Senegalese forward Demba Ba

Senegalese forward Demba Ba

Demba Ba is a Senegalese footballer of the Frenchorigin. He was 31 years old in 2016, but his career could be threatened due to the extremely serious injury that he recently received. Demba Ba acts in the position of the central striker, but if necessary he can play on both flanks of the attack.

Carier start

Demba Ba was born on May 25, 1985 in FranceSenegalese parents. Already at the age of seven he enrolled in the football academy of the local small club "Mongaiar", where he spent seven whole years. But in 1999, Ba began his travels to different clubs - first he was in the "Port of Oton", then in the club "Friles", and after that in the "Montrouge" - only there he was able to stay. All this time, the player played in the position of the defensive midfielder, and only in the "Montrouge" was re-qualified as an attacker. However, by the time Demba Ba turned 19 years old, and no French club after the views did not want to offer him a contract. After that, the forward went to England, where he refused "Watford", as well as a number of other clubs. Then representatives of "Watford" called him back and offered to train with the team. He spent more than a month on this FC base, but when the new coach came, the player had to leave the club and he returned to his homeland.

There Ba also no one wanted to offer a contract,until he could not agree with the club "Rouen". In 2005, the 20-year-old player was able to hold 26 matches in the semi-professional league, scoring 22 goals. By this he attracted the attention of the Belgian "Mouscron", who invited the Senegalese to himself. So Ba first came to the club, speaking at the highest level. But there he played in just 12 matches in a year, scoring eight goals. It was in the Belgian club that the striker noticed the German "Hoffenheim", who offered him a game in the base, and paid three million euros for the transfer.

Playing in Germany, England and Turkey

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Demba Ba - a footballer who is not immediatelycould open up. As you already knew, for a long time he could not find a professional club for himself. In the "Hoffenheim" he played on a completely new level. After playing 30 matches and scoring 12 goals, he helped the club to go to the big leagues, and then for two and a half years helped the "Hoffenheim" there to stay. In total, he spent 103 matches in the German club, scoring forty goals.

In the winter of 2011 for only 800 thousand euros.moved to West Ham, where he played 13 games and scored seven goals. The short-term contract for the Senegalese ended in the summer of 2011, and he moved to Newcastle. There he spent one and a half years, going on the field 58 times and scoring 29 goals. Bombardier ability to forward impressed one of the strongest clubs in England, "Chelsea", which signed him for eight and a half million euros. However, in the London club, he could not reach the previous level and scored only 14 goals in 51 matches. This did not suit either side, so in the summer of 2014, Ba went to Turkey, where he signed the contract "Galatasaray", laid out for him 6 million euros. Season in Turkey was awesome - Ba scored 27 goals in 44 games, and thus attracted the attention of the Chinese club "Shanghai Shenhua".

Moving to China

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Chinese club paid Galatasaray 13million euros for the Senegalese, as well as the player himself offered an impressive salary. And the player started playing in China quite successfully - in 37 games he scored 29 goals, but then a serious trouble happened. The injury to Demba Ba, which he received, proved to be very difficult - he is now undergoing a recovery, but the timing of his return is unknown. There is a possibility that he will not be able to resume his career.

National team appearances

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For the national team of Senegal, Demba Ba played very little -he made his debut in June 2007, but has since spent only 22 games, which scored four goals. The last time he was summoned to the team in March 2015 for a friendly match against the Ghana national team.

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