreign languages, parents are forced to give in and agree that it really can be of use.

Primorskiy district

schools of the seaside area of ​​st. petersburg reviews

All schools in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg,reviews of which are positive, periodically participate in competitions for professional development. Parents also highlight lyceum No. 64, which has a typical physico-mathematical profile, great attention is paid to the study of exact sciences in such a way that a child could not just pass the USE, but also undergo additional training for admission to the university.

Gymnasium of the Global Humanities Education No.631 is the limit of the dreams of many schoolchildren, eager to study abroad. It is here that they learn to read foreign literature in the original, children get acquainted with classical literature, and learn the world around by analyzing the experience gained and solving creative problems. Parents consider this method of learning very successful and are ready to continue to support their children along this path.

Private schools in St. Petersburg

If you do not have public schoolssuitable, you can consider private schools in St. Petersburg, reviews of these institutions will allow you to form your opinion and make a choice in favor of one or another organization. In this case, everything will depend on the profile that you are interested in, but all these schools have a certain drawback - in them, general subjects are much less studied.

From the point of view of the passing of the USE, it is necessary to allocate a privateschool "Diplomat", which has been functioning since 1993. Here three foreign languages ​​are studied, admission to the school is carried out on the basis of tests and interviews. Approximate cost of training is 35-40 thousand rubles a month. At the same time, the average score of passing the USE from 2009 to 2014 is 59.2, which is why many parents prefer teaching in a traditional school on standard programs. All other private schools have this score even lower.

Where else can you go to study?

reviews about the schools of St. Petersburg

If you have already read reviews about schoolsSt. Petersburg, but never decided where to go to study, pay attention to the gymnasium No. 610. She appeared in the city in the late 1980s and immediately began to position herself as a follower of pre-revolutionary education. English, German and Greek are actively studied here, as well as Latin. The management of the gymnasium pays great attention to the study of the arts and the exact sciences.

Parents are satisfied with this school,because it works by its own program. The independent choice of objects here is forbidden, however, each course is so interesting that it is simply impossible to refuse any of them. Students of the gymnasium constantly become winners of olympiads in the exact and humanitarian sciences. Parents also allocate and teaching staff, which includes researchers from various institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences and teachers of St. Petersburg State University.

General Reviews

If we summarize the reviews about schoolsSt. Petersburg, it turns out that most parents need educational institutions, in which children will receive really useful knowledge. Surrender of the USE is not always a priority for all, parents are much more important that the child feels comfortable and went to school with interest.

Many parents speak out againstexistence of paid general education institutions, as well as conducting introductory tests. Heads of those schools and lyceums, where there are introductory tests, note that only with their help it is possible to weed out those children who will find it difficult to master the existing curriculum. In their opinion, we are not talking about the fact that the child who failed to pass the test is more stupid than his more successful peer. Rather, the reason is that the proposed training course for this child simply does not fit.


Now that you've read the reviews about schoolsPetersburg, you will be able to decide where your child will study. Be sure to visit the school before you go there, visit the bottom of the open door, talk with the teachers. Remember that it is you who are responsible for the fate of your child, so try to choose the most suitable institution.

It is not superfluous to consult with the child, hemust definitely be liked in school, otherwise it will have to be changed in the near future. If you have chosen an educational institution, and the kid does not agree with your arguments, try to discuss the situation together and come to a common solution.

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