Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment

Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment

Getting one or another level is a serious stepfrom amateur sports to professional. And awarding the title is already a well-deserved recognition of the achievements of a famous athlete. But many are confused in the existing in the Russian sport ranks and ranks, their order. We will try to clarify this article.

Sports ranks and ranks

Athletes in the beginning of a career are assigned ranks, and upon reaching all the latter, ranks. Begins the ascent to the pedestal with junior sports categories:

  • 3-rd youthful;
  • 2-nd youthful;
  • 1 st youthful;
  • 4-th category (applicable only in chess - you need to play at least 10 games and at the same time get at least 50% points in the group game);
  • 3rd digit;
  • 2-nd category;
  • 1st category.

We note that juvenile ranks are assignedOnly in those kinds of sports where age is a decisive factor in competitions where strength, endurance, speed of reaction, speed of the participant is important. Where it is not an important advantage or disadvantage (for example, in intellectual sports), the youth's rank is not appropriated.

discharge sports

Having the 1-st sports rank can be awarded already titles. We list them in ascending order:

  • master of Sport;
  • master of sports of international class / grandmaster;
  • Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation.

For a long time the custom prescribes calling masters of sports of international level in intellectual games (checkers, chess, etc.) grandmasters.

About YSSC

In the Russian Federation, confirmation and appropriation of sportsranks and titles defines a document called the Unified All-Russian Sports Classification (EBC). It indicates the norms in each sport that you need to perform in order to get certain of ranks and titles. The first such document was approved in 1994; accepted by the European Commission for four years. Today for winter sports the variant 2015-2018 is valid, for summer -2014-2017.

awarding of sports categories

The document is based on the All-Russian Register of Speciessports and a list of sports games recognized by the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation. The document dictates how the standards that must be met to obtain a particular sports category or rank, and the conditions under which all this should occur: the level of the opponent, the importance of the competition, the qualification of the judging staff.

Why do we need a sports discharge?

The assignment of categories in sports has several clearly defined goals:

  • Mass popularization of sports.
  • The incentive to improve the level of athletic training and skill.
  • Moral encouragement of athletes.
  • Unification of assessments of achievements, skills.
  • Approval of uniform for all order of awarding sports ranks and titles.
  • Development and constant improvement of the sphere of physical culture and sports.

Procedure for assigning

Let's touch on the common important moments of assigning titles and ranks:

youthful sports categories

  • Athletes must necessarily be divided into age groups: juniors, young adults, adults.
  • A young athlete who took part in the plannedcompetition and has fulfilled the necessary standards for a certain category, receives the latter. This will be indicated by a badge and a special qualification book.
  • The athlete's record book mustbe registered with the organization where he received the document. In the future, at all competitions in which the athlete will participate, the panel of judges will contribute to this qualification book all information about its results at the competitions, assigned and confirmed ranks, won prizes. Each record is made based on a certain protocol, certified by the signature of the responsible person and the seal of the sports organization that organized the competition.
  • The awarding of the sporting title is the prerogative of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. In confirmation of his athlete receives a certificate and an honorary badge.

Requirements for assigning ranks and titles

And now consider the requirements that the athlete must fulfill, and what he must meet in order to get a certain discharge:

sports ranks and ranks

  • The basis for assigning a category is onlya certain measurable result of sports activities: the occupation of a particular place in official games or competitions, the achievement in the last year of a certain number of victories over rivals of a particular level, the fulfillment of a number of quantitative standards in sports where they are possible.
  • Each rank or rank means reaching an athlete of a certain age.
  • If within the limits of competition to sportsmenassign ranks and titles, then it must meet a whole body of strict rules: the composition and level of participants, a certain number of judges and athletes, the number of appearances, duels and games in the qualifying and main stage.
  • In international competitions, in additionthe smallest number of participating countries is determined. To get the title of master of sports of international class or grandmaster, you must participate in competitions of this level.
  • Higher ranks are awarded only to citizens of the Russian Federation and only by the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sports.
  • The ranks are authorized to assign the regional executive bodies of the sphere of physical culture and sports.
  • Athlete must confirm his sports category at least once every two years.

All ranks and titles of sport in the Russian Federation are regulatedEVSC. After receiving a category in accordance with the above procedure and within the framework of actual requirements, the athlete must also periodically confirm it.

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  • Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment Sports categories and ranks: list and assignment