Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates

Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates

If you build a two-story garage, you'll getMultifunctional building where, in addition to the car, it will be possible to place inventory or make a residential loft on the second floor. In order to avoid problems during the construction process, you must first create a project that will be used to build the building.


two-story garage

The layout of a two-story garage shouldto provide for the need to decide the question for what purposes the second premise will be used. It can be an attic or a room for storing car parts. When on the second floor is not intended to have heavy furniture or other objects with a large mass, then it will be sufficient to erect reinforced bearing walls. However, in the case when the second floor is intended to be used as a dwelling, it will be necessary to strengthen not only the walls, but also the base under them. If a two-storey garage is created without a project, then you may find that the foundation can not withstand the loads, that's why you need to make sure that the base is as reliable as possible.

Features of construction: the erection of the basement

sectional garage door

Once you have decided on the size of the futureconstruction, in the selected territory it is necessary to make a markup. According to the received contour, a trench is digged, the depth of which should be equal to a meter, the final value will depend on the depth of freezing of the ground. If this mark is below, then it is recommended to deepen the trench. Otherwise a thaw can cause the base to shear and damage the integrity of the entire structure.

Methods of work

garage for 2 cars

Sand and rubble are poured onto the bottom, the thickness of the layerwhich should reach 20 cm. The next stage is equipped with a formwork of boards, and inside is laid the core armature. When a two-storey garage is built, the next step is pouring the concrete mixture, which is left for 30 days before solidification. After this, the base must be waterproofed by laying a roofing material on the surface in 2 layers.

Construction of load-bearing walls

two-storey garage project

When a two-story garage is built up fromfoam blocks, then their minimum size should be equal to 60x30x20 cm. For partitions it is possible to use products of smaller sizes. Laying the first row will be the most difficult, it is necessary to correct the unevenness of the foundation surface. The slits are covered with cement mortar, and the unevenness is smoothed out with a board with a grinding surface. The first row needs to be reinforced with reinforcement, for this in the blocks stitches are made, where the reinforcement bars are laid.

Two-story garage mustspread out with the use of a solution to which a plasticizer is added. After the walls were raised to a height of half a meter, you can proceed to install garage doors. Every fourth row in the field of gates and openings should be reinforced with reinforcement. If the first floor is used to store the car, then the optimal height of the room will be 2.5 m, at this level, floors for the construction of the second floor are installed. After the walls have been erected to the design level, it is possible to lay the belt out of reinforced concrete, and then again perform the formwork by bandaging the space with reinforcing bars. The next step is to pour concrete solution. In order to increase fire safety, inside the building it is necessary to finish the walls with a dry or wet plaster, which has fireproof characteristics. While the facade is usually decorated with high-quality corrugated board.

Construction of the second floor

two-storey garage

The project of a two-storey garage in the next stageprovides for the creation of a gable roof system, which is formed on the rafters. The walls of foam blocks should be erected above the frame, this is because the reinforced concrete slabs are brittle when compressed. After hardening of the concrete strapping, it is necessary to lay floors, for which it is necessary to use wooden beams or a reinforced concrete slab. Further, the ceiling is arranged, and thermal insulation works are carried out above it.

For the exit, a hatch and a comfortable staircase are arranged,which can be wooden or metal. When creating a gable roof on a rafter base, the elements are installed at one end onto the supporting wall, while the second end is placed on the column or the middle wall. Border-to-beams are fixed boards, which are covered with roofing felt. As a covering material, it is best to use tile or corrugated board. All the walls are built to the desired height using the same technology used for the first floor. For this, foam blocks are used, which are laid on cement mortar and reinforced with reinforcing bars.

Creating Sectional Doors

two-storey garage of foam blocks

Sectional doors to the garage can be completedindependently, while the canvas will consist of several panels, the height of which is about half a meter. Panels can be made of plastic, wood or steel, and their internal space is filled with thermal insulation in the form of polyurethane foam.

The elements are connected to each other on hinge-type hinges, and the couplings, rollers and other moving parts are made of steel plates.

To carry out the work on the production of the gate, it is necessary to prepare:

  • wooden bars;
  • metal pins;
  • corner on the rails;
  • bracket;
  • spring;
  • metal rod.

From the transverse and two vertical barsit is necessary to create a box, connecting the elements among themselves steel plates or angles. The lower part is buried 2 cm into the floor screed. When a sectional door is made into a garage, the box in the opening is secured with steel pins. The frame should be assembled, and then shrouded with a shield, covering the outside with sheet iron.

From the corner it is possible to carry out the support of the mechanism, and in one of the shelves to drill the holes for fixing to the posts. In the other shelf, make 3 holes to fix the spring bracket.

Support for the spring is made of channelbracket, in order to fix it, it is necessary to drill an additional three holes. When building a garage for 2 cars, you can follow the same rules, but in this case, the lower floor is recommended to be placed in the basement, but the gate can be carried out in the same way. The iron strip will go into the manufacture of an adjusting plate, which will allow to connect the bracket and the spring, in the latter the extreme parts are bent in the form of hooks, and the voltage regulator is attached from below.


When the garage for 2 cars is built, the ray of all to make the first floor above the ground. Since the socle will have to be additionally waterproofed from groundwater.

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  • Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates Two-storey garage: project, construction, gates