Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw

than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw

than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw

  1. In raw salmonella can be. You can get sick. Therefore, they need to cook / fry, and after the shell was taken - hands wash with soap.
    And in general, adults on vegetarian food, as it seems to me, to pass it is necessary (about children / young people I do not say - they need to grow).
  2. all are useful, they have a lot of vitamins in the yolk, and even the quail is never infected with salmonella, so they can be eaten raw
  3. raw - a serious risk of salmonella
  4. Quail eggs are a very valuable dietary product, the benefits of which were known in ancient times. Weight of quail eggs is only about 10 g, but it contains a large number of biologically active substances. The high content of B vitamins contributes to the improvement of the human nervous system. Thanks to phosphorus, potassium, iron improves memory. In addition, quail eggs contribute to the development of children's mental abilities. In comparison with a chicken egg, one gram of quail contains 2,5 times more vitamin A, almost 3 times the vitamin B1 and in 2 more than once - B2. The level of phosphorus, potassium and iron in them is also several times higher.
  5. The peculiarity of quail eggs is that it has an amino acid - lysozyme, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, is able to purify the liver and kidneys, including dissolving stones. Many scientists argue that because of the lack of lysozyme nutrition, we are so often sick. Villagers can drink fresh eggs of domestic chickens. But the quail egg is much more useful. It is distinguished by high sterility, and therefore it is possible to give small children on 1-2 eggs a day, as the Japanese do. A child who ate 2 quail eggs a day has better memory, a strong nervous system, acute eyesight, develops better and is less sick. Eggs can be used to treat diseases of many internal organs of humans and animals: the stomach, intestines, pancreas, thyroid gland, etc.

    Powder of quail eggs
    In the egg shell contains 27 trace elements, which are strikingly the same as the composition of the teeth and bones of a person. The shell of quail eggs is especially useful for young children, pregnant women, adolescents, and also adults for the prevention of diseases of the spine, polyarthritis, dental caries, alopecia, with all kinds of specimen. In a saucepan with cold water, pour the shell, boil 5 minutes, drain the water, rinse, pour clean water and boil again 5 minutes, drain the water and pour apple home-made vinegar for 24 hours. Vinegar is drained, rinsed and shrouded in the shade. We grind into powder on a coffee grinder to the state of flour. Children add to the porridge in the morning - by age from 14 a teaspoon and more.

  6. Raw quail eggs are saturated with micro elements in 5 times more chicken. There are no contraindications.
  7. Useful properties of quail eggs became known to people many centuries ago, quail eggs are mentioned in Egyptian papyri, and in recipes of Chinese traditional medicine.
    Once the Japanese exported a batch of quails from China. The Japanese were interested in the properties and benefits of quail eggs and meat used in Chinese folk medicine.
    The Japanese have always been renowned for their ability to derive great benefit from the small. After the bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, Japanese doctors actively engaged in the search for products that promote the effective removal of radionuclides from the body. It turned out that quail eggs also positively affect the development of children's mental abilities. Therefore, the government of Japan has elevated to the rank of one of the 12 basic laws of the country "... mandatory daily consumption of quail eggs (2-3 pieces) in the diet of children and, if possible, adults (especially males)."
    The Japanese experience was used by Russian doctors after the Chernobyl accident when drawing up a menu for children who were taken out of the tragedy zone. During this course, absolutely no adverse allergic reactions were observed, even in children with bronchial asthma.
    As a result, children's appetite normalized, fatigue and pain in the heart disappeared, complaints of dizziness and nosebleeds decreased.
    Now quail eggs are used effectively in baby food. Because of the high body temperature (42 degrees), the quail is resistant to infectious diseases, in particular, they are never sick with salmonella. And consequently, quail eggs, unlike chicken eggs, can be eaten raw and receive the whole complex of nutrients, which during the heat treatment are significantly destroyed.
    If your child has diathesis, then quail eggs are what you need. By the way, children refusing to eat chicken eggs, come to full delight from quail eggs. Children who consume quail eggs have a decreased need for calcium. They are less tired, they become more mobile, they have no problems with preparing lessons.
    In quail eggs, by weight equal to one chicken, contains 2,5 times more vitamins B1 and B2, five times more potassium, in 4,5 times - iron,. Also in quail eggs, the content of vitamin A, phosphorus, nicotinic acid, copper, cobalt, limiting and other amino acids is more (for more details see here). Quail eggs do not cause diathesis and other allergic reactions, they have tonic properties. Doctors recommend to introduce them into the diet of infants with artificial feeding.
    Bulgarian experts have established that the efficiency of quail eggs is superior to Viagra. The Bulgarians even invented a cocktail called "Youth". The effect of consuming a magic drink on potency is simply terrific. The reason for the effect is that quail eggs contain many useful trace elements, including phosphorus, iron, rich in minerals, vitamins A, B1 and B2.
    And in Germany, among men, it is customary to eat four raw quail eggs on an empty stomach and drink them with a tablespoon of vodka, which is infused on walnut septums. Those Germans who have been eating breakfast for so many years are very proud of their potency.
    Quail eggs enhance immunity, normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system.
    Constant acute respiratory infections in children are a problem for many families. Parents faithfully perform the course of treatment, but it costs a child for a day or two to appear in school or kindergarten, as he again overtakes the disease.
    The basis of recurring and prolonged diseases, as a rule, is also lowered immunity. Parents whose children belong to the group of people who are often ill should take care of the prevention of child suffering. For example, the reception of quail eggs can reduce the frequency of cases of acute respiratory diseases in sickly children 5 times. And even if the child does get sick, the disease will proceed much more easily.

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  • Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw Than useful quail eggs and what are harmful raw