What and how to wear a ski jacket

What and how to wear a ski jacket?

What and how to wear a ski jacket?

  1. Yes, do not wash the jacket in the washing machine
  2. What you can not do:
    To use when washing with friable detergent powder, it can clog pores;
    Adding bleach it will damage the thin fabric, after which it will lose the warming properties;
    Press in the washing machine lining will be strongly stretched;
    Iron even with a minimally heated iron. Since the fabric is completely synthetic, it is not resistant to high temperatures;
    Wash at temperatures over 40 degrees;
    Use dry cleaning services if it does not specialize in working with membrane things;
    Press and unscrew even when hand washing, rub heavily soiled areas;
    Use air conditioners for clothes;
    Dry on battery or electric heater.

    How to properly wash a ski suit with a membrane:
    Erase only in manual mode;
    The permissible water temperature is 30-40 degrees;
    Use liquid powders and gels. Today there is a wide range of special products that are created for washing membrane things, this information is provided on the label. NIKWAX funds are in great demand.
    When you have collected water in the container, dilute in it the necessary part of the detergent and soak the suit for half an hour;
    It is recommended to treat soiled areas with soap.
    After washing, hold the things so that water escapes them;
    Spread a clean dry towel on a flat surface, lay out the suit on it and leave to dry. If the house has a well-absorbed fabric, you can use it. Periodically turn over the suit, and change the towel.
    When the product is completely dry, treat it with DWR impregnation.
    Now you know how to wash a ski suit with a membrane.

  3. do not just think of sticking it into a machine - give it to a dry cleaner or hang it on your hangers and a brush with soap and household
  4. Here I found recommendations; washing powder can damage the breathing properties of the membrane (this is quite difficult due to the small size of the holes), but that the usual washing powder rinses the protective layer off the fabric and it begins to absorb water. Once the outer fabric is saturated with water, it begins to create problems for the free movement of water vapor and the fabric ceases to breathe. Therefore, the outer fabric should be constantly taken care of, washed only with a special composition and after washing to carry out additional processing. We recommend using water repellent sprays and impregnations from NIKWAX ().
    Softeners are air conditioners
    Clothes made from membrane fabrics should not be washed with ordinary detergents. Powder clogs the pores of the membrane and it stops "breathing". To wash with usual shampoo or liquid soap the same it is not desirable, as nobody can guarantee that with a material nothing happens. Therefore, it is best to use specialized means for washing membrane clothing, for example, Granger's Extreame Cleaner, usually the membrane materials are washed by hand, but machine wash is still permitted on the Gore-Tex website, although it is better not to risk and do without the washing machine. The product must be wrung out well by hand using a moisture-absorbing material (cotton canvas is possible), but not twisting at the same time, and then dried in a straightened form at room temperature.

    Consider, for example, the GORE-TEX membrane. This membrane does not get wet, is not blown by the wind and at the same time it breathes well. Its unique properties preserve the membrane in a wide range of temperatures and even when exposed to various chemicals. But in textile materials, the membrane is located between the outer fabric and the lining and
    a Forum -------
    Question: the season ended as it is necessary to wash and remove the snowmobile suit --- who does as follows: dry:
    Answer: Buy a special tool for washing (rinsing) gortex.

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  • What and how to wear a ski jacket What and how to wear a ski jacket What and how to wear a ski jacket What and how to wear a ski jacket What and how to wear a ski jacket What and how to wear a ski jacket What and how to wear a ski jacket What and how to wear a ski jacket What and how to wear a ski jacket What and how to wear a ski jacket