What are the benefits of labor veterans in Russia

What are the benefits of labor veterans in Russia?

In Russia, a large number of beneficiaries live. Persons with certain statuses can count on additional state support. This is quite normal and legitimate phenomenon. What privileges are used by veterans of labor? Do I need to arrange them somehow? What can a simple worker in Russia expect?What privileges are used by veterans of labor

About status

First of all, we will try to find out who has the right to this status. After all, the "Veteran of Labor" is a title that must be earned. And not all working people claim it.

This status is given to men after 40 yearswork, and the women's clothing - after 35. At the same time, people who started working as children during the Great Patriotic War can claim the title "Veteran of Labor". Also included here are citizens with awards for labor achievements under the Russian Federation or the USSR.

Medical service

What privileges are used by veterans of labor? State bonuses can be conditionally divided into Federal and regional support measures. Most often, the aforementioned population layer faces the first type of bonuses.

They start with medicine. All veterans have the right to service in state polyclinics outside the general line. This rule extends not only to therapists, but also to receptions by narrow specialists. Also, medical services are rendered free of charge.What benefits does a veteran of labor

What benefits do veteransRussia? Among the special opportunities are provided free prosthetic services and orthopedic services. The exception is the teeth. For their prosthesis will have to pay in full.

Nevertheless, in some regions even dentalproducts and their repair are free of charge. For example, such a bonus is in the Sverdlovsk region in some dentistry. More precise information needs to be clarified in a specific clinic.

Transport issues

What privileges are used by veterans of labor?The next feature is the use of public transport. In Russia, many pensioners have to pay for this service. But not to veteran laborers.What benefits do veterans of labor use?

This layer of the population can ride free of charge on buses and other public transport. Exception - minibus and taxi. For them it is necessary to pay in full.

Persons who are veterans of labor are entitled to discounts on tickets for trains, trains, ships and airplanes. Usually the cost of tickets is reduced by half.

Housing theme

But this is only the beginning. What are the benefits of a veteran of labor in 2017? Great attention is paid to the housing sector. Here the category of citizens being studied is supported on all sides.

For example, some people can get accommodation on a free basis. Or formalize a contract of social housing. More often these bonuses are put to needy families.

But all veteran veterans are given discounts for housing and communal services. Their size is from 50%. In some cases full release from the "communal" is allowed.

What benefits are still laid for veterans of federal labor? Among them are:

  • help with gas and water supply to the house;
  • discounts on the purchase of fuel for heating housing with stoves;
  • installation of a free home phone (even out of turn).

These are the main bonuses that occur in real life. More precise information should be specified in a specific region. It is not excluded that in the housing area veterans will be offered other opportunities.

Taxation sphere

What are the benefits of labor veterans in Moscow and other regions in 2017? It is worth paying attention to taxation. Here the studied layer of people is endowed with enormous opportunities.

Most often in Russia there are the following state bonuses:

  • partial exemption of some sources of income from income tax;
  • there is no need to pay taxes for property;
  • full or partial exemption from transport taxes;
  • giving a deduction for land tax.

In addition, working beneficiaries are entitled to a small deduction of personal income tax monthly. Usually it is about 500 rubles.What benefits are used by veterans of labor in Russia

Financial area

Thinking about what benefits veterans of labor enjoy, it is necessary to understand that financial support for these citizens also turns out. But not always.

On average, a veteran's pension is about 13thousand rubles. It's not so much. If pension payments are less than the subsistence minimum, then the authorities pay a surcharge. Its size directly depends on how much is not enough to the subsistence level of the region.

In some cities of the Russian Federation, the beneficiariesadditional surcharges are required. For example, in Sverdlov, you can additionally receive 600 rubles a month. Not too much, but it's better than nothing at all.

There are no more specifics of financing. Therefore, it is not necessary to count on serious material support from the state.

For the employed

It is clear, what privileges are used by veterans of labor of the Russian Federation. But this is not all bonuses that occur in practice. Many even after retirement continue to work. And veterans are also concerned.

In the workplace such people are offered special rights. Namely:

  • the possibility of obtaining additional unpaid leave;
  • the right to choose a convenient time for legal rest;
  • training and professional development at the expense of the chief.

The maximum duration of leave should not exceed 35 days per year. Perhaps this is the only rule that you really need to remember.What are the benefits to veterans of labor in Russia?

Other bonuses

What are the benefits of labor veterans in Russia in 2017? Their list was almost completely presented to our attention.

Among other state bonuses are:

  • free provision of medicines;
  • the opportunity to get a free trip to a sanatorium or a resort;
  • compensation for spending on dentures.

In some cities of the Russian Federation, additional financial and targeted support is offered. But, as a rule, it is only for needy families.


Clearly, what benefits does a veteran of labor enjoy?Citizens belonging to this stratum of the population can benefit from the monetization of benefits. This initiative is not actively supported. It consists in the refusal of benefits and in obtaining appropriate support in monetary terms.What are the benefits to veterans of labor in Moscow?

Monetization of benefits is carried out only byrequest of a citizen. Otherwise, the person will either not receive additional support, or he will be provided with what is legally required. You can cancel bonuses at any time.

Design Features

We found out what privileges veterans uselabor. Now you can consider the features of their design. After all, all state bonuses have a declarative nature. They are not offered by default. Benevolent must declare his desire to use a particular support measure.

Tax privileges are formalized in the Federal Tax Service for registration. With him the applicant will have to bring documents to the property, passport, veteran's certificate and application of the established form.

Housing bonuses may require treatment inhousing department of city administration. This is possible in case of applying for a free apartment. Discounts for utilities are provided after the application is written and sent to the Criminal Code.

Medical benefits usually do not require anyspecial actions. A person will need to show a veteran's certificate when receiving service. The same goes for transportation and tickets.

If we talk about labor benefits, then they also do not require additional actions. Lgotnik simply writes an application for unpaid leave and awaits confirmation. Everything is extremely simple and understandable.

Pensions and allowances are registered with the FIU. Sometimes - in city administrations. The latter alignment is relevant for the poor.What are the benefits to veterans of federal labor


We got acquainted with the main forms of supportveterans-laborers in Russia. All these benefits are, as a rule, at the Federal level. Therefore, there should not be any problems with their design.

In fact, benefits are changing all the time. Accordingly, it is impossible to say exactly how long these measures of support for veterans in Russia will last. But so far they are. And they need to be actively used.

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