The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums

The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums

More recently, plastic windowsconsidered a sign of prosperity, and for most citizens were unavailable. Today, PVC-profile windows have ceased to be a curiosity - many are rushing to replace them with old wooden frames, and during the construction of almost all install metal plastic. But this pleasure continues to be not cheap. When buying plastic windows, everyone hopes to get a quality and durable thing. Therefore, many, if not all, are wondering what the service life of plastic windows, how many years will they please the owners? Interested in this and those who are only going to buy a prestigious window. Marketers promise that metal-plastic windows will last at least 30-40 years.service life of plastic windows

How many components will the metal-plastic windows

Different parts of the metal-plastic window have different service life. The window consists of a profile (for example, Winbau, WDS, Aluplast), double-glazed windows and accessories.

The most durable element of the window is the profile. On it manufacturers give a guarantee not very big - from 5 to 10 years, but at the same time promise that it will last a lot longer. The profile of PVC does retain its properties and color for 35-40 years. But scientists continue to work on improving the quality of chemical additives, and the profiles of Winbau, WDS, Aluplast, which are produced today, promise to last for half a century! On the glass package warranty is usually up to 3 years, and it serves, according to installers, from 15 to 20 years.

10-12 years of life promise to hardware, warrantyThe term of this component is up to 5 years. But all these are promises, the real life of the windows will depend on which components to choose, and whether they will be used correctly.the service life of plastic windows according to the guest

What determines the life expectancy of a window made of metal-plastic

The main factors are four:

  • The right choice of fittings and seals.
  • Care of fittings and seals, their timely replacement.
  • Quality of the component parts of the product.
  • Correct setting of accessories.

The less open it is, the longer it will be!

How long does the window frommetalloplastika, for how long it will open and close, depends, first of all, on the quality of the hardware. And the period of its operation is measured in the number of cycles. But even knowing this figure, to answer the question, how many will serve a window, is problematic. Why? After all, some owners will open and close the window 30 times a day, and others - only 2. For example, if the number of cycles is 15 000, and the windows will be opened 20 times a day, then they cease to operate with such hardware after 3 years!

Therefore, to measure the service life of plastic windows incycles is very inconvenient. And it is not necessary. Just need to be ready to replace the hardware as necessary, because it is - the most vulnerable part of the plastic window: it is the fittings, providing the functionality of the windows, assume significant operational loads.service life of plastic windows how much

How to choose the right fittings

On the same profile put different accessories, and on what the buyer chooses, the lifetime of the plastic windows depends to a large extent, how many times they can open and close.

Give preference better than the hardware that iscovered with a film of polymer material. You need to buy hardware from well-known manufacturers, such as Maco, GU, Roto. Advantages are available for each of these brands.

Experts recommend visiting sitesmanufacturers, get acquainted with the production technologies of this window component and tell the installer which type of fittings you prefer to put. It is also important to adjust the fittings so that the window opens and closes gently. And you need to regularly handle it with universal lubricants (lithol or automotive WD-40).

How to prolong the life of seals

The service life of plastic windows largely depends andfrom the quality of seals. The role of the sealing material in the manufacture of the window unit is extremely important. Without it, all the positive qualities of metal-plastic windows just fade away. After all, the protection of the premises from dust, noise, wind and moisture is provided by the seal. For good sealing and the density of closing the windows, they are usually made of rubber.rubber sealing for plastic windows And it, as is known, under the influence of acidicrains quickly deteriorate. In order for the sealing rubber band for plastic windows to have a longer service life, it is better to choose seals having the color of natural rubber - black. In order to give it a gray or white hue, manufacturers add to the rubber modifiers, which significantly reduce the performance of the seal. There are not many types of the profile of this component - only up to four. But fakes - a huge amount.

To ensure the life of seals on plasticwindows did not disappoint, you need to be very careful when choosing them to take only the original sealing rubber bands. Also, to maintain elasticity, it is necessary to periodically coat them with rubber grease, which should not contain glycerin or silicone.

How long will the mounting foam last?

When installing metal-plastic windows necessarilyFoam is used. It is filled with voids around the profile to protect the apartment or house from moisture and heat loss. What is the service life of the mounting foam in the plastic windows? The basis of this material is polyurethane, which can last for a long time - dozens of years. However, under the influence of the sun, the foam can dry out, and as a result of the rains, it may become too humid and chapped and crumbled during subsequent frosts.

The service life of the foam, which is not sufficiently protected,may not last even up to 3-4 years. And if you isolate it from ultraviolet radiation, waterlogging, minimize the temperature drop, then its service life can be extended to 20 or even 30 years.The service life of mounting foam in plastic windows

Are there any GOSTs for installing plastic windows?

That the buyer had a guarantee that the plasticwindows are long enough to install them in accordance with the necessary quality standards, strictly according to the standard. Is the service life of plastic windows according to GOST?

There are many, there are two main ones:GOST 30971-2002 and GOST R 52749-2007. But the installation of metal-plastic windows according to GOST is not strictly mandatory, they have only a recommendation character. And this is often used by unscrupulous installers. State regulation in accordance with GOSTs is really tough only in matters related to security. When installing windows, it is desirable to hire a firm that adheres to generally accepted standards, and it is better if it is reflected in the relevant clause of the contract. life of seals on plastic windows

So, a single service life of metal-plasticit is impossible to name the windows. In each case, it can be calculated only approximately. And this figure will depend on many factors. We hope that this article will help the reader to make the right choice.

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  • The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums The service life of plastic windows and sealing gums