Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal

Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal

Jul 11, 2018

Survival before surgery to remove the tooth is a normal situation, if a person does not start to panic or for a long time ignores this phenomenon.When an experienced surgeon in his office relieves the visitor of a painful tooth, one can think of retreating all difficulties and anxieties.But in reality this is not always the case, so you should prepare for the consequences in advance.

When the gum is healed after tooth extraction

Many people, after pulling out, find out from the doctor the following information: how long( days) the hole( gum) heals after removing the wisdom tooth, how long will the wound not be tightened?This is important, since after the operation there may be gum disease, bleeding of the wells, which can lead to a length of discomfort for several days.

Difficult tooth extraction for how long heals

Healing of the gums after tooth extraction

Because of injury, a lot of discomfort in the oral cavity.

  1. With long bleeding holes, the question is how to stop the protracted flow of blood.
  2. Sometimes the suppuration of the wound begins and the appearance of putrefactive odor.
  3. In the groove can get food, providing an additional traumatic effect.

To understand the duration of tissue overgrowth in the damaged area, you can first analyze in detail the processes that appear in the wound after the operation, determine the nature and factors of the overgrowth.Also, it is necessary to determine the causes provoking the occurrence of relapses and secondary infection of tissues located near the wound, up to the inflammation( alveolitis).

After the extraction of the tooth by a specialist, blood accumulates in the formed depression and the mechanism of overgrowth is activated.But it is impossible to accurately calculate the duration of tissue overgrowth.

There are different factors in this process, therefore, for each patient it is different.To accelerate the process of overgrowing the gums and periosteum, it is necessary to strictly follow the advice of an experienced surgeon.

Factors prolonging the tightening of tissues after the performed operation

Patients ask: when a complex tooth extraction is performed, how long does this place heal?The specialist removes the tooth from the indentation, after which the wound healing immediately begins, which is called the secondary tension.That is, the circular mating formed around the tooth, narrows and the gingival edges are joined.

The appearance of a blood clot in the wound characterizes the beneficial healing of the wound after removal of the diseased tooth.It is, in a way, a defense against infection, so do not remove the clot that some of us are trying to do mechanically: a toothpick, a finger, an intensified rinsing of the oral cavity.

How does the gum look after tooth extraction

Healing of the socket of the removed tooth

For several days the blood clot is replaced with granulation tissue, followed by the formation of an osteoid tissue.In other words, in the zone of the eradicated tooth, a new bone is formed with the gums.

When removing a tooth with damage to a large volume of well walls, the tightening time may be prolonged.Therefore, the repair process in the tissues depends on the following factors:

  • The main factor is the condition of the wound after the performed operation.The more the specialist makes mistakes, the more difficult it will be to tighten the hole;
  • the next factor affecting wound healing is the risk of infection.

A frequent phenomenon after a complex operation to remove a diseased tooth is infection of the well, when carious residues penetrate into the depth of the wound, causing suppuration and prolonged healing of the wound.It is worth noting that the purulent formation in the gums is also manifested in the case of inappropriate treatment of the affected area by the patient.

In this case, the infection comes after the process of removing the tooth into the cavity formed, where food remains, which for a long time are there with microorganisms penetrated from the oral cavity, can fall.This process is characterized by suppuration of the wound and its prolonged overgrowth.

Because of what the healing is stretched.Occurrence of secondary infections

According to many doctors, a lot of pathogenic microorganisms accumulate in the oral cavity, except for which conditionally pathogenic microbes are present in large amounts.Conditionally pathogenic they are called because they can harm the body in specific conditions.

Torn out the tooth - how long does the gum repair

Healing of the socket after tooth extraction

When a wound appears in the mouth of a tooth that forms on the site of a removed tooth, which serves as a kind of vessel for the accumulation of food residues, previously safe microorganisms from conditionally pathogenic ones turn into pathogenic ones.This leads to inflammation and purulent formations.If you have such problems, you can study the following questions: how( how much) the hole heals after tooth extraction( photo);Stages of healing of the socket;The wound does not overgrow.It becomes clear that the process of tightening the wound is mainly determined by the nature of hygiene of the mouth, the appropriate care of the hole.

It should be realized that fresh wound in the oral cavity is sensitive to infection with microorganisms.So, a secondary infection can resume with eating food with dirty hands, using an old toothbrush for cleaning teeth, etc. But the restorative process in the affected tissues of the gum may last for several months until the wound itself clears from the dead cells and tissues,The beginning of the growth of granulation tissue.After this, a young bone will form.

Risk of prolonged wound overgrowth afteroperation

Due to the addition of infection to the wound, it is possible that the alveolitis is an inflammatory process in the wound after pulling out, which can last several days.Characteristic symptoms of the phenomenon may be acute pain in the affected area, a violation of normal overgrowth of the hole, the appearance of putrefactive odor from the mouth.As a result of purulent inflammation, a delay in the healing of the gums may occur, and there may be a danger of severe complications in the form of limited jaw osteomyelitis.

How long does the gum repair after tooth extraction?

How the gum looks after tooth extraction

Especially dangerous is the long overgrowth of the wound on the background of infection, after removal from the lower jaw of the wisdom tooth.Due to the surrounding of the lower dentition with soft tissues with increased blood supply, after simple or complicated surgery, microorganisms can enter the wound.This leads to terrible consequences, up to the penetration of deep tissue infection.And infection of the maxillary zones and the jaw itself with a decrease in the immune-protective functions of the body can cause dangerous phlegmon and abscesses.The last stage of complications may be sepsis with contamination of blood by pathogenic microorganisms with a fatal outcome.

Ways to accelerate the wound healing process after operation

In order to understand what effective methods exist to accelerate the gingival aftergrowth, it is necessary to study the characteristics of optimal tissue tightening and the appearance of a blood clot.See how the gum looks after removing the tooth( photo) - a blood clot is represented on our site.

The best option for overgrowing the wound is to observe the sterilization conditions.Of course, sterility is a conventional concept, because when harmful and useful microorganisms are destroyed, adverse effects can occur( dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity, etc.), which affects the general condition of the body.In order not to damage your health, but creating a wound fast and comfortable overgrowing after surgery, you should carry out prevention by general and local methods.

How long does the gum healing after healing?

How many heals the hole after tooth extraction - methods of early healing

There are several rules, under which the gum will successfully heal after the operation:

  • is not allowed to eat for three hours, it is also undesirable to drink.This can damage the natural formation of a clot in the gum;
  • should firmly hold the upper and lower jaw tampon of gauze, which the specialist left in the hole after pulling.On the edge of the wound is important pressure, which should last up to 20 minutes;
  • not allowed a few days visiting the sauna, baths, sports, heavy physical work, prolonged exposure to the sun and overheating;
  • after operating for several days, it is prohibited to take alcohol products and smoking, solid, hot and sharp foods.With this recommendation, you can protect the blood clot from trauma, and the wound from purulent formation and secondary bleeding;
  • to try for several days not to sleep and not to chew food on the damaged area of ​​the jaw.

To speed up the procedure of pulling the hole after pulling out, local methods of processing the open wound can be used.The most popular of the techniques used are rinsing, but some experts say a possible damage to the blood clot.By ignorance, some patients rinse the oral cavity in different formulations: vodka, salt, soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

The specialist can recommend for local use and accelerate the process of overgrowth of the hole after operating the gelatinous composition "Metrogil Denta", the adhesive dental paste "Solcoseryl"And other means.

With complex pulling of the wisdom tooth or the appearance of purulent odontogenic formations in nearby tissues and jaw bones, with reduced immunity, antibacterial treatment with antibiotics is recommended.This allows you to reduce the amount of bacteria in the wound and around it.

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  • Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal Tooth extraction: how long does the hole heal