The accumulative deposit Blitz-income (Alfa-Bank)

The accumulative deposit "Blitz-income" (Alfa-Bank)

The deposit "Blitz-Income" (Alfa-Bank) is designed foraugmentation of money resources. This savings account can be safely attributed to excellent additional income with the ability to freely dispose of money.

The essence of the deposit

savings account

The accumulative account "Blitz-income" of Alfa-Bank iscontinuous receipt of interest from funds that are accrued for the remaining amount reflected in the account for the billing period. The main terms of the deposit include:

  • high profitability;
  • unlimited account replenishment and withdrawal of cash (up to the minimum balance);
  • interest rate to 4.8%;
  • the ability to manage your money through a mobile application and the "Alpha-Click" service;
  • free services for accelerated income generation.

Important nuance

The "Blitz-Income" deposit (Alfa-Bank) has an importantnuance - the higher the amount of replenishment, the higher the interest rate. For example, opening an account for the minimum possible amount of 10 thousand rubles, the depositor will receive a percentage of 0.01 to 4. Accordingly, starting from 100 thousand the interest rate will increase. This for convenience we demonstrate in the table.

Interest rate %

Contribution in rubles

Up to 4

From 10 000 to 99 999

Up to 4,2

From 100 thousand to 500 thousand.

Up to 4,4

From 500 thousand to 1 million.

Up to 4,6

From 1 million to 5 million.

Up to 4,8

From 5 million.

Interest rate %

Contribution to $


Up to 15 000


15 000-150 000


From 150 000

The "Blitz-Income" deposit is offered by Alfa-Bank in euro-currency, regardless of the deposit amount, the rate will be 0.1%.


contribution blitz income alfa bank

The savings account "Blitz-income" (Alfa-Bank), the terms of which are quite favorable for those who want to earn extra money, has a wide range of advantages and benefits:

  1. The deposit involves a partial withdrawal of funds unlimited number of times per month and for the entire duration of the deposit.
  2. You can replenish your account at any time and for any amount.
  3. Opportunity to open a deposit in three types of currencies: rubles, dollars and euro.
  4. The deposit is subject to insurance under a special state program.
  5. Open a deposit, lead it, as well as carry out all possible operations for the current deposit can be absolutely free.
  6. Manage your account in several ways: online bank, Alfa-click, Alfa-Bank mobile application, depositor's phone, bank operator.
  7. To exclude the possibility of fraudulentthe money from the savings account can only be transferred to the depositor's own current account, which is tied to the Alfa Bank's card. It is not possible to transfer funds from a savings account to the accounts of legal entities and ordinary citizens.

blitz income alfa bank conditions

How to open

To open an account "Blitz-income" Alfa-Bank offers a choice of several ways. For new customers:

  1. Visit one of the offices directlyfinancial organization. In the office, the bank employee will provide all necessary information on the deposit, advise how much to deposit and how to work with the deposit. Having provided all the necessary documents, the depositor can count on opening a savings account.
  2. Fill in the online application. It consists of a list of questions, answering which the person gives an opportunity to the bank's employees to find out about the future depositor all the necessary information. It is necessary to specify reliable personal data, contact details, city of residence, bank branch, convenient for further visits, as well as information on where the future investor learned about the deposit. Then the call of the manager of the organization for clarification of the information and the invitation to visit the specified office for registration of documents for opening of the contribution should follow.

For regular customers to open a savings account "Blitz-income" Alfa-Bank advises in the following ways:

  1. Use the Internet resource "Alpha-click."
  2. Mobile application "Alfa Mobile".
  3. Visit the office of Alfa Bank.
  4. Through a call to the bank operator.

And to open a deposit, you need the following documents:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • Any identity document at the request of a bank employee.
  • For regular customers who have access to an Internet resource, only the card number is needed, to which the savings account and Internet access will be tied.

blitz income alfa bank

To become a depositor in Alfa-Bank, it is enough to be of age and have the opportunity to provide all the required documents, in particular, the passport of a Russian citizen.

Reviews of depositors

Accumulation account "Blitz-income" (Alfa-Bank),whose terms are not inferior to many profitable deposits, is the most in demand among the bank's customers and third-party investors. According to their feedback, despite the fact that the interest rate is still small, this account is the best option for those who want to constantly receive from the deposit a profit.

Cromet addition, customers believe that for those whohas the ability to manage large amounts, this is an excellent option for investing money. And thanks to the ability to translate them into a convenient time for the client, a lot of questions are solved. After all, not always in life the right money is in your pocket.

Clients believe that it is more acceptable to shoot and replenish, rather than wait for several years to take their own blood. Therefore, the invoice is a success for investors.

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