What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween

What are the characters for Halloween? Who can dress up for Halloween?

October 31 - the holiday is pretty creepy and at the same timeTime is very funny. On this day, a wide variety of characters walk around the streets. On Halloween, you can meet monsters, and demons, and a variety of celebrities.

The history of this holiday totals wholemillennium. It combines absolutely opposite traditions. Christians worship all saints, Celts celebrate evil spirits, Romans chant the goddess of plants Pomona. In short, this holiday is very versatile, unusual and interesting.

On the eve of All Saints Day, many people beginthink over the details of your costume. Characters for Halloween are very bright and frightening, if you creatively approach the manufacture of a dress. So who to dress up in order to look dignified, stand out from the crowd and impress others with their appearance?Halloween characters

Famous characters for Halloween

In fact, choosing the right costume is not such a difficult task. Very popular characters for Halloween are celebrities.

For example, fans of the King of Pop oftendress up in Michael Jackson. This image looks very stylish and original. Having painted a "moon walk", the character can cause a flurry of emotions in his friends and surrounding people.who can dress up for halloween

One of the most popular ladies to dateis Lady Gaga. If you do not know which characters for Halloween for girls will stand out as a particularly shocking, think about this option. Extraordinary costume, shiny glasses and a white wig - that's all you need to create this image.

Of course, do not forget about thisA popular character, as Count Dracula. The costume of this hero will come in very handy on the night of Halloween. Leader of the army of vampires will bring lovers of this holiday in full delight.

No less relevant are the costumes of the heroesStar Wars, Transformers, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter. Many prefer to dress up also in superheroes - Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Catwoman, etc.

Almost the evil spirits in your own way

Characters for Halloween are still more often associated with dark forces. When preparing a costume, you can realize all your wildest fantasies. No one will think that a crazy person.

For example, you can remember the symbolsMexican national holiday - the Day of the Dead. On this day, according to the legend, the soul of the deceased people visit their home. Well, the symbols of the holiday are the goddess Katrina and the dead Mexican.

You can think about a more unexpected image -genie from a magic lamp. Here everything is extremely simple. The main thing is to figure out how to put on a turban, sew a velvet caftan or a suitable suit and pick up some sort of Aladdin's lamp.Scary Halloween Characters

A creepy, but rather interesting option -costume of a rebel from hell. To do this, you will need some old rags and appropriate makeup - black or bright red lips, eyes and manicure. In addition, it is necessary to make a "tousled" hairstyle or to choose a suitable wig.

Characters for Halloween for girls can be chosen from famous movies, for example, "Witches of Eastwick" or "Buffy". Everything depends on the person's imagination and on his preferences.

Fairy tales are always popular

If none of the above optionsarranges, if you do not know who you can dress up for Halloween, think of children's books and cartoons. World-famous fairy-tale characters always remain at the peak of popularity.

A wonderful couple will turn out, for example, from a catBasilio and the foxes of Alice. Bright grimm, tails and ears, thoughtful speech based on the children's tale "Buratino" - and these two can get a lot of "gold" from passers-by on this mysterious night.

Suit for Halloween for a girl can be performed instyle of one of Disney's fairy tales. Snow White or the Little Mermaid Ariel, Cinderella or Rapunzel - the baby is sure to be happy with such bright, gentle, feminine images.Halloween costume for girl

The children can dress up Ivan Tsarevich, KoshcheevImmortal, Snake Gorynych or Chernomor. These ageless images will always remain "in fashion", therefore, making such a costume, you will not lose by no means. Favorite characters will appeal to all your friends and friends!

We are different in originality

Thinking about what you can dress up forHalloween, it is worth paying special attention to unusual non-standard costumes. For example, a very original couple will look, disguised as the heroes of Schwarzenegger and De Vito from the movie "Twins". If you and your friend are noticeably different in height, just get the same glasses and costumes. "Hefty" and "shorty" of all very impressive.

Interesting and unusual will look like costumesparticipants of the group "The Beatles" or "Metallica". With these outfits there will be no problems. Singing the famous compositions while walking along the streets, you will noticeably stand out from the crowd.Halloween characters list

You can also distinguish yourself with your sense of humor,disguised, for example, in Pamela Anderson. A blond wig and an imposing fake impressive bust will allow the girl to make an indelible impression on the surrounding people.

Thus, a unique and original costume is not difficult to come up with. It is only necessary to show a little imagination and wit.

"Change" nationality

However, it is not necessary to choose for yourimage of terrible characters. On Halloween, you can dress up and quite differently. For example, using a dark grimmer or an ordinary black stocking, you can easily "reincarnate" into an African American. It remains only to pick up the right clothes - and the image is complete!

Girls can wear a veil, representing themselves as representatives of Muslim countries. A long dress and the role of the so-called modest concubine will necessarily add to the image of unusual colors.

Another option: the costume of an Indian dancer. To do this, you need a sari and a bright make-up. If the girl knows how to dance, she will be simply unbeatable on this holiday.Halloween characters for girls

The costume of an Indian is easy to make! Grimm will not need much. The most important thing is the big feathers inserted in the hair. And, of course, leather clothes with fringe. Next to an Indian, it would be nice to be a cowboy. In a word, everyone's costumes need to be thought out in advance!

Dressing the whole company

And how fun it is to pick out the outfits for the whole groupfriends! Let's say the company is going to celebrate this solemn event together. First and foremost, you need to think about which Halloween characters you are interested in. The list of friends is together. After that, joint work begins on the outfits.

Why does the company greet this holiday more fun? Yes, simply because you can organize an entire presentation, that is, friends and family can dress up, for example, in Batman, Robin, Joker and Poison Ivy.

You can gather and make the costumes of the whole company of comrades from Oz. Naturally, the main character in this case will be Pumpkin Jack.costumes for halloween photo

Guess who ?!

You can make a clear surprise for your wholecompany. The costume for Halloween for a girl can be chosen in the style of the Madonna or one of the members of the pop group "Spice-Gerls". And let others will try to guess what kind of character!

And the guy can create an original image! Gathering a crowd of "paparazzi" and harsh guards, adding some gloss and glamor to his appearance, wearing an expensive suit, the man "will turn" into Leonardo DiCaprio.

Be creative

So, your imagination and creativity of thinking -the most important thing is to prepare costumes for Halloween. The photo taken on this holiday speaks volumes. It is not so important who you will be - Frankenstein, a witch, a mummy or a pop star. Just carefully think over every detail of your costume.

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  • What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween What are the characters for Halloween Who can dress up for Halloween