What is an image

What is an image?

If you ask a few people thatsuch an image, they will most likely give you specific examples: a photo, a picture, a picture. This is true, but the concept of "image" still has a broader meaning. Let's consider this issue in more detail.

An image is a phenomenon, an object, an image,similar to the depicted, as well as the process of creating them. For example, the image can be called the finished picture of the artist, as well as the process of writing this picture. In a narrow sense, the image will be considered a work in graphics or painting, that is, the finished result. The subject of the image can be people, different things, phenomena, events, etc.

Some examples of images:

  • art picture,
  • the photo,
  • picture, picture,
  • sculpture,
  • scenic image.

It should also be understood that each imagehas a share of subjectivity, especially in the field of art, so you can not consider the subject and its image are identical to each other. For example, an ordinary photograph does not give a full picture of the depicted subject, since it can not display the object from all sides, cover all its points. Also an important role is played by the angle: you can choose a view from which the represented subject will not appear to be what it is in reality.

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