What is tequila

What is tequila?

In recent years, many alcoholic drinks have appeared on the shelves of stores. Among them there are those that are not known to us or are known to a narrow circle of their admirers. For example, what is tequila?

About Tequila

The birthplace of this drink is Mexico. Mexicans are proud of this drink and call it their currency. For us, not so long ago tequila was exotic, but today its fans are going to clubs.

Tequila is a strong alcoholic beverage. Its fortress is 38-40 degrees. "Hecho en Mexico" - this inscription should have a real tequila. It is made from blue agave, which looks like pineapple. Agave lives eight to twelve years, and can weigh from seventy to ninety kilograms. In the heart of the agave there is juice, it is squeezed, then it wanders in vats intended for these purposes. After the juice is fermented, it is distilled twice and poured into oak barrels for aging. Tequila is ready.

Depending on the percentage in the tequilajuice of agave, the drink is divided into two groups: tequila - "premium" and tequila - "standard". The first is made only from agave juice and bottled in the region, and the second - contains 51% of sugars from the agave, and the rest are embodied by cane or syrup from corn.

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