Topical hairstyles for round faces

Topical hairstyles for round faces

Girls, whose face has preserved a lovely babyroundness, always attracted by soft features. The round face gives its owner a slightly naive and, moreover, a good-natured expression. But there is no woman who would be completely satisfied with herself. So the owners of round faces often want to at least visually change the outlines. This can easily be done with properly stylized hair. However, not every styling or haircut is really suitable in this case. After all, let's say, hairstyles for a rectangular face can not only hide the visible virtues, but also reveal some small flaws that are usually not visible. Once again, putting hair in front of a mirror or heading to a hairdresser, take note of a few simple tips. They will help you not to make a mistake with the choice and save from the most common mistakes.

Hairstyles for round faces, first of all, shouldhide the excessive completeness of the circuit. Therefore, you should avoid those options that assume smoothly combed back hair. "Horse" tails are also not very suitable for chubby owners of broad cheeks. Such a hairstyle will make the face even more rounded and open the line of the ears not in the best light.

As for the bangs, in this case it is necessarytake the utmost care. Firstly, an unsuccessfully chosen length can spoil the forehead, unnecessarily hiding it. In this case, the proportionality of the face is violated. Too short a bang - too not the best variant. With her forehead will seem very sloping. The optimal solution is a slanting bang of medium length. In this case, the asymmetry will play into your hands. Secondly, it should always be remembered that any cardinal change in hair is a big risk. After all, the hair does not grow so quickly to hide the error overnight. So if you are not completely sure that the bangs will decorate you - do not take any risks.

All hairstyles and hairstyles for a round face haveseveral general principles. One of them is length. Avoid too short haircuts that strongly open the neck and the line of cheekbones. All this will only add contours of width, which in our case it is better not to do. Give your preference better to medium length hair or long versions of models. This will not only give charm and romance to your image, but also profitably adjust the shape of the face. In addition, long and well-groomed hair is always in fashion. You will not lose if you choose a similar hairstyle. If you have a wide nose or large features in general, then long hair can visually change this.

Use asymmetrical hairstyles. For round faces - this is almost an ideal solution. Unusual and "torn" strands, stepped rows of curls visually stretch and extend the shape of the face. They also distract the view from the large and massive features that can be a problem for most owners of a round face. However, it should not be emphasized in the form of curls or individual strands at the level of the cheeks. This will visually increase them.

And this advice will be to the liking of all loversbright style and a noticeable image. After all those hairstyles for round faces, which are highlighted by the coloring of individual strands, is an unusual, but very effective option. Colored "feathers" can create the effect of narrowing the face, form a more elongated oval. The colors themselves are not so important in principle, but it is better if they create a contrast to the main background.

The last little trick in choosing a hairstylefor round faces is that choosing between the direct parting and oblique, it is better to give preference to the latter. He will also give the round face oval features.

Give your hair a decent attention, because it is able to completely transform the face. And it depends only on you, in what direction the changes will be directed - positive or negative.

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