Simpsons 27 years old

Simpsons is 27 years old !!!

afyv-kztvqqDecember 17, 1989, namely 27 years ago, the first full-fledged series of the animated series about ordinary Americans: Homer, Margery, Bartholomew, Lisa and Margaret Simpson was first shown on FOX.

Time magazine in 1998 called The Simpsons the best television series of the XX century.

In 2005, Men's Health magazine recognized Homer Simpson as the philosopher of the decade.

Therefore, the rules of life for Homer Simpson from Esquire magazine:

If you REALLY want to achieve something in life, you will have to work a lot on it. And now it's quiet: now the winning numbers of the lottery will be announced.

I LOVE TO BE A COLD BEER, the TV worked loudly, and homosexuals burned in hell.


You know, guys, you can laugh, but it is much more pleasant for me to feel the sweet breath of a sleeping wife on my neck than to push dollar bills into the thongs of some unknown lady.

CALM, without panic. If anything, I earn money by selling one of my livers. I don't care for anything either.

Children is our future. That is why they need to be stopped today.

LET'S DRINK OUT ALCOHOL - the source and solution to all our problems!

BEER...My only weakness. My Achilles heel, if you will.

IF YOU ARE HAPPY and realize it, swear.

EDUCATION WILL NOT HELP ME. Every time I memorize something, it takes a place, popping something else out of my brain. Like at the time when I went to the winemaking courses and forgot how to drive a car.

CATHOLICISM has more stupid rules than video rental.

Of course, dad has done a lot of good things in life, but now he has grown old, and old people are absolutely useless.

WOMEN - THEY ARE AS BEER. They look good, they smell good, and you are ready to step over your own mother, just to get them.

SON, YOU SAY "Licking" as if it is something bad.

DO NOT BURN. People are constantly dying. Who knows, maybe you wake up tomorrow dead.

HA-HA-HA! My daughter thinks that vampires are real creatures! Yes, they are fictional, like elves, gremlins or Eskimos.

I DON'T FALSE IN ONE BED with a woman who thinks I'm lazy. If so, let them move the sofa in the living room and make the bed. I want to sleep.

MY FAVORITE BOOK: "So, you decided to voluntarily connect to cable television."

From now on I will look forward to everything.Oh my God! Tomorrow there will be a special event: two piano benches for the price of one! Oh, oh, oh, would be soon tomorrow!

RADIATION KILLS only those who fear it.

I am a white man from 18 to 49. And everyone listens to me, no matter how nonsense I carry.

LET THE SIMPSONS are shown on a stupid channel, but they are showing!

It is not easy to tear apart between a pregnant wife and an unbalanced child, but I did find my eight hours of watching TV.

KILL BOSS ?! Will my hand rise to fulfill the American dream?

For LIES, we need two. One is lying, the other is listening.

STARIKS do not need a company. They need to be isolated and studied to find out if there are any substances useful for us.

ATTEMPT - the first step to failure.

HEAR, people always have some statistics for everything. This is known to 14% of the population.

The ONLY important thing in life is to be popular.

I DO NOT MEAN to leave the house. We still come back every time.

ATOMIC REACTOR - like a woman. You just need to read the instructions and click on the right button in time.

Tears PSA not return. Unless the tears smell like dog food. So you can sit at home, absorbing a jar for a can of dog food,until the tears begin to give it up so that the dog can smell the smell from the street and come back himself. And you can just go look for him.

PSYCHIATR NAM NOR TO WHAT. We ourselves know that we have a child with a shift.

I SEE THE SMILES of my children. And I understand that they started something unkind.

YOUR OWN MOTHER DO NOT HOLD. You can't fool her even on the very first of April, even if you have an electric stool with you.

MY MOTHER SAID somehow one thing that haunts me. She said: "Homer, you are a great disappointment." Something she had in mind, calm the Lord to her soul.

NON-PROTECTED BREAKFAST - the sweetest taboo.

WHEN CASE CONCERNS compliments, women become irrepressible bloodsucking monsters and demand more, more and more. But if you satisfy their desire, the fee will be sweet.

IF YOU WILL BE ANGRY ON ME EVERY TIME I DO ARE Dumb, I’ll have to stop doing Dumb!

Singing is the lowest form of communication.

AND WHEN I FINALLY FINALLY understand that the answers to life's questions are not at the bottom of the bottle. They are on TV!

BLESSES Lord of atheists!

YOU CAN REALIZE HEALTHY IN ANYTHING, but there are always a million people who make it even better.

In sports, the main thing is not victory.The main thing is to get drunk!

IT IS NOT PERMANENTLY TO DENILE YOURSELF FOR SOMETHING. Blame yourself once, and live peacefully on.

I THINK Mr. Smithers (Homer's chief. - Esquire) hired me for my ability to motivate. All colleagues say that now they have to work twice as much!

ALL MY LIFE I dreamed about one thing - to achieve all my goals.

THE FACTS ARE ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY. Having the facts, you can prove any nonsense!

GOD CANNOT BE AHEAD everywhere, right?

IN FRANCE no one calls me "fat ass". Here I am a gourmet!

I get tired of dancing with a sexy background.

SOMETIMES I AM A WAY to kill in a fit of anger or to prove my case. But I'm not some kind of maniac.

There are no tasteless donuts.

CHILDREN - SAME MONKEYS. Only noise from them is more.

YOUR THIRD SURVEY name just Child. Believe me, this will save you from unnecessary confusion.

You can work on several jobs at the same time and still be lazy.

I CLIMBED on the highest mountains, descended into the lowest valleys. Visited Africa and Japan. Even flew into space. But now, without thinking, I would trade it all for something sweet.

YOU CAN get a lot of things for free by mentioning it in an interview with some magazine. Cookies Chips Ahoy!

SMART ITALIANS? Something is wrong here.

It was not enough for any surgeon to tell me how to operate myself!

BE GENEROUS in bed. Share a sandwich.

SOMETIMES I am in bed and I think that nothing will make me get up. And then I feel how wet it becomes under me, and I understand that I was mistaken.

FOOL AND MONEY quickly parted. I would pay a lot to someone who would explain this pattern to me.

GIVE A MAN TO FISH - and he will be fed all day. Teach a person to fish - and he will certainly hook on an eyelid or something like that.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT - for assholes and lesbians.

FATHER NEVER believed in me. I will not repeat his mistakes: starting today, I will be softer with my son. And harder with the father.

WHAT POWERFUL and surprising he might be, I will not tolerate raids even from the ocean!

EVEN IF YOU take something from your neighbor for a while, it is still better to do it under the cover of darkness.

I DON'T BECOME ONLY: being a father is not easy. Not like a mother.

In MY HOME we obey only the laws of thermodynamics.

It is ALWAYS better to watch the process than to do something yourself.

TO LOVE YOU, you have to be with everyone good every day. To hate - do not have to strain at all.

LIFE is just a bunch of stuff that happens.

UNDERSTAND, EVERYONE of us has a little Homer Simpson.

And a small interesting fact: the 500th episode - At Long Last Leave - was released on February 19, 2012. This is the only episode where Milhouse writes instead of Bart on a blackboard — Bart deserved a day off.

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