The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion

The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion

In all ages it was believed that the hands - it's businessa card of any person, and girls - even more so. Every lady wants to make the marigolds always well-groomed! Therefore, representatives of the fair sex try to visit beauty salons, and also take care of the nails at home. Many girls are interested, for example, how to make an apparatus manicure. We will briefly explain that you understand. This procedure is usually done in the cabin with the help of special tools and various grinding nozzles. Thanks to her, you can get the perfect marigold. Repeat the procedure every two weeks.

what manicure is now in fashionSpecial attention is also paid to trends inmanicure, because you want the marigolds to be adorned with beautiful drawings, which this very season are the most-most. But what manicure is in fashion in 2014?

Pastel - trend of the season

Now, as never before, there are pastel colors in the fashion, that is, caramel, milk, beige, pink, lilac, blue and flesh.

Manicure in such shades has many advantages:

• Great for formal events, as it is almost invisible.

• Using varnishes of these colors, you can do an uncomplicated manicure.

• If you choose a bright lacquer in tone for a dress or purse, you can emphasize femininity, making the image gentle.

• Those who love jewelry will be able to show them favorably, not being afraid that the bright color of nails will eclipse them.

nails manicureDo you want beautiful nails? A manicure in pastel colors with a geometric pattern is what you need. This design is not only beautiful, but also fashionable. You can, for example, use a gentle pink varnish as a base, and bright red for a slanting line. Although the options in this creative work, as you understand, can be different. For example, you can do this: apply a base, then in two layers a bright varnish, and the tips make a contrasting shade (red, blue or green.)

Color and bright colors are also in trend

Now again a fashionable bright red color. This tone is not vulgar, it is a real classic, which makes the image feminine and elegant.

In fashion, now also a manicure with different varnishes,especially their unusual combinations are popular. For example, you can make the outline black lacquer, and inside it - bright white. This manicure looks very stylish and unusual, especially with light clothing.

what manicure is in fashion 2014What manicure is now in vogue? Using metallic shades. Gold, bronze and other similar colors at the peak of popularity. Looks good enough with black outfits.

Make beautiful nails

Now we will tell you how to make a stylish manicure. So, take five varnishes of the same color, but different tones, smoothly passing from the lightest to the darkest. The name of such a manicure in French is "Ombre". When you will paint your nails with varnish, then on each finger use your own, which is darker than the previous one. Here are our nails. Manicure such to do, as you could notice, is not particularly difficult.

You can make a five-level transition, and ifthere will be a desire, then a ten-level one. Such a manicure looks amazing! Note that in 2013 it was fashionable to paint nails with different colors, but they had to be contrasting.

how to make a hardware manicureWhat manicure is now in vogue? Of course, a classic French jacket. This option is beautiful and very convenient. On sale there are special sets, which include elements such as a white pencil, a base coat (solid or pink), paper stickers and white lacquer. Of course, you can use your color combination. In this case, everything depends on your imagination and desire.

You can try to experiment onclassics. To do this, make an original French manicure using unusual and contrasting tones. Especially good combinations, matched to the dress or accessories.


What manicure is now in vogue? "Eggs" on the nails. This is a very interesting trend. To make such a manicure, you need to buy in the store special balls for nails and several varnishes of different colors. Then you can proceed to the implementation. On the nails covered with a colorless base, apply varnishes of different colors, and sprinkle a similar color on top of the still-dried surface. This manicure looks amazing, especially in the black version!

The shape of the nails: what form is now in vogue?

Oval, slightly pointed or slightly rounded. The best option is nails of medium length or short. Expressed square, very long or frankly sharp now not in the trend.

This season is also fashionable cover the shell, and the gel and acrylic slightly surrendered the position. If we talk about the cuticle, then we do not cut it, but carefully pull it back.

Fashionable manicure with a pattern: gentle colors and colorful prints!

Bright accents could not help becoming fashionable. Rhinestones, coloring of nails in several colors and, of course, drawings - all this is now very important. Prints in the form of geometric shapes, peas, lines, skin of reptiles and curls are perfectly combined with the trends of the last year - fanciful compositions and floral patterns.

2014 is the year of the Horse, so a lot of trends in manicure are devoted to this topic.

Different floral combinations, beating skinreptiles - that's what you need now. Useful advice: when choosing nail art, try not to overdo it, as a small elegant flower on the ring finger will look more stylish and beautiful than the flower bed on both hands.

Manicure Options

Now consider a few more popular trends:

  • The base of the nail is dyed white. Approximately from the middle we put a bright yellow varnish, and in the middle we mount a rhinestone. You can use other combinations, for example, very stylish look blue and white, black and red and others.manicure with a picture
  • Nails should be dyed in a gently pink color, and the side should be decorated with white and green floral prints. Such a manicure looks beautiful, giving the image of a girl's femininity.
  • Original style of "zebra" looks original. To make such a manicure, color the nails in white, then use a thin brush in any order to draw black stripes on top. You can leave it or put a sparkle on.
  • Stylish look blue nails with a white pattern, which is supplemented with silvery or black rhinestones.

Tips and Tricks

  • To make Ombre nails a quality one, you needchoose varnishes of one firm. By the way, you can act trickier: you choose a varnish of the necessary color and white. Take the palette and mix them on it. In this way, you can get the most interesting and original combinations.
  • Since the multilayered manicure dries sufficientlylong, use a special drying. It only needs one drop, so the whole bottle is enough for a long time. In many such products, there are additives for strengthening the nails. This can not but rejoice.
  • Do not mix warm and cold colors. This is the only prohibition that affects all types of manicure. There are no other restrictions.manicure with different varnishes
  • Apply the base to the varnish. So you can prevent the fragility of nails, as well as keep their nice appearance for a long time.

At last

Now you know which manicure is now in fashion. We examined the main trends of the season. As you could see, now manicure is designed to emphasize femininity. The main rule - make a habitual manicure a note of the avant-garde, a bit of modernism and a drop of pop art, while retaining coquetry and a slight charm of sensuality.

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  • The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion The wind of change, or What kind of manicure is now in fashion